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Reply: Newbie-- starting at 344.8 pounds:
Hey Kayla!! I think you need to stay over on the other community. We are very active over there and this place...More
Posted by bigred53
Newbiee !
Hello I new here , I am 18 and I am overweight I wanna loose 50-100 pounds but everytime I start I get...More
Posted by abhishashah
HCG Diet Triumph
I did the HCG Triumph 40 Day Diet Kit for $125.00 at the Official HCG Store and I lost 99lbs in 40 days!! I...More
Posted by An_254212
Reply: New here but willing to work at it
OOPS! I meant to say my triglycerides were 1000. Just call me fumble MichelleMore
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Gundry Side Effects?
Thanks again so VERY much... The issue i have with this diet is that it's SO restricting and i feel deprived...More
Posted by ktbca57
Reply: Help
Hi I weigh 313 and am your height. I just began the Daniel Plan. I know you can do it, we...More
Posted by garnetfairy
Reply: Newbie
How are you doing? I'm new too.
Posted by garnetfairy
Reply: Weight Loss
You might want to check out for a food list and tips and inspiration. Walking is the easiest...More
Posted by garnetfairy
the Daniel Plan
Hi, I'm new. I weigh 313 @ 5'2" and ant to get down to 125. I'm beginning the Daniel Plan but am having...More
Posted by garnetfairy
For any recent post-ers...or anyone reading this
As BigRed recently posted, "Come on over to the 50 to 100 pounds to lose site. We are very active over...More
Posted by ladylavender
Reply: Another newbie saying hello
Hello Welcome. I am new to this as well. I have struggled with my weight all my life too. Tried every diet...More
Posted by markel4214
Reply: rewards
Crisbear, I love the thought of a new house plant or even a new herb plant. Thank you so much for the idea....More
Posted by falicialyn
Reply: ATTN: Shunter71, Osufan and Chrisbear
Thanks Michelle. I will do that!
Posted by osufan
Reply: Trying again to lose weight
Hi NormaC! Medications can be real weight loss deterrents! I hope that your recent change is going well...More
Posted by thelovelyjd
Reply: 100+ pounds to go
Even a small start is better than no start at all! Rooting for you,More
Posted by thelovelyjd
Reply: Working on Weight Loss! :D
Hi NCISGirl! I'm new here too, but welcome! Stress can be a killer. I blame a lot of my situation on...More
Posted by thelovelyjd
Reply: Ready to Make New Start!
That is a great way to start! Hope everything is going well with you!
Posted by thelovelyjd
New to the neighborhood!
Hello, everyone. I am ready to dig in and make change happen! Looking forward to talking to others on this...More
Posted by tonid
Reply: started trying
Walking is better than most exercise as it doesn't put as much pressure on joints like jumping jacks or running...More
Posted by snipet
To lose weight you need to lower Sugar and Carbohy...
And heres why. The chemistry of sugar and carbs are very similar. The body uses the easiest food to give...More
Posted by julesinfo
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Reply: New Here!
Hi Erin! Good luck! You can do it! I am rooting for you!
Posted by NCISGirl0711
Reply: Need Some Support
Hello I have been using the WebMD food and fitness tracker. It is free and very similar to what weight watchers...More
Posted by jcmayo
Reply: New
Hi honeybunny, I hope you are still here. I am 62 and weight 252. I have about 105 pounds to lose. ...More
Posted by initforthefun
Reply: Need Some Support
coffeeman, welcome! First thing we always suggest is to fill out a food and fitness planner, here on...More
Diet and Exercise go hand in hand

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. -Will Rogers
SW 243 1/3/12 CW 186 Goal 135

Posted by totallywiggedout
Need Some Support
I am new to this discussion group. I need to lose about 100 lbs. Are there any nutrition resources...More
Posted by coffeeman0421
Reply: We should support eachother!!
I agree sometimes that's all we need is a little motivation to keep on going
Posted by slimjazzy
Reply: Need some encouragement
Walking is always a good start, good luck!
Posted by slimjazzy
Come on over...
Hi, I'm Kim. I usually hang out on the 50-100 diet comm here on WebMd. Come join us over there. No...More
Diet and Exercise go hand in hand

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. -Will Rogers
SW 243 1/3/12 CW 186 Goal 135

Posted by totallywiggedout
Reply: New to the Community
Qatz, I hope you are still out there. Hi, I'm Kim. I am usually found on the 50-100 diet community...More
Diet and Exercise go hand in hand

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. -Will Rogers
SW 243 1/3/12 CW 186 Goal 135

Posted by totallywiggedout
Reply: ***Meet~N~Greet***
Name: April Age: 26 Location: The Sunshine State Height: Tall Start Weight: 295 ...More
Posted by aprilshowerz

Spotlight: Member Stories

I have been chubby most of my life, I grew up with bad eating habits like 'you better eat everything on your plate or you're being bad'. O...More

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Diet Club Newcomer Tips
In the past we had a Diet Club FAQ: we frequently referred newcomers to it-because it had some great tips, ideas for getting started, and ... More
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