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Anal Sex and Lube Question
SunConure posted:
Ok for those of you that enjoy this I have a question! The first time me and my bf tried this was 2 weeks ago and it wasn't painful, but it didn't feel as good as vaginal sex and I knew it wouldn't since I had never done it before. Well since it was our first time trying it my bf was only able to get a small portion of himself inside, he had a bad angle to, but I told him afterwards we will just have to keep doing it, cause I will have to get used to taking it that way and once my body learns to he will be able to go deeper. Well that first time we did it we used a silicone based lube that we love and then I got to reading afterwards that for anal sex you should only use a water based lube, so I bought some. We also only use the Sliquid brand lubes, there the only ones that don't irritate my skin down there. Well last night we did it again, keep in mind only the 2nd time, and it hurt a lot more, we did it with him standing behind me and this time he was able to get in halfway. We also used the water based lube that I bought it was really thick, but didn't last long we kept having to put more and more on, so it kinda made the experience uncomfortable! My question is can we continue using the silicone based lube for anal sex? When we did the first time it felt so much better and that stuff last forever we never have to reapply it! I read something about silicone based lubes can trap bacteria and can cause infection especially if you tear a little bit durning anal, but water based ones don't and thats why you should use them! I really want to keep doing this, but if it's going to hurt like that everytime, because of that lube then I won't be able to continue! Any thoughts?
luvmy2babiesmuch responded:
love anal... and i can tell you that the key isn;t in the ttype of lube you use, but in your "relaxation"!!! my DH is very well endowed, BUT we do this hard, fast and all the way, time and time again, and sometimes without ANY lube at all! no pain .. my DH first started with his hands.. he gets me really, really turned on, very wet, and plays with both areas, and when i'm begging for anal, we have NO problem.. I relax 100% and it's fabulous! i always want more and more- he's the one that can't handle the intensity!! try a lot of hand foreplay first,, when we use lube, we use AstroGlide, love it!! and i think it's water based, we love it, and have NO issues with it,, been having anal for about 15 yrs.. good luck!!
DevilDoll28 responded:
I also love anal and like the other reply, am able to do anal as fast and hard as we want. One key thing that i see missing is position. Especially if you are starting out, one of the best positions for anal is missionary, but bring your knees up real far, or rest your ankles on his shoulders. Also, with the usual curve of a penis, he will probably push against your gspot in this position, allowing you maximum pleasure. And yes, RELAXATION is key. If you can "push" just a bit right when he is pushing in, then you'll find it easier to take him in. I also dont think that lube is that big of an issue. Use whatever one helps the most, and try and worry less about the effects of it.

Good luck, and dont give up! Its a wonderfully imtimate and pleasurable experience!
LoveMyGuy responded:
Hi Sun!

We've talked about this subject together alot and I had to weigh in on this one. You know my story, I finally tried anal about 7 -8 months ago now and I LOVE it with a capital L!

First I agree I dont think the kind of lube matters but the amount does. My guy is way thick, and we've found that there just is no such thing as too much lube. We use KY, I've found that the silcone ones and some of the other lubes meant for vaginal play (like Liquid Silk, etc.) can cause a burning feel in my tush. My opinion is the clear gel-type water based lubes are much easier on my insides so KY works great for me.

Second I agree with luvmybabies about the more you're turned on, the better anal feels and the easier it is to go hog-wild nuts and lose control and all those fun things. I have intense G-spot orgasms and we always start out with one of my my G-spot toys inside and buzzing away. It's not necessary for me to pop first but if I do he immedialtely can just slide his big boy right up there without the least resistance. It's a matter of my orgasm or even just being really hot and bothered super-relaxing my butt for him.

Next is positions. The missionary with my knees pulled back and a pillow under my lower back is wonderful. It lets him have a hot up close and personal view of my (can I say "pussy" here without getiing in trouble?") and my anal area. It also seems to be a perfect angle for him to go deep easily and he says watching it happen is better than any porn flick. Plus either of us can operate my g-spot toy easily at the same time.

Another great position for us is me laying on my side with my top leg forward and my bottom leg scissored back. He straddles my bottom leg and pulls my butt cheeks apart to get at my opening. This takes a little getting used to but he can go very slowly and easily in a little at a time while I'm warming up to him being in there.

Doggy style is good except I'm long legged and my butt is just a bit too high for him to push into when he's rock hard. We usually save this one for when I've laready cum 2-3 times and my butt is wide open and gaping, and it's his favorite for filling my tush with his cum load.

If you're having trouble getting to the going fast and hard and getting crazy part, try masturbating to orgasm with a toy while he's fingering your butt. Then like DevilDoll says, push outward a bit with your tush like you're on the toilet and relax your sphincters at the same time - he'll suddenly just pop right in like nothing. While he's starting his slow thrusts, work away at your clit or your g-spot and cum if you'll open wide open then and the craziness can commence!

Another good lube, BTW - if your guy can pop more than once, a tush full of semen makes everything more slippery and fun...

Keep us posted, I love seeing other people enjoying this awesome kind of sex like I do!

SunConure replied to LoveMyGuy's response:
Thanks for the advice!! We will try missionary position again, last time I didn't put anything under my back or hips so the angle was bad, but we have the Liberator wedge/ramp pillows and of course I didn't even think to use them, but will next time I'm sure it will help!! Yeah for me lube is a must for any kind of sex, I just don't ever make enough of my own and it's even worse now that I was given birth, but it's nothing lube won't fix, we just have to use it no question! I wanted to try out everything last night, but I was way to tired to even attempt sex, lol! So hopefully tonight we can do it
Duckblind responded:
My past 2 GFs LOVED anal. We would use Astoglide as well. As I recall, the first time is not the best, but it always gets better. She would rather have anal now than vaginal. Keep working on what position is best for you.
LoveMyGuy replied to SunConure's response:
Those wedge pillows are the best!! We each have two of them in our bedrooms! Perfect for added comfort in all kinds of sex, getting our parts closer to each others faces, and just the ticket for lining up his penis and my tushie. They're perfect for the missionary anal position I talked about, plus for letting him at me doggy style (both vaginally and in my butt) they're so comfortable and my knees dont get rug or sheet-burn. I gush and squirt so much I made covers for them with thin plastic between the layers of material. Hwen we've finally had enough I just toss them in the washer on gentle cycle and our pillows stay clean and dry. (Have to run the dryer on cool though to keep from ruining the plastic)

Hey Duckblind I tried Astroglide and for me it burns in my butt...not so with your gal? We still love it, though, it's the best for a slippery hand job (Liquid Silk is also great for that, but that burns in my tush too)

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