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Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop: Good Parenting?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
It's been all over the news for the past several days: A dad posted a video on Facebook of him shooting his daughter's laptop in order to teach her a lesson in respect.

In your opinion was this a good way for a parent to make a point?

Why or why not?
ljcole54 replied to Seattlemeg's response:
Well said!
stillme83 responded:
No way! That was a very violent gesture, and he is teaching her that this type of reaction is normal. So, when she is older and a boyfriend or girlfriend hits her; she will be thankful that at least he/she did not have a gun!
TsukataReina responded:
The overall relationship between father and daughter has been completely destroyed. That's what I think anyways. If she already hated her family to the point of venting online, I think it is the parents' fault in not setting the right example. He seems like a hardcore country man who has a lot of pride but lacks the knowledge to raise his daughter well. I understand that she can be considered a brat for her action. There is no contending that fact. However, when she said that her parents should pay her, it was out of pure anger and frustration. My little sister thinks that way, but it's only because the parents aren't acknowledging that she is doing her chores. More or less, I bet there is probably some left out facts of how everything went down. There's many reasons why a child would blow up frustration. We say she is spoiled. I bet she is a very obedient teen. Why else would he had pay 300 dollars to fix the computer for his daughter? His reaction was just as immature as many others have mentioned. I don't think anyone should encourage his behavior. It's a threatening message. Why don't we take a history lesson? The more we are oppressed, the more we resist to fight for our freedom. It's been repeated all throughout history and in family homes. This is how so many families become torn apart. His reaction to his daughter is disappointment and sadness because he discovered that his daughter was hiding her emotions in front of him. I bet every time he sees her face, he might be hurt or get angry and junk that she is being arrogant and disrespectful. Respect goes bOth ways. People agree that she should get a job. Well, I have friends who have had jobs since they were 12. Although these weren't official jobs, they were working and volunteering at centers to learn about responsibilities, team work, and relationship. It looks like he's always given her what she wanted, and why we might ask? It was because she was doing her chores. She can be responsible, but she made a mistake about venting in public. He did he same. This is not an example of good parenting. If good parenting means children should fear their parents, then maybe. I grew up fearing my father. I feared him beating me because I was opinionated. He loves me very much, but he always wants the best for me. Just as much as I feared him, I got to the point where I disrespected my father out of sheer anger. I wanted to make him anger on purpose. To make his life miserable, but it got to the point where no relationship was ever going to form. That is until something significant happened. I got sick. Really sick to the point where I was almost hospitalized. Everything was out in the open. The anger and frustration came out in tears. The bigger the father and daughter's problem become, their relationship will soon be closer to nonexistent like the laptop. Anyone who agrees with either side needs to look over again that the background of the family is not what you think. We all have our moments, and we all make mistakes. Threatening, slandering, and embarrassing each other onthe web just emphasizes the right of the public to judge him, his daughter, and the way society views his family.
An_243740 responded:
think the dad did good parenting. a child needs to stay in a childs place. she had no right posting all that stuff bout her family on the internet. she should have went about it a better way but being the dumb teen she is she decided to go viral with it and got everything she deserved. i applaud the dad and if i was him i wouldnt stand for no disrespectfull child either.
Anon_475 replied to An_243740's response:
What se posted was only available to her friends, she didn't post it to the whole wide world. Her father said in his video that he forced the protection on her facebook page. That, IMO, is a huge breach of trust. would he have broken the lock on her diary? Would that have been OK with you? She did NOT go viral. HE's the one who went viral when he made his video. He has succeeded in proving himself unworthy of trust and disrespectful of privacy - I'm sure his employer and his colleagues were impressed ...
brunosbud replied to Anon_475's response:
I agree! Darn social networking...Leaky as a sieve. Can't have any privacy, anymore...
concern83 replied to Anon_475's response:
first of all she did go viral with it. if she needed to vent she should not have posted it. i really dont care bout her posting anything my main concern is the disrespect toward her family. if you have no job and cant contribute to the house hold you follow the rules and if you think you are old enough to make a choice not to then you need to pack your things and go. he pay the bills so i think he had every right to shoot the laptop for the disrespect she gave him and her entire family. makes me think what would you do if that was your child posting your families personal problems on facebook?

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