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The same! My husband would not help on anyyhing but would expect a whole deal feom me. When he is sick itas all...More
Posted by nikki_b
did it! More
Posted by condoe

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Reply: trying to take it all in
Education is key. I urge you to look into local services for your son. If you write back with your...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Untreated autism in adolescents within a blended f...
My husband and I have a blended bi-cultural family. I have 3 children and he has 4. We've been married for...More
Posted by mrsrnd
Aspergers and depression
As a kid I always had trouble in school. My parents were told I have pervasive developmental disorder. I...More
Posted by airwood61
Reply: Advice on How to Live with Husband With Aspergers ...
I'm dealing with the same as you. I've been married since 1997 to my "4th son"..... the one I didn't give...More
Posted by wifeofaspie
Reply: Depression/suicide with a child with Asperger's sy...
Hi Cutie, I am yet another mom of a child with depression and Aspergers - can can TOTALLY...More
Posted by momuv4girls
thank you baba thelma
It's so amazing and i am glad. My mouth is full of testimonies and it is just like a dream but so real and all...More
Posted by lisa009
Challenges Parents Face in Applying Behavioural In...
Attention: Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder As part of my Masters of Clinical Psychology...More
Posted by michelleuws
5 Tips for Loving Someone with Asperger’s Syndro...
Great Article I found entitled - 5 Tips for Loving Someone with Asperger's Syndrome
Posted by vinceschilling
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Reply: Difficulties with oral communication
Just want to say you're not alone. I have the same trouble. Even my typing is not great but it is one of the...More
Posted by alicecrose
HFA or Aspergers?
I was also wondering if anyone could relate after reading my long rant. Hi I'm 32 and didn't know what was...More
Posted by alicecrose
my mouth is full of testimony is just like a dream but is real all thanks to papa Dr saulat. I will continue...More
Posted by taylornn
Reply: 12 year old Aspergers son is very depressed.... he...
Thanks for the response, it is really useful to have a perspective from someone who has gone through...More
Posted by bearandbear
Reply: Help with my violent Asperger's 5 year old and his...
I'm in same boat as you my boy is 5yrs and he's keep kicking off he strayed to hit me few times sometimes...More
Posted by nicolawalker
My boy who's 5yrs has depraxins and austims asper...
Hi I'm new to this web site haven't got clue how to go bout it my little boy was born 2mths premchure I...More
Posted by nicolawalker
Reply: Can an Aspie partner be counted on for surgical af...
Being an Aspie myself, Understanding other's situations is really hard. It's hard to put yourself in someone...More
Posted by bdt1805
Parent; please help
Is it really a sign of autism that my kid carry just 1 but 5 or 6 toys when get leave the house or maybe out 3...More
Posted by tp2sad
Reply: My child with Aspergers, please help
Hi An , My name is Deborah Drosos i am 36 and i have aspergers , i remember growing up when i used to bother...More
Posted by deby36
i just found out i have aspergers
3 months ago found out i have aspergers , i am afraid to ask for help because i am 36 years old and the only...More
Posted by deby36
All Thanks To Dr Igbudu For Restoring My Relations...
I have something to share with you!!! There is a great joy in my heart which I want to share with...More
Posted by lovesolutions
Thanks to everyone who has shared their experience. I found your comments extremely helpful. My adult...More
Posted by aroundtheblock
Reply: Husband has Aspergers
I will try to always remember what you said: to focus on the positives of living with someone with AS....More
Posted by iknowwhatyoumean
OMG, I am not alone!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy to read what you've said. This makes me feel LESS ALONE! He really has no idea how I...More
Posted by iknowwhatyoumean
OMG, I am not alone!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy to read what you've said. This makes me feel LESS ALONE! He really has no idea how I...More
Posted by iknowwhatyoumean
Reply: How do I start this process?
Hi, If you don't mind writing back with your City/State of residence, I can try to find some local...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: After all these years, we found out my teenage son...
I too am a Mother of two boys, ages 15 & 16. Both of my sons, were adopted at birth. They have the same...More
Posted by carolynlsp
Living with a husband with Aspergers
I've come across this site and the discussion - and am now feeling thoroughly depressed. After 10 years of...More
Posted by An_256843
Reply: dedub13
I have high functioning autism and throughout life have been asked repeatedly "what's wrong with you" or...More
Posted by birdyg1rl
Reply: hypersensitive hearing
I also have high functioning autism. My hypersensitive senses keep me from going to graduations, fireworks...More
Posted by birdyg1rl

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My name is Daniel. I'm named after my daddy. I was born on august 12th 2006. I am a very Happy, Energetic little Boy. At the age of 18months I was...More

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ipods for autism
I am an autism specific teacher and this year have made huge language strides using ipods. Check out this video about my students. ... More
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