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Madonna: Is There An Age Limit on Sexy?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
At 53, Madonna is still touring and cavorting around on stage in sexy, revealing outfits. Other entertainers have done the same over the years: Cher, Demi Moore, Charo, the entire cast of Desperate Housewives...just to name a few. And, let's not forget the men: Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt, and more.

But, is there an age limit on sexy?

If so, what is YOUR limit? And, if not, what makes a person sexy beyond youth?

Are there different rules for men and women?
Improvement74 replied to JenPBDBP2's response:
"Historically, throughout most cultures a woman's value and attractiveness is greatly diminished as she ages. What is considered "old " has certainly changed as we continue to live longer and healthier but this basic rule so to speak hasn't changed. "

I completely agree! I think many people here are confusing the state of graceful or beautiful aging w/ the collective ideal for being sexually attractive. And there is certainly a distinction between the two.
For example, Jane Fonda is in her 70's and she's still a very beautiful woman, but most guys my age would not want to see a "sexy" layout of her in GQ or Maxim magazine. Especially if it was right next to the sexy layout of an 18-25 yr old swimsuit model. Does this mean she's not sexy? Not at all. It simply means that from a more objective standpoint, her sexual attractiveness is greatly diminished compared to the ideal sexuality of an 18-25 yr old swim suit model.
Although most women don't like to admit it, a lot of media by or for women, reflect this ideal of sexuality as well. Look at the Victoria's Secret Catalog. Not too many wrinkles, folds, or liver spots in there. What about the Miss America Pageant or the world famous "Rockettes"? Again, they all conform to this ideal state of female sexuality.
I noticed a lot of people here mentioning women like Madonna & Cher still being very sexy into their 50's & 60's. Again, I completely agree, but we should also acknowledge that what makes them so extraordinary, is that they are much more the exception than the rule for women their age. We should also recognize that the reason we still consider them sexually attractive is because they are emulating or projecting the image of a woman 1/2 their age. Which brings us full circle, to the argument "Does a woman's sexiness diminish with her age?" Based on the objective observation of our culture & many others around the world, it would be hard to say "No."
WebSkipper responded:
Dianne Keaton makes my heart go aflutter. Actually, she puts my entire autonomic nervous system in overdrive. Dianne, are you reading this???
ENAMORADA777 replied to jenna291's response:
You are so right...I am 69 years old, I dress elegant, but sexy, no like an old lady my age...people I swear, take me for a 45-55 years old..." If you feel good, you look good and a positive attitude can contribute to sexy" I quote your words they are SOOOO TRUE...The problem lays in people discriminating aging...and age sometimes not all the time is a matter of ATTITUDE...You are very smart and down to earth..Thank you, I love your answer..
ENAMORADA777 replied to Improvement74's response:
You are wrong some men like beauty no matter at what age...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...Only certain men only like youth, probably most of all, but no necessarily alll of them...I, like Fonda am close to 70 and certain men when they see my pictures, and some in person, they go not necessarily a rule...but a choice...
ENAMORADA777 replied to brcansur's response:
I am 69 and look 50, I dress elegant and sexy and some men even young ones flip over me...

My partner is 49 and loves the way I look, he thinks I am elegant, sensual a loves my body...

It is true that when you get out of the shower the fresh look makes one look younger too...

Very good opinion...all of it
brunosbud replied to ENAMORADA777's response:
Is there anything wrong in looking your age?

When I step out of the shower, now? Not good. Not good...
Shymmie responded:
I keep seeing "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" However, we're not talking about beauty here. We're talking about sexiness. There is a definite difference. You can look at a woman or man and say they are beautiful or handsome. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are sexually attractive.

However, I think whether or not someone is sexy is based on personal opinion. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to being sexually attracted to someone.
JenPBDBP2 replied to ENAMORADA777's response:
"I am 69 and look 50, I dress elegant and sexy and some men even young ones flip over me..."

ah but even your own words work against you. You do not look your age, do you? That's the whole point. If you looked 69, do you think you would have the same reaction? Did Estelle Getty look sexy on Golden Girls? No but I thought she was beautiful. They are 2 different things.
jdelap2011 replied to SoCalSuz's response:
No age limit on Sexy... Madonna makes us proud to be over 50!!..
kjoyco responded:
Depends on the age of the observer. It's all relative as a famous physicist once opined.
ENAMORADA777 replied to JenPBDBP2's response:
In a way you are right, but some people consider a woman old and unattractive at age 50...and even younger...You have a good point though.
shelby_zellner responded:
there is no age limit on sexy. just knowing that you can be sexy by dressing your age and not like your in your 20's....when a woman such as madonna wears clothing like she is in here 20's or lower it tells others that its ok to dress like their daughters....its not. its embarassing. sexy has no age limit but there are limits to the for example when your in 50's and 40's dont wear your kids clothes....there are clothes out there that look good on your age that are made for you.
wind46beach36 responded:
I think Madonna is looking very well for her age of 53, and she is in show biz, so why not! She takes care of her body, and looks much better then the huge obese population across America from six years old to 80.
shelby_zellner replied to wind46beach36's response:
obese or not...just because someone is in the show biz doesnt mean that they should be on national television dressing so provocotive. she needs to use her adult brain and look at the message she is sending to kids, and teens that look up to her. if people wanna watch someone who barely wears clothes then they can go to a strip club where kids and teens arent involved....yeah madonna is good looking for her age, but when u know there are teens, and yound kids watching be responsible and put some clothes on.

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