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Reply: Second Miscarriage in Six Months
First of all I'm sorry for your loss. I am now on my 3rd miscarriage in less than a year. I struggle with a lot...More
Posted by pthbbbt
help plz
hey I'm on the Mirena iud and iv been on it for two yrs now and my .bf cums in me and now my boobs hurt for a...More
Posted by ashship91
Reply: Miscarriage at 6w2d
am not sure if you lsot the baby or not. However i would like to share my experience with my son Austin. I...More
Posted by jenica1432
Reply: Lost my baby at 7 weeks
men tend to show emotions differently than us. i know when my mom would have a asthma attack my dad would...More
Posted by jenica1432
Reply: Loss of my baby girl
am so sorry for your loss that has to be really hard for you and your husband. i do hope you guys will try...More
Posted by jenica1432
so depressed
So my husband and i have decided that we will start trying to conceive again. We lost our baby last june at...More
Posted by jenica1432
Reply: Did I do something wrong?
Thank you, this really helped me. I was about 5 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first child and I just...More
Posted by AlyssaAlverson
Reply: Confusion
This happend to me as well, I had been having a lot of bleeding and cramping and dull aches in my lower...More
Posted by AlyssaAlverson
Blighted Ovum Help
I need some help. I was just diagnosed with a blighted ovum, and told that everything will move on its on, as...More
Posted by An_240344
Reply: So so sad
So very sorry for what your family is healing from. I had severe endometriosis for years and tried to get...More
Posted by lenita3118
Morning sickness after miscarriage
I have had a miscarriage and I'm still having morning sickness. How long before the nausea stops?
Posted by lisalpointer
Reply: Question about period after D & C
I had a D&C at 10 weeks also and it has been almost 2 months and I haven't had a period yet. My husband...More
Posted by mpugh225
Reply: Incompetent Cervix ending in delivery at 20 weeks....
I'm just surfing the Internet, wondering how other woman felt. Two weeks today the same thing happened to me....More
Posted by SLA0619
Reply: miscarriagen and pain
Sorry for your loss. i found out at week 12 my baby stopped developning at week 8 on April 8, had it excreted...More
Posted by sing4joy
Sad but grateful
I just lost our baby at 16 weeks and had a D & E on Monday. It was the most emotional thing I have ever...More
Posted by jeepers1021
Reply: Still waiting for my first period after D&C.
I'm now at 9 1/2 weeks and still no period, negative pregnancy tests (urine and blood), and just went through an...More
Posted by nreyn3

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Reply: Miscarriage and disrespectful staff
sooo know about its amazing that a dr can come in and tell an 18 yr old.."YOUR BABY IS NOT...More
Posted by grandma2be
loss of an unborn baby
ok ima mess..i wish i could take my daughters pain away from her...she is 15 wks pregnant and the dr have no...More
Posted by grandma2be

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Polycystic ovary syndrome? help
when I started my period at 12 I had very heavy, irregular, and painful periods so we went to my doc and...More
Posted by jeepgirl94
Reply: 3rd miscarriage since 2009
Hi Noel, I am very sorry for your losses. I am glad you are meeting with a specialist and I hope you are...More
Posted by babyj1017
Reply: Ectopic Pregnancy
Hi Jessica870. I am so very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the trauma and terror you had to endure. My...More
Posted by babyj1017
i just need someone to listen
I just need to say how I feel. on my 18th birthday April 18th 2012 I went in for my first baby app. after I...More
Posted by jeepgirl94
Reply: Ectopic miscarriage, loss of optimism
Ok, first off I am so sorry for your loss. Secondly, you are not a failure! You have every right to feel...More
Posted by Mandy_Smiles
Reply: Second I going crazy....
First, I am so sorry for your losses. Second, you are not crazy! You are currently in shock and don't know...More
Posted by Mandy_Smiles
Reply: Still suffering loss
I am so sorry for all of your losses. I had a miscarriage in April of 2010 and I still find myself every...More
Posted by Mandy_Smiles
Reply: Hardening of the Breast after a miscarriage
I am so sorry for your losses. It sounds like your milk came in and what you are experiencing is called...More
Posted by Mandy_Smiles
Hardening of the Breast after a miscarriage
Hi. I would like to say that I am sorry to all of you who have had a miscarriage. I just suffered a...More
Posted by GINGER24
Hardening of the Breast after a miscarriage
Hi. I would like to say that I am sorry to all of you who have had a miscarriage. I just suffered a...More
Posted by GINGER24
Reply: encephalocele & Diaphragmatic Herni
Hey so I know I am going on a long shot here seeing how this was four years ago but I was wondering how...More
Posted by MirandaRenee
Reply: Encouragement, please?
psalm45 , first off hugs.have they done any testing on you or your husband yet?.. i had a m/c in march2010,...More
Posted by bbylove21

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On Aug 7, 2011 I went into the ER with massive cramping, and excruciating pain. I was 10 weeks pregnant, and I was spotting for a couple of days. Fou...More

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my loss
I have three girls, you would have been my fourth baby. I have three children left to brighten my day, make me smile and forget for a ... More
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