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This Exchange simulates the original Couples Coping Support Group. It is designed to help persons with concerns in their relationships, family, marriage, seperation, divorce, etc.Offering a wide range of real world, personal experiences, information, knowledge, suggestions, & views from real people.

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Reply: Can a marriage be saved?
I am going through this as we speak, I found out my husband of 19 years was involved in a long term...More
Posted by An_258313
Reply: Marital sex advice
Her depression is a contributing cause to your situation. Many men have these thoughts. It is what you do with...More
Posted by stevesmw
Reply: My boyfriend likes to look at muscular women
I see you have made the rules in your marriage. Did he agree with your rules? He may have agreed to your...More
Posted by honkey123
Reply: Dating a Man Who Lives and Depends on His Ex Wife
I have read your postings and explainations. I'm sorry for your loss of parents and having to care for...More
Posted by sluggo45692

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What do I do?
  • Do I say goodbye and end the relationship?
  • Do I give him an ultimatum?
  • Do I run screaming to the nearest psychiatric hospital?
  • Do I accept things, and keep quiet internalizing my feelings?
  • Or forget about it and watch sappy romance comedies?
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Reply: Husband of 40 yrs visiting prostitutes
Good lord, who cares? He's had unprotected sex with prostitutes. Make an appointment for some STD testing...More
Posted by georgiagail

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My loving husband admitted to have been having unprotected sex with prostitutes for the past 7 yrs. we have been married for 40 yrs. he tells me how he loves me, that I am beautiful and he loves our love making. Why would he do this? We have 4 stunning grown up children.
  • Could it be boredom after retiring, he was a general?
  • Was it pure lust.
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Reply: 39 years together but....
If your partner agrees to this then no, it's not wrong. If he doesn't agree to it or even know about it...More
Happily married to DH since 2003. Two kids: Paul (6) and Kylee (4).
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: The act isn't enough, he wants me to love it
To be honest both of you could use some attitude shifting. I recommend to YOU to approach giving head...More
Posted by thesensualist
Reply: Whirlwind
Getting desperate?
Posted by Anon_475
Understanding Cheating
Hi Everyone! As a child of a family with cheating spouses, I understand the strife that it causes the whole...More
Posted by An_257745
Reply: Am I in the wrong?
for me how about u give him a bit of time to adjust and adapt his life back to u. the same goes with u. to work...More
Posted by fatien
Reply: Staying In A Sexless Relationship!!!
Cheating as a behavior modification technique, ...interesting. A man's interest in sex is almost a...More
Posted by stevesmw

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I want to know if any of you are willing to stay in a sexless relationship?
  • yes
  • yes we have kids
  • no
  • hell no
  • confused????:(
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Reply: Sex Problems Contribute to Relationship Woes
I agree, getting spam like or something else.
Posted by stevesmw
Reply: my sex drive is on the wane
4 times a week is a lot of sex at most any age. Most of us don't get it nearly that often. I would be...More
Posted by honkey123

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do u like sex even if u r aged?
  • would u try to have libido up to 70 over?
  • is sex very important part of ur life?
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Reply: my husbands sex drive
Have you talked to your husband about this? It could be that he's making the most of being with you, to...More
Specialized Solutions for Permanently Solving Sex Problems
Posted by jacqui_olliver
Reply: Wife was adultrous many years ago- Need advise on ...
I can't give you any advise on forgiving her. The main reason I can see why your hurting and nothing is...More
Posted by sluggo45692
Reply: my younger wife
hi u r right thank u very much , i would try to change my mind in my problems (ed and premature.....).More
Posted by gentle1954
Reply: No sex
taking a person to the doctor that doesn't really by into going will have no result. How old are you? My...More
Posted by 00000162

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What should I do?
  • Take him to the Doctor?
  • Talk to him again?
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Reply: Sexual Behaviour
Billnjenn must be very young as they do not understand what is being talked here. Yes we all fantasy...More
Posted by 00000162
Reply: Dealing with my husband getting another woman preg...
The fact that the other woman has harassed you about everything except the other child makes it seem like she...More
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
Posted by tmlmtlrl
Reply: Feeling guilt of dating my ex husbands friend secr...
Hi itsfb, Your feeling guilty because you went on with your life. Let him talk to the kids. He's their...More
Posted by sluggo45692
Reply: I need help, when the trust is broken
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: My boyfriend's thing is always sore
YES. Don't dis your bf for the soreness (and don't ditch him either), cuz I really know where he is comin'...More
Posted by lightningguy
Reply: What to do about my husband's curiosity?
I have no issues with people trying whatever sex they are interested in trying. However, if you get married...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: dis satisfied
If you can climax by yourself, you can with a partner. Almost all guys want you to cum and would gladly...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: I had to vent, can I also get advice?
my mistake the poll was at the top of my page for some odd reason so I thought it was recent, thanks.
Posted by billnjenn

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Do you guys get where I'm coming from here?
  • Not really
  • Mostly
  • Completely
  • You're insane for considering allowing it
  • It's a fun idea in theory, but it'll never work long-term
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Reply: sex and relationship
It's all about compatibility and compromise. If you have reached agreement you both are happy with you found...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: My wife's sex drive is zero ever since we had twin...
Interested or willing? Sometimes people can think they are too tired or other excuse, but once they get...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: How Do I Convince My Wife it's OK for Me to Take C...
I hope it's not just her finding an excuse not to have sex with you. changing the mind of someone that is...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: I have been married for 8 months and my husband wa...
Open yellow page to d for divorce attorney. I would say try counseling but your situation is beyond help...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: Trying to figure out what's up....
Makes me think of the scene I 'When Harry met Sally' "I'll have what she is having" If you can find what...More
Posted by billnjenn

Spotlight: Member Stories

Name is Jason. I'm 31 years old, I'm an engineer. I've been married to my wife for 12 years, we've been together 16 years. We have 3 k...More

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my younger wife
my wife is 49 and im 59 years old . i feel low sex drive but she is a hot wife yet. making her satisfied how should i deal with her? More
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