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What's the best candy of all-time?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
Let's have some Friday Fun!

The holidays are in full swing, and stores are full of more sweet treats than ever before this time of year.

Which one do you think is the best ever?

Are you a hard candy addict or a chocoholic?

If there is a lower fat or sugarfree version, do you choose it or just take the hit and enjoy the indulgence?


Here are some great WebMD articles about sweets & candy for your reading pleasure: Trying to Cut Back? Here is some info about those Sweet Extra Calories . Find out Why Kids Love Sweets .
Jis4Judy responded:
Best candy ever has to be anything chocolate but if I have to choose 1 it would be Godiva truffles or dark chocolate covered strawberries..
if it has to be regular candy it is a toss up between peanut M&Ms
or reeses peanut butter cups ..
I think I gained a pound just thinking about this LOL
Hugs Judy:)
brunosbud responded:
Boston Baked Beans and Abba Zabbas...
RoseLynn02 responded:
I love chocolate covered strawberries & Godiva truffles, but I would have to say chocolate covered cherries are my absolute favorite! I'll eat a whole box myself!
bob249 responded:
Since you said ever -

My all time favorite was Dairy Maid candy.

It was a chocolate & nuts dome-shaped candy bar with a cherry nougat filling.

Gee, although overweight now, I can just imagine how much I'd weigh if they were still being sold.
trying2trimup responded:
chocolate and pepermint hard candy if you eat chocolate or candy you should not worry about calories unless you have no self control then maybe,but then all things in moderation good or bad for you .

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