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picky eater
My 20 month old refuses to try table food.He still wants the baby food.He has been checked out by our...More
Posted by cynthia317
picky eater
My 20 month old refuses to try table food.He still wants the baby food.He has been checked out by our...More
Posted by cynthia317
pubic hair on toddlers?
is this normal? my 2 yr old has it
Posted by An_254796
My sweet son will be 20 months on the 18th of this month and is a screamer! At first we all thought it was...More
Posted by momagain2011
Hi I have a 22 month old daughter. My question and problem is that she is breast feed and never used a bottle....More
Posted by Msd88
So a little about me first, I have a son that is a little over 21 months old. I Had my beautiful baby boy...More
Posted by lettemommyof2
Time Zone Change Help!
Over the 2 weeks break I had, my daughter and I flew to NY to visit family. We live in Vegas and during those...More
Posted by Tanyoid79
18 month old daughter
hi my daughter eats then pretty much poos right after she eats some times runny and very stinky
Posted by An_249764
toddler obsessed with potty
have a 2 and a half year old. i have been potty training her this past week and she is doing very well....More
Posted by chrissyzajac
my 2 year old is completley diffiant and rude!
my daughter is 2 well she will be in a couple of weeks. i always joked that she has been going through the...More
Posted by kiki199120
Male bonding
my grandson 21 months lives with my daughter (single mom ). He sees his dad on sundays for 6 hours. I babysit...More
Posted by superjim
My 19 month old is consistently whinning and cryin...
My 19 month old daughter consistently cries out at night. Usually it seems for a bottle but she wakes up like...More
Posted by jilldub02
Fear of having bowel movement
I have a two year old grandson, who from birth, has had issues with bowel movements. He has always shown...More
Posted by An_243453
My Two Year Old is constantly blinking -
Can anyone tell me if this is normal - My two year old is constantly blinking? Has anyone experienced this...More
Posted by blackcool
When should a 2yr old be expected to sleep in his ...
Is it appropriate or in the best interests of a 2-yr child to sleep only with parents or parent and to shun a...More
Posted by grammyjoe
going to bed with wet hair
My daughter-in law thinks it is okay to put 16 month old to bed with wet hair after bath. She has had 3 colds...More
Posted by An_242145

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Mosquito Bite turned rash
My son (2yr old) is allergic to mosquito bites. A couple of weeks ago he got bitten which did the normal...More
Posted by An_241710
Got me worried - regarding my 2 year old grandson
I have a concern that has escalated within the past few months. My grandson absolutely goes ballistic when...More
Posted by slbsmith103
Allow me to introduce myself
Hi everyone. My name is Dominique and I am a 26 year old mommy of one beautiful almost 18 month old named...More
Posted by VeryFirst
My son is 20 months and he weighs 18 lbs and is not crawling or walking nor talking. The doctors have ran...More
Posted by Chrissy312010
Biting at daycare
Hey everyone, I am a first time mom of a 20 month old and I am having trouble with my daughter biting...More
Posted by heatherleilani
How much whole milk...
Hi, I have 19 month old twin boys who will go through a gallon of milk in about two to two and a half days....More
Posted by Anon_152474
Need advice on Anemia Symptoms for my daughter
Can anyone out there assist in finding symptoms of Anemia in Infants? My daughter was recently diagnosed by a...More
Posted by hugh109
how to stop my 18month old from being so agressive
Agressive i have 2 kids my oldest is 11 and my youngest is 18months-and last month my older brother...More
Posted by coloradomom22
my 19 mnth old
I'm new to this please bear with me. My 19mnth old looks like she has small breast, I have addressed it...More
Posted by sparks_l
How can I help my baby get over being afraid of bu...
How can I help my 18 month old grand daughter get over being afraid of bugs? She really looses it she has...More
Posted by denisecarr
Can anyone tell me. . . .
My son is two years three months and has hardly been sick at all. Bout three weeks ago he got sick and...More
Posted by XaviersDaddy
Any Ideas
My son is 15 months old and has just started in the past week running temperturs in the low 90s and he...More
Posted by josephsmommy2010
19 DD, Wont share or be nice with kids..
My DD is so cute and funny yet when her "friends" at daycare or other little kids play with her she will take...More
Posted by CallieR09

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Straws & restaurants
Well wish I could take credit for this one but I can't. I think i saw it in Parenting magazine. Take a travel toothbrush holder and put ... More
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