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    Ban on "Supersize" Drinks in NYC?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    New York City Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit restaurants, movie theatres and stadiums in the city to selling drinks of only 16 ounces or less .

    While right now this would only affect the citizens of NYC, the supersize controversy has become a nationwide discussion due to anti-obesity campaigns.

    So, chime in and tell us what you think.

    Is it right to ban businesses from selling any size drinks they want?

    Will these limitations help cut down on obesity?
    brunosbud replied to youngskied's response:
    The problem with that premise is you're fixated on the obese. "They" are not the problem.

    It's the "obese-in-training" that's the real issue, here...Those gosh darn kids just can't control themselves.
    youngskied replied to brunosbud's response:
    Well then personal responsibility needs to pointed in the direction of the parents. Done.
    brunosbud replied to youngskied's response:
    Cool. How's that workin' for us? Done.
    youngskied replied to brunosbud's response:
    You cant force people to do things but the FACT is that its people doing it themselves and their loved ones (children). I'm just making a point in why things are the way that they are. Capping businesses is not going to do anything because there are always going to be other sources. Sure...limit the kids at McDonalds to three sodas so they can go next door to BK and get another three.
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to AmandaDanielleBrown's response:
    a 32oz coke from mcdonalds has over 400 cals. and it is not filling, its bloating. the cheeseburger is the better bet. Not to mention the amount of sugar that is in those drinks. We are creatures of habit, if we see our obese mom and dad eatting a big mac and fries and slugging down 32oz sodas we are very likely going to be doing the same. Its a vicious cycle, that probably wont be broken, because its cheaper to feed yourself and children junk, than to prepare a nutritious meal at home.
    fenton04 replied to brunosbud's response:
    Brother you are so right and the sooner the government initiates enforcement agencies like a lard patrol, obese police, or fatstopo the sooner our dream will be realized. Hooray for chairman Bloomberg long live the peoples republice of new york city.
    fenton04 replied to brunosbud's response:
    You are so right. The sooner our government sets up enforcement agencies such as a lard patrol. obese police , or fatstopo. The sooner we can punish overwieght citizens. Hoorah for chairman bloomberg. Long live the peoples republic of new york city.
    Hijole responded:
    I totally think it's a great idea, what shocks me is how against this everybody is saying "Nanny State" etc. My goodness, the insurance companies are the ones usually doing the nanny state, with fences around pools, how this is built, done, we are so controlled we have no idea about it. It's usually subtle. The idea is so smart because when I grew up there was only 12 oz cans, then they did 16 oz, it was surprising, and now you can't get anything less then 20 oz. It's just to increase there profits and then we all get fat. I used to be getting fat because of Coca Cola I would drink a ton a day. But then I had a job that had a lot of stress and gave away all the free soda you wanted. I started to get an ulcer, so I changed my ways because I didn't like suffering and looking ugly. So the company also gave out flavored Soda/Sparkling water with no calories and no chemicals (Talking Rain). I began drinking that instead. Guess what, I lost weight, no ulcer. I now drink one 12 oz pop a day (if that) a root beer. Now there's a war on root beer, too, (because it's has a natural component). The soda companies control all of this. You can never hardly find a a soda/sparkling water that is cold to go in any store (except for some mini marts where they are responsive to the customers). I have always thought that it's disgusting that you can't get small drinks for cheap (like you can in europe, most people get 250ml sodas and believe me I hated it when I went to Europe the first time and you know what, a lot of people are skinny there).

    Anyways, I am sick of looking at all of the fat people and the truth is that the sodas are a huge part of it. To save $$$ we always just order water at our meals. It's free and no calories.
    Good job Mayor Bloomberg! I know I am in the minority but all of these delusional people controlled by the corporations need to wake up and realize the government and primarily corporations are already controlling every aspect of your lives (remember smoking in bars? No car seats? paying an actual landlord person not a ruthless corporation middle man) that is reality.

    I remember 17 years ago meeting my first Russian (she ended up being my girlfriend later). I asked her about all of the propaganda they watched and what it was like to see it and if everyone believed it and what it was like to be manipulated by them. She told me: "Everybody knew it was lies, they didn't believe it." Wake up America, it is already Socialism/Fascisim with the police/corps making $$$ off of your every move while they get the "Corporate welfare". Unfortunately, getting thing from the state (free homes, free healthcare, relatively free transportation) we get nothing but control from the state and hear from radicals about how a good idea like dealing with the obesity crisis is "socialism". Mon dieu! That is what is so sad and delusional about this country is people actually believe the propaganda.
    fenton04 replied to Hijole's response:
    Comrade I must point out that its not the insurance companies that produced the nanny state. The nanny state was fostered by our fourth branch of our federal government. The not the legislative, executive, or judicary. But the personal injury lawyers branch. Just a heads up.
    brunosbud replied to Hijole's response:
    Personal responsibility, communist state, the farm bill, "we have bigger issues"...too much stress, insurance companies, governmental ineptitude, over worked...

    Fenton, Youngskied and ADB relax...breathe...Nobody is gonna take your Big Gulp, away. Bloomberg wants to be Don Quixote? When you got a "billy" and believe in manifest destiny, would you expect anything less? If Uncle Warren is still vested 20% in Coca Cola stock, what the hell does this tell us???

    Sure, people care about "fat" kids &, of course, people are angry our government can't even decide what to have for lunch but everything's gonna get better when the economy turns the corner, so, let's take our meds and wait for the next release of Call for Duty.

    You're right, Fenton. I'm just old fool howling at the moon. When will I ever learn?...

    Things go better with Coke
    sydney369 responded:
    yes I do ! they should ban or limit them, they are not taking away rights, they are helping america become a healthy country, with so many option and money so tight, everyone wants to get there money's worth I know I do and if you feel you get more for your buck you do it, america has way to many obesity problems and control should start somewhere, I will go further and say that companies should have gym memberships and incentives to attend.
    flowerlady52 responded:
    I thought we lived in a free country????
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to flowerlady52's response: the patriot act
    brendat52 responded:
    no it should not be banned because people have the right to drink what they want to and no one can make them do any thing different. they going to take milk off the market and say we cant drink it, i dont think so.
    wind46beach36 responded:
    Dear Dr. Olivia:
    I think it is a superb idea for the city to sell only 16 ounces or less.

    Truly I think surgared drinks should be cut down in all venues, and all grocery stores and wherever beverages our sold.

    I am a retired nurse, HBO recently has been airing a program from the CDC on the huge affect of obesity hitting America.

    Truly I agree with the CDC, the epidemic of obesity is killing America, and very, very, devasating to me the obesity and lack of excercise in our children.

    The sugar epidemic started in my generation, and the companies in all foods and drinks can cut down on the sugar and hiddden sugars to help America be more healthy.

    America health care world is not going to be able to handle all the medical bills each family has with all the diseases obesity brings on to each human life.

    I do not speak about this lightly, I have lost sixty five pounds myself, I am a retired nurse, excercise and eat smaller portions. I envision a tomb stone when the graving of sugar comes upon me, it is a tough way to keep in control, but it works for me.

    The physician from the CDC starts his speech out with begging America to become aware and wake up from this great obesity problem in America.

    Unfortunately our brain does send out a craving for all addictions, and we must teach ourselves to have control, and it is possible.

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