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Reply: Gaining weight while breastfeeding
another thing that may help is accepting your body exactly how it is and focusing more on your health...More
Posted by sweetmamaca55
Periods while breastfeeding
My baby is 5 months and exclusively breastfed and I started my period.I'm shocked and feel week and concerned...More
Posted by An_261075
Supply & Demand
I recently got the mirena. My son will be 2 months in a few weeks. I know one of the side effects of the...More
Posted by jessluna1011
Nipples pain
My Baby now is four months and still have very hard pain in nipples while breast feeding I'm using silver cups...More
Posted by omarouda
Reply: Newborn forgetting how to latch?
This happened with my little one as well. I have found that I have to physically put him on where he...More
Posted by winkelmann248154
Mastitis and decreased milk supply?
I have recently battled mastitis after being over engorged. I started taking the antibiotic my doctor...More
Posted by An_259862
Reply: Pumping breast milk
You can start pumping whenever you want, but remember the more you pump the more you'll produce. You...More
Posted by breastfeedingmom
Reply: Breastfeeding and exercise?
Try the 21 day fix! They cover all the food groups and the exercises are not very stressful on your...More
Posted by breastfeedingmom
Reply: How do I regain my breastmilk volume?
I applaud you for not giving up, because that is exactly what most women would do in this situation....More
Posted by breastfeedingmom
Breastfeeding and Donating Blood
Is it safe to donate blood while breastfeeding? (Not at the same moment, of course) I would appreciate...More
Posted by katherinekroes
Had to stop breastfeeding suddenly what now?
I had to stop breastfeeding yesterday rather suddenly, in order to take medication for my heart condition,...More
Posted by lilysmom519
Reply: colon cleansing while breastfeeding?
there are good site obviously like WebMD and some blogs where you can get an might wanna take a...More
Posted by clairejohn
Breastfeeding After Tooth Extraction
I'm having all four wisdom teeth removed and I'm concerned about breast feeding my son, who will be 5 months...More
Posted by laritamob
Reply: Breastfeeding
My baby spat up a lot... she's what you'd call a happy spitter. I was told that curdled milk, if it...More
Posted by ambarrivcos
Reply: 8 month old not gaining weight
he could be just burning calories faster then usual. my 4 month old weighs 15 lbs now. but he's just a...More
Posted by mommyin2011
Newborn forgetting how to latch?
I'm having some stressful situations! My one month old seems to 'forget' how to latch properly after...More
Posted by brwilliford14
Reply: should i breastfeed..will it hurt?
First of all, congratulations! It is such a blessing to be a new mommy. My son was born 1-15-14. I think you are...More
Posted by hae545
Reply: Back to Work Mom
I've had the same problem and now find myself just pumping 2x a day. Its definitely hard but I've come to...More
Posted by kharr188
Reply: Breastfeeding & Diaper Rash
I've had the same experience and realized that it was brand of diaper I was using not my milk. My son wore...More
Posted by kharr188
Cow milk / bovine protein allergy in exclusively b...
Hi I have a 2 years old daughter that was diagnosed with a bovine protein reaction (colitis, including...More
Posted by An_255788
Round red patch next to nipple
Hi there, I have been exclusively breastfeeding for the past 8 months and noticed a few weeks ago a round...More
Posted by An_255084
Head cold while breast feeding
Is there anything that I can take to help a really congested sinus without hurting my baby or milk supply? We...More
Posted by suzanmae
Reply: how to stop a grazer...
i have the same problem! i have a "grazer" who is sleeping on my arm right now, so please forgive the...More
Posted by bastcoyote
massage for boost milk supply
Infant was born almost a month ago. However breast milk from my wife is not affluent. My wife get a...More
Posted by An_254691
Doctoral Breastfeeding Study
My name is Karen A. Nash, I am a doctoral candidate at Walden University. I am conducting dissertation...More
Posted by kanash1961abd
Reply: Offended by breastfeeding!
I NIP whenever, wherever. LO is the most important person in our relationship and I could care less who it...More
Posted by gabyannek
Reply: I'm not a pacifier!
Hi, "Really we have not met before. But I have something very important to discuss with you. I have been...More
Posted by An_254331
Reply: Fountains of spitup...
Hi, "Really we have not met before. But I have something very important to discuss with you. I have been...More
Posted by An_254331
Reply: Disproportionate milk production in my breasts
Hi, "Really we have not met before. But I have something very important to discuss with you. I have been...More
Posted by An_254331

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What to do if you know of a mother that forces an 15 month old to breastfeed? She has him call them boobies and she laughs. He is expected to pull he...More

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