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Sore throat? No thanks, I already have one.
TomJust posted:
Hello all! This Tom; new here and diagnosed 06/11.
So many questions!
I'm going to pop two now:

I have had a sore throat for a year and the lymph nodes in my neck, under my chin are swollen. Thought it was related to Hypothyroidism, then DR and I thought I had mono. With the body ache, fatigue and fibro fog combined with this, I feel I'm constantly on the verge of getting the flu.
Anyone else experience sore throat/swollen glands?

Next is shortness of breath. I can bend down to feed the dogs or walk across a room or roll over in bed and have a sense of oxygen hunger yet I'm walking 45 mins a day and it doesn't bother me then. My DR ordered x-rays and pulmonary testing. The x-rays are clear and the pulmonary testing showed no airway blockage but my lung capacity is limited for a man my height and weight. My DR ordered Albuterol to use when I have that out of breath feeling but I'm not sure it does anything. After we talked about how FM and respiratory problems are not linked, he did cede that there might be a limitation to the muscular apparatus of breathing...diaphragm, ribcage, and so forth due to FM.
Anyone have any thoughts on that?
Thanks! Tom
fibroinsd responded: question leads to another...I MUST assume that he checked your thyroid???? I don't think the swollen glands have any connection to fm...gosh..I guess I should have waited for Nancy or Annette or one with more medical knowledge than me..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
TomJust replied to fibroinsd's response:
Good morning Cece, hope today finds you better. Hypothyroidism was diagnosed last year and I started Synthroid then. DR clams this is not related.

fibroinsd replied to TomJust's response:
Well, thanks Tom...It wasn't a terrible day anyway !! I am going to "bump" this up to the top and hope that Nancy or Annette see it !

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Anon_408 responded:
Have you been tested for Lupus? Other than that, no ideas or suggestions.
booch007 responded:
Tom two things back.

The breathing thing is something I experienced...for me it was a tightening to the neck that felt like I couldn't get air, had to sit up and readjust then lay down again...added pillows then a towel under the pillows to elevate the head.

It turned out for me to be the scalene muscles of the neck. When I lay down and gravity is removed from the picture, underlying spasm was ocurring and it felt like I couldn't breathe. Choking being strangled...tight...I would panic a bit.

I use trigger point injections for those dang muscles.

A book I have is called "FM and Myofascail Pain" a survival manual by Dr.Devin Starlanyl. 19.99 on Helpful to see the anatomy and the cause effect of some things.

I saw so many docs, thyroid chcks, got endoscopy...tortured me...told the neurologist and she knew right away. She pointed in "Travelle and Simmons" the neuro book of the anatomy of the body...BOUGHT that book too. Read it, dry reading....underlined and highlighted as it was the fist time I had something to hold on to...of WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS.

Now there are other situations that can cause this symptom so be sure to be checked well. We tend to blame the dragon for everything but it may not be that.

The other....benign node enlargement of that area can be blocked salivary glands. ENT can look into that for you. be sure it is lymph nodes.. they can also see other causes. Please use a large facility center for the specialist..or someone highly recommended by the public or your doctor.

A have had this a year? Has a work up been done? OK, that's my two..I have to get to work...see you tonight, I will look to see what you added. Good luck, Nancy B

Try warming your neck before you lay down to help....(you are not obese and have a tight belt when you bend over right??)(Just asking??)............Nancy B
TomJust replied to booch007's response:
Thanks Nancy, for your comprehensive response. The Stalanyl book sounds like a good tip. In my PT assessment for the pain management program I begin next week, I was told that muscles in my neck shoulders and back remain contracted and don't relax. Myofascial release sounds like appropriate therapy for me.

Hadn't thought of an ENT...another good tip. This isn't constant. The swelling and the pain come in waves and I notice it more when tired or stressed. I've talked to my GP-who is a great guy, very thorough and who actually listens to me and treats me like an adult human worthy of attention-a few times about it. Extensive blood work was done this summer by him and by a rheumatologist as I was going through the diagnosis process.

Another excellent point...I want to blame everything on Fibromyalgia when it might just be unrelated.

As to the shortness of breath, mine is definitely in my chest and not a choling sensation. Oh and not obese. About 200 lbs at 6'1". I've lost 12 lbs recently and working to go down 10 more. Since my Fibro pain began, more often than not I'm wearing elastic waist pants, so it's not a constriction issue. Oy! Sansabelt pants at 53!

Thank you for your help! You've given me good direction.

TomJust replied to fibroinsd's response:
Thanks for the bump up kiddo!
Got a great response from Nancy. Hope it's another not terrible day for you.
TomJust replied to Anon_408's response:
Negative on Lupus testing done this summer...thanks for the tip!
Anon_408 replied to TomJust's response:
Nancy is a nurse, and always has wonderful suggestions to offer. Sometimes if you want a particular or specific person to notice your thread, you can put there name in the subject line also, along with question

But heck you may already know this!
TomJust replied to Anon_408's response:
No, I didn't know that....thanks for the tip!

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