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Valentine's Day: Best and Worst Gifts
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many people have mixed feelings about the holiday. Some love it and others find it stressful.

If you've been on the giving or receiving end of Valentine's Day, what was the best and worst gift you ever gave or got?

If V-Day makes you feel bah-humbug...tell us why.
Biruta7 replied to Biruta7's response:
Best or Worst?
Biruta7 replied to Biruta7's response:
1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to Empyrean13's response:
I could not agree more. Luckily i have been fortunate enough to date women, who agreed and disliked valentines day. So we would either stay in and hang out or go out to a local establishment for a drink or two. The only thing worst than Vday is Sweetest day. The way i look at it is that Valentines day is a get out of jail card for the matter what you since sweetest day you have a day to make up for it. My question is, why do you need to have a "special" day? If you screwed up or made a mistake own up to it and make it up to her. Or vice versa, sorry ladies no ones perfect.

But your a big Valentines day person, enjoy yourself!
whitekristen responded:
got a bottle of chanel last year.. and then he left me for my "friend " the next day... so im still up in the air on it lol.. thats the only thing i have ever gotten
butterly18 responded:
This V-Day, my man presented me with a cute stuffed puppy in plastic. where he got it, idk. he announced that it may be a collectible, so i should look up the name. Turns out it was a "Plush Puppy" a damm dog toy! Given the way things have been going with us, I should have expected this meaness stupidity! I told him when he feels like giving me a gift for a human, come with it! Idiot!
PinneyLogitech responded:
Valentines day or any other holiday, when people think of holidays they think of food. What really needs to be focused on is Health & Awareness and the Healthy life essentials. Eat right , live right, stay healthy and fit and you'll feel like every day is holiday to celebrate being healthy and fit mind, body and soul..........

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