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Magnesium Citrate safety
My daughter is having surgery for her hernia. Can she safely continue to breastfeed while taking Magnesium...More
Posted by An_265060
Infant nutrition -spitting up hours after feeding
I'm a 1st time mom and am trying to breastfeed thru pumping. I try not to drink caffeine or alcohol and have not...More
Posted by k80o15
New to this, bear with me!
As the title says, I'm new to even considering breastfeeding, although this is my 7th pregnancy. My first...More
Posted by Imjustjulz
Effects of Clonazepam and Nexito on baby through b...
How safe is to breast feed a new born baby while being on a dosage of .25mg/day of Clonazepam and 5mg of...More
Posted by An_264744
Breast Milk vs. Formula
Is it legal during a custody issue to tell the mother to switch from breast feeding to formula so the father...More
Posted by An_264326
Reply: Increasing lactation and milk supply
have done the fenugreek and for some reason i was getting less milk. i stopped taking any suppliments...More
Posted by tinkerbell28
Most common ones are eggs, peanuts, soy, wheat, corn, and milk.
Posted by jhopkinst

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Reply: My Nipples hurt
I hope you have this issue resolved! and that it didnt end your bf experience. I sounds like a yeast infection...More
Posted by nreyn3
How have you felt breastfeeding in public?
Hello everyone! I am working on a primary research paper in school about how breastfeeding mothers feel in...More
Posted by cdunder27
Hi! I had my daughter at 46 and breastfed her for 22 months. I took fenugreek supplements for awhile. My...More
Posted by tennyclea
My Nipples hurt
So I had my son Feb 1, 2015. I breastfed him and I am currently breastfeeding him, but for some reason, He will...More
Posted by tiale
My Nipples hurt
So I had my son Feb 1, 2015. I breastfed him and I am currently breastfeeding him, but for some reason, He will...More
Posted by tiale
My Nipples hurt
So I had my son Feb 1, 2015. I breastfed him and I am currently breastfeeding him, but for some reason, He will...More
Posted by tiale
Reply: Gaining weight while breastfeeding
I think breastfeeding helps in losing weight, but with you it must have been opposite. Don't worry about...More
Posted by brendabunn
Dried up
Hi, A few days ago my colostrum stopped coming, I had been pumping colostrum cause my newborn would...More
Posted by depressed_oregon
7 month old breast feeding and now lack of milk su...
Hi, my baby girl has been strictly breastfed for 7 months. I have been pumping at work and have been...More
Posted by ashleyelizabeth23
Periods while breastfeeding
My baby is 5 months and exclusively breastfed and I started my period.I'm shocked and feel week and concerned...More
Posted by An_261075
Supply & Demand
I recently got the mirena. My son will be 2 months in a few weeks. I know one of the side effects of the...More
Posted by jessluna1011
Nipples pain
My Baby now is four months and still have very hard pain in nipples while breast feeding I'm using silver cups...More
Posted by omarouda
Reply: Newborn forgetting how to latch?
This happened with my little one as well. I have found that I have to physically put him on where he...More
Posted by winkelmann248154
Mastitis and decreased milk supply?
I have recently battled mastitis after being over engorged. I started taking the antibiotic my doctor...More
Posted by An_259862
Reply: Pumping breast milk
You can start pumping whenever you want, but remember the more you pump the more you'll produce. You...More
Posted by breastfeedingmom
Reply: Breastfeeding and exercise?
Try the 21 day fix! They cover all the food groups and the exercises are not very stressful on your...More
Posted by breastfeedingmom
Reply: How do I regain my breastmilk volume?
I applaud you for not giving up, because that is exactly what most women would do in this situation....More
Posted by breastfeedingmom
Breastfeeding and Donating Blood
Is it safe to donate blood while breastfeeding? (Not at the same moment, of course) I would appreciate...More
Posted by katherinekroes
Had to stop breastfeeding suddenly what now?
I had to stop breastfeeding yesterday rather suddenly, in order to take medication for my heart condition,...More
Posted by lilysmom519
Reply: colon cleansing while breastfeeding?
there are good site obviously like WebMD and some blogs where you can get an might wanna take a...More
Posted by clairejohn
Breastfeeding After Tooth Extraction
I'm having all four wisdom teeth removed and I'm concerned about breast feeding my son, who will be 5 months...More
Posted by laritamob
Reply: Breastfeeding
My baby spat up a lot... she's what you'd call a happy spitter. I was told that curdled milk, if it...More
Posted by ambarrivcos
Reply: 8 month old not gaining weight
he could be just burning calories faster then usual. my 4 month old weighs 15 lbs now. but he's just a...More
Posted by mommyin2011

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My name is Christy, and I am 24 years old. I have a wonderful handsome husband who is 28 - and two darling little boys!! My first son is 2 years old, ...More

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New Breastfeeding Pad - EpiBi Nursing Pads
Hello all, My aunt has developed a new innovative nursing pad that is currently available, and I just wanted to share it with you. I ... More
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