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    How Do You Feel With The Election Over?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Looking around social media today, I see elation and disappointment, but I also see a lot of peoople saying they are ready to get back to regular life.

    This seemed to be a particularly polarizing election. Did your choice of candidate cause any stress or strife in your relationships with others? Do you think all will be back to normal now?

    How are YOU feeling now that the election is over?


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    worn1 replied to 1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on's response:
    I do not know how old you are but I still rememberViet Nam the demonstrations, the civilians turning on the military. I remember Martin Luther King and his march. I remember seeing people hosed and attacked by dogs. The country was divided then and is divided now. People are unwilling to compromise. If you donot agree with their opinion they become angry and hostile. I am an independent and my co-workers are democrates. Today they made a comment which I did not agree with so i disagreed and was immediatly yelled at by 5 different people in the room that I was wrong after yelling and badgering they realized that i was not going to budge nor was i going to react in anger. so the comment was we are just going to have to disagree. Until this election we all laughed and joked as a team. now if you do not beleive as they do you are an outsider. I am not the only one in this boat. I am handicapped and was told by one of my co-workers I should quit and obtain disability. I told her I was taught to work for what I want not to take hand outs. The other thing that really bugs me is Pelosi saying you do not need to read the health care program just pass it. How can any one say it is great until you have read it. They have taken the word of a politician that it is great. It may have some great points but there are bad parts also.There is a board that approves or disapproves medical treatment. there is also a cap. If that cap has been met then disapprove. The older you are the less llikely for approval for treatment. There are other items. Maybe I should sit down and make a good colum and bad colum then post it. Maybe people would read it.
    This country is divided between those that believe in working for what you get and those that think the government is suppose to give them what they want. Such as education. I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and paid for my own education. I did not expect my parents or any one else to pay for it. There were days I did not eat, I was tired from working full time and going to school full time. But I appreciate what i have and take nothing for granted. Until each side learns to accept the other we are going to be divided. We will come together again when we are attacked again. It is just a matter of time. That is a whole different debate.
    worn1 replied to worn1's response:
    Please excuse the spelling but I have been up since 3am and it is now 9pm. Time for sleep
    longduckdong46 replied to worn1's response:
    Well rest easy webMD community your healthcare needs will be met ( Obamacare the law of the land ). You may end up losing your job or have your hours cut in half because employers see the writing on the wall.
    Part time employees will be the new norm.

    The rest can get permanent disability due to mental anguish, and medicaid to cover their needs.

    The nanny state rules !

    I will remain in the 49 % and dropping, who will continue to pay the tab.
    DavidHueben responded:
    I was disappointed because my candidate lost...for about 15 minutes. The, I went to bed. Did not cause any stress or strife. Nothing is going to change, except higher taxes and diminished health care.
    tishalish replied to 1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on's response:
    I am an independent that way I can vote for who I think is best, not swayed because of the party afililiation. But I feel everyone has a right to their own opion and choices! I'm so angry about the lies and hidden incidents> from the incident where they were of the violenc and removed the soilders and bodyguards, we hear about way after the fact! As well as the irananian military shooting at our ships. Then all this talk about Romney hurting medicare and the ederly! I just read a news report that says Obama willl be cutting benefits and raising the deductable also raising the copay to where doctors wont be able to care for patients effectabley 1. the price of the doctor 2. many ederly and disabled will have to come up with much higher copays. How is the Obama care going to help! So if you dont get this insurance you will be fined $630.00 for eveeryone in your home!! I'm afraid, he is also working on banning guns! I'm not agun ownerbut it is a a second admenment right. If this happens only criminal will have guns! We'll have our feet to try to run AWAY or our voice to scream he's killing me!! so many weird changes! I just don't know, all we can do is wait 4 years and hope someone will run that has good sense. Ok ive ley it off my chest! feel much better! Thanx for listening / reading!!
    tishalish responded:
    in the real world, whether its family coworkers or people on the street we as Americans work thing out and listen to the other person and consider their feelings! WHY OH WAY CAQN'T THEY FOLLOW OUR EXAMPLE 101 how to get along? We learned that one kindergarden!! They need to get over themselves and their I'M RIGHT NOT YOU AND YOUR THE ENEMY! iF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SET THE EXAMPLE SO THAT THESE POWERFUL CELEBRITY POLITICAINS POLITITIONS CAN CALM DOWN, GET ALONG AND GET THINGS DONE INSTEAD OF POINTING FINGERS!!!!!
    Anon_11642 replied to 2Tired4Words's response:
    Very worried - small businesses will close now as they cannot afford to keep their employees due to Obamacare and how much they have to fork out for their healthcare. I'm concerned that the 16 trillion dollar debt will not be taken care of because Obama all he wants to do is spend, spend and will probably increase taxes. By having the "rich" pay more, it is not enough to help with the debt - like 90 something days is all. Unemployment is going higher because there are fewer jobs due to small businesses closing. The elderly will be very sad as their healthcare will be rationed - remember Obama stole 618 some billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare. Inflation is coming - interest rates are going higher and higher.

    Anyway, he is not qualified to be our president - a community organizer is not being qualified.

    What really worries me is the corruption in the White House - this Bengazi thing was covered up. Obama had warnings about how dangerous our ambassador and 3 other Americans were and he ignored it. So many of our officials in Washington are liars, radical communists and socialists and not for America. Everything they do is crooked. Obama is above the fray and now can do anything he wants to do - rule with executive orders and not balance of powers the way this country was founded. That in itself is scary having a radical socialist/communist dictating and changing the constitution and not ruling what the constitution says.

    Our defense is down to 1500 nuclear arsenals now - when he became president in 2008 it was 5000 - his goal is 300 nuclear arsenals. We will be weak and our country will be attacked now. Cutting defense is not good for our country.

    I could go on and on and feel you read enough here - in summation I am worried about America - we have a very different America now - different populus and Romney lost because of hispanic vote and the corrupt liberal media who just destroys everything that Romney stood for. Ryan would have put our fiscal house in order.

    The American people are not very well informed - thanks to the corrupt liberal media they were not told the actual facts - FOX did - because of this, now we will be paying for their coverups - Americans were not informed with the truth.

    Feel sorry for children and grandchildren. We will have massive unemployment for sure.

    God help our country.
    dfromspencer responded:
    I don't get it? I responded to this post a few days ago, and its not here. What happened to it? Where did it go? I surely would like to know?

    I'll try this again. I'm feeling happy, and optomistic. I'm hoping both sides will work for the common good of this country? The Republicans have started to show some sense lately. Boehner has said he sees a chance at compromise, then his spokesperson comes out and says he didn't mean it. They better come to terms with this President, or suffer the consequences. Mid-term elections are only two years away. If they continue to fail at providing sevice to us, they can be replaced.

    This is the UNITED States of America! This is not a blue America, and its not a Red america, this is AMERICA, period!!!

    I see by many posters, they have listened to the lies and fabrications on Foxx News. Fox News has been discredited by all the other media outlets! Stop listening to the lies, people. Do a little research on your own. Please stop posting the many times discredited talking points from Fox. Research is the key to enlightenment!!!

    Sorry about that! I am just soooooo tired of hearing, and re-hearing these bogus lies from Fox News! Rush, hannity, beck, name him/her from Fox, all discredited.

    I love this great, and wonderful country! If need be, I will fight to defend her. We are Americans, lets stop the in-fighting, pull together, and heal the wounds. Together, there is nothing Americans cannot do!!!

    Have a great day, everybody!!!
    worn1 replied to longduckdong46's response:
    Your right. Over 50% do not pay taxes. I do pay taxes just wondering if i should start putting what is left in the mattress instead of stocks and the bank.
    Anon_320 replied to worn1's response:
    As of today, even with drops on Wednesday and Thursday, the Dow is up about 3,700 points since the day after Obama was elected in 2008.
    Anon_2991 replied to 1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on's response:
    I live in Massachusetts. Trust me, plenty of people are complaining. Small group owners laying off employees because they can no longer afford the oat of health insurance. Too many people gaming the system. RomneyCare addressed the coverage issue, but did nothing to address the cost issue. Same as ObamaCare. Does't address the tough stuff. The decrease in PCPs, overuse of ERs because the Medicaid plans don't have a way to dissuade people from going there instead of the doctor's office, high cost hospitals who can set their prices with the insurance companies, issues with big pharma. Read the whole bill. It adds a whole of admin expenses into the system. Does nothing to control costs.
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to Anon_11642's response:
    I work in the health care industry and it is absolutely sad what medicare covers for the elderly. I speak to people who work for insurance companies on a daily basis. The copays they have now are ridiculous and the coverage in certain areas is completely laughable...not to mention what they pay monthly for these supplimental plans. They pay $150 bucks a year and get $100 worth of coverage after the co-pays are met.
    So its the insurance companies who are ripping these people off, they have always taken advantage of the elderly.

    What about all the times they "borrowed" or to use your word stole money from social security to spend frivilously? Is that ok because it was a conservative? This balence of power you speak of has been out of balence for a very long time...leaders have been abusing their power since the beginning of time.

    Usually to change the constituation that requires some sort of amendment, which part of the constitution did he change? The fact that you are listening to fox news or what ever type of television media is absurd...the media both sides spin what ever they want to get what ever results they want. The beloved Bill O'Rielly in a debate with John Stewart even agreed that the stations have an agenda and that certain anchors are puppets for the station because of the amount of money they make if they play ball. The media from all angles is corrupt, just like washington.

    If you have the chance their is a very interesting series that just wrapped up on the history channel, called the men who built america. It was a great program but the last episode showed how the 3 richest men in the country banded together, put aside their differences and funded a campaign to get McKinley elected over William Jennings Bryan. Why? Because Bryan wanted to regulate the work place, increase safety and protect the employees. Rockefeller, Carnegie and JP Morgan, didnt want these regulations, they wanted to make more money. As a side note, the net worth of those 3 men in todays dollars was more than the top 40 wealthiest people in the world today combined. They make Warren Buffet look like a pauper. So for over 100 years big business has been in the pockets of politicians. Eventually it will just be The United States of America, LLC.

    And government cover-ups have been going on for quite some times as well...the status is quo and no one is going to change it.

    Please dont play the Hispanic card...Romney knew going into the election that they were going to have a major say in this election. So if he had the brains everyone thinks he has, he would have went out and courted Rubio or another hispanic conservative to help offset that vote. Instead he went out and got Ryan, who might be a financial wizard, also wanted to cut civil services jobs and teaching jobs. And everytime he spoke, i would cringe just wondering what lie he might shout out.

    Bottom line is almost all politicians are full of it and they will lie, cheat, steal their way to the top. All we are as citizens of this country to them is a vote, nothing more. They could care less about our welfare or our families.

    Your right about one thing...God help our country
    gkovats responded:
    There's a bit of relief that the cycle is over, isn't there? I suppose if I were more fatalistic about the winner I'd be in the dumps a little but this felt fairly milquetoast to me.
    gkovats replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Totally agree.
    gkovats replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Totally understand.

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