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Reply: Pregnant after Tubal and Ablation?
Hi I am 35 years old had a tubal in 2002 after csection with my twins and ablation in October this past year...More
Posted by hjsgirl31
Reply: maybe pregnant
It's unlikely you got pregnant by having sex a day before your period. Even if by some odd chance you...More
Proud mommy to PJ (7)
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: HELP
The only way to know if you're going to start your period is to wait. Even if it doesn't start today it...More
Proud mommy to PJ (7)
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Individual Growth Hormones Spray
Protein is just a crucial take into account any mass building diet. Essentially, you should eat one 5 grams...More
Posted by aliciakent
Reply: Could I be pregnant? or am I just ill?
Anytime after your period is due is fine. They usually say wait 2 days between testing to allow hormones to...More
Posted by mommab89
Reply: Worried
As Hormones and Nausea are symptoms of pregnancy I would say a vast majority of women who have been pregnant...More
Posted by mommab89

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I have the IDU but lately I have been very hormonal and occasional naseauness. My husband says I'm not pregnant but I'm worried. Has anyone else been like this and been pregnant?
Reply: How soon should i take a pregnancy test ?
Hi there. Took my pregnancy test today morning. And I'm happy to say that I am expecting. Thank you for your...More
Posted by irene83
Reply: could I be pregnant?
Yes you could be pregnant if you ovulated in a 24 to 48 hour window where his sperm were still alive in...More
Posted by codyclk2230
Could I be pregnant?
So I was diagnosed with pcos a few yrs back and finally in 2012 I decided I wanted a baby. My gyno put me...More
Posted by rockerchik87
Reply: could I be pregnant?
Yes, there is a chance of pregnancy.
Proud mommy to PJ (7)
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Could I be pregnant
Yes there is always a chance when unprotected sex occurs that pregnancy can result. Even with the pull out...More
Posted by mommab89
Reply: Early symptoms?
Hi, I don't think you are pregnant. It might just be your ovulation period. Let me just share here with you...More
Posted by kristine403
Reply: Could I Be Pregnant?
Hi there, I think you might be pregnant. Have you tried taking a test? Or let me share here with you a site...More
Posted by kristine403
Reply: pregnant?
Hi, I think at this time you already know if you are pregnant or not. This time should be the best time to...More
Posted by kristine403
Reply: Help
Hi, at your age I think it is not early menopause. I think you should really go to your doctor so you...More
Posted by kristine403
Reply: implantation bleeding vs weird period?
Hi there, I think it might be implantation bleeding and it is best if you are going to your doctor just to...More
Posted by kristine403
Reply: Could i be pregnant
sorry, uterus. Im on my phone and weird words are common.More
Posted by haleix
Reply: Mirena pregnancy???
Well, nothing is 100% so there is a chance of pregnancy with any birth control short of abstinance. Take...More
Proud mommy to PJ (7)
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Could I be pregnant???
Thank you very much.. I have been pregnant in theopast but sadly lost it, I had a few of these symptoms last...More
Posted by jejabella
Reply: Confused, Concerned and possibly Crazy!
Hi there, I think you need to see another doctor to run some laboratory tests with you and have you checked...More
Posted by kristine403
Reply: im pregant
Hi! Congratulations! Let me share here with you a site you can use to calculate your due date and predict...More
Posted by kristine403
Reply: is it possible?
There is a chance even with tied tubes. I have heard of many cases where a tub can loosen or untie. I'd...More
Posted by mommab89
Reply: am i pregnant? should i take a pregnancy test now?
You very well could be. Like I said wait until Sunday and if your period hasnt started take another test. Also...More
Posted by mommab89
Reply: pregnant questions
So you took a test?? If so and it had two lines then you are pregnant. It is very rare to get a false positive...More
Posted by mommab89
Reply: Possible Pregnancy?
Precum has little to no sperm in it so the chances that you are pregnant are rather small. I'd suggest taking...More
Posted by mommab89
Reply: shelbyanddaniel2015
Is your period late? If so, by how much? There is a chance you could be pregnant and not showing on...More
Proud mommy to PJ (7)
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Possible Pregnancy?
Hello, I have two different but related questions. The first is about birth control (maybe not the right forum...More
Posted by june4444
Reply: Am I Pregnant?
The only thing you can do is schedule an appointment with your obgyn and see what he/she says.
Posted by mommab89
Reply: Positive Test, No symptoms?
Like the previous poster said every pregnancy is different. When I was pregnant with my son I had no symptoms...More
Posted by mommab89

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Trying to Get Pregnant for the first time.
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