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End of Life: The Right to Choose?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
A Canadian Supreme Court Justice recently ruled in favor of physician-assisted death for some patients in that country, "limited to 'grievously ill, competent, non-ambivalent, voluntary adults' who are fully aware of their diagnosis and have no reasonable treatment options."

This topic has long been under debate here in the United States as well.

Read this story, and then tell us where you stand on the subject.

NOTE: We know this can be a very devisive topic, so please remember to debate the issue and refrain from personal attacks on other members who may not share your opinion. Thank you!
brunosbud responded:

What Tony Nicklinson is saying is simple...

Yes, you can stand in judgment over people seeking physician-assisted suicide when you have still have the functional use of your arms, legs, fingers and toes...When you can drive to a park and watch children play or listen to the wind in the tress. And, you can voice your opinion against the passing of a law permitting such an act...

But, until you lose all of that and your survival is completely dependent upon the help of others, you really don't know what the hell you're talking about...

ladyforce05 responded:
I think that the US should have this law too. I believe that if I get to the point to where I am on life support and unable to respond or care for myself for a period of time... that the doctors, or my kids should be able to help me with my silent, peaceful, and graceful exit from this plane.

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