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America Recycles Day - Do you?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
Today is America Recycles Day .

Do you recycle? Do you think it really helps out?

cjh1203 responded:
I do recycle everything I possibly can, and I absolutely think it helps. Imagine everything that people have recycled in the past twenty years just being dumped in a landfill instead; it would be a mind-boggling amount of extra trash, most of which would still be there decades or even centuries from now.
Sistersandy responded:
I do recycle paper and plastic and glass and I'm pretty fanatical about it but I don't compost. I'm not sure how much it helps but I'm sure it does and it makes me like I'm doing a good thing. In Vancouver, Ca, where my daughter lives, they compost all their food wastes, vegetables in one container and and all other food wastes in another container that are picked up by the town. It's an admirable idea but the problem is the constant fruit flies. No matter how air tight the container, those annoying little things are in it, on top of it or around it. I do it while I'm there but not when I get home. Sister Sandy

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