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OT: Family Vent
I don't post often but you ladies are the only ones I can rant to about this. So here...More
Posted by ambern99
Reply: Im not sure what to do...
I agree with PP. With having LOs you really need to focus more the their safety rather...More
Posted by ambern99
Reply: Another baby?
I don't really have any advice but I so competely understand. I feel the exact same way...More
Posted by ambern99
Reply: Motor Skills Poll
1. Can your LO jump? Yep 2. Run? Oh yes 3. Walk backwards? Um...I think 4....More
Posted by ambern99
Reply: How much should he be talking?
DS just recently started saying more words and he's 21 months. He did have a decent vocab....More
Posted by ambern99
Reply: What the what??? prego care w/no insurance
Have her look into what her State has to offer. Here were we live there is a plan offered...More
Posted by ambern99
Reply: OT C-section
I was told to run a little water, only, over it. No baths and no direct spray from the...More
Posted by ambern99
Reply: I started a Members-only Exchange
I haven't posted on here in awhile but I would like an invite. ambern99 @ hotmail dot com....More
Posted by ambern99
Reply: Questions - TTC#2 & IUD
I'm in your boat (of sort) with TTC #2. Right now I don't have insurance so that pretty...More
Posted by ambern99
Reply: Poll: RF / FF Car Seat
DS is RF for now; he's 17 months. We'll probably switch him in a month or two to FF though.
Posted by ambern99