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Reply: taking flagyl and drinking
You can buy Flagyl here from this licensed U.K pharmacy without a prior prescription if you do their online...More
Posted by baboyes
Not sure if it is gluten
Gluten intolerance can trigger an auto-immune response in the body with symptoms that can mimic other issues....More
Posted by An_263098
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Stomach Pain and Swollen Glands
For the past month, I've had occassional stomach pain that increases after eating. This week, my glands in my...More
Posted by smyle4
Reply: Help - Incomplete bowel movements
What is the step stool method?
Posted by dicher
Reply: Pain in left arm with GERD?
I am too curious about you condition. I too have been having the same symptoms as you. I went to the dr...More
Posted by angsiefker72
Reply: Chronic Issues With Stomach - Indigestion
Smith8577, Hello, I so wish I could speak with you. I know this post is old, however I am experiencing a lot...More
Posted by christie33
Reply: 8 yr old - abdominal pain with frontal headaches
Alex, thank you so much for you insight. 1) I am actually a medical coder and understand a & p. ...More
Posted by livinghealthy101
Reply: Diarrhea immediately after eating, random white ob...
Were you able to get in to see a doctor? I think that going through with the colonoscopy would give you the...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
I don't have any personal experience taking apple cider vinegar (the smell turns me off of it), but this...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Possible GERD or Other Symptoms?
my bad its "heart palpitations" Thanks,More
Posted by hsamichg
Acid Reflux Disease and CREST (Schleroderma) relat...
Hello. I read that Scleroderma (a skin disorder) causes tighening of the esophagus/ trouble swallowing. My...More
Posted by seekinghelp9
Bowel Issues made worse by anxiety
I am a male in my late 20s. I used to be able to get up in the morning and use the bathroom and start getting...More
Posted by An_263007
What Could Be Wrong?
For 10+ years I have had this feeling in my stomach that is quite uncomfortable and at times unbearable: My...More
Posted by danson54
I have splenic flexure syndrome. Was diagnosed with IBS 30 years ago. The only thing that has helped me is...More
Posted by An_262987
Reply: Recovery after Colectomy w/o ostomy
Hi....I had panproctocolectomy 2 weeks ago for long term ulcerative colitis. I still have some discomfort from...More
Posted by flick06
Reply: GERD causing heart palpitations?
Hi There Hannah You are not alone! I am in no doubt whatsoever that heart palpitations/skipping beats etc. is...More
Posted by gerdygail
Reply: splenic flexure syndrome
Hi, I was diagnosed in 1989, by a brilliant Dr. in Miami. The only med he prescribed was something called...More
Posted by careyboy
Reply: tapeworms vs threadworms symptoms?
That's very helpful, thanks. I recently experienced strong movement/itching/restlessness at night, and so I...More
Posted by An_262918
Hi. I posted in this community a month or so ago, describing symptoms I was having at the time. Since then...More
Posted by zeldatech
Six Gentlemen (herbs) and Gastroparesis
I've been working with an acupuncturist who suggested the Chinese herb Six Gentlemen. Has any one used this...More
Posted by An_262905
Reply: Frequent Stools, burning sensation in anus??
Hi, We can't give medical advice or a diagnosis here, and the best way to get a proper diagnosis is to make...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Bravo PH monitoring
Thank you for explaining this! We have gotten more and more questions about PH testing lately, so it's...More
Posted by atti_editor

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Reply: Bowel infection
Hi! I found this list in the WebMD Drugs and Supplements Center that has many of the things that...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Should I Go To Work?
Sorry that you didn't get a response before the beginning of the work week! What did you decide to do? I...More
Posted by atti_editor
Pain/discomfort under right rib cage.
I have been experiencing this for the last few months, I have been searching the web looking for answers. I am...More
Posted by kit4410
Reply: Bravo Ph - severe spasm pain
I recently had the Bravo PH capsule test and felt that I needed to post a reply here. Before the test I read a...More
Posted by williasa
After the bravo ph monitor endoscopy
I had the bravo about 3 days ago, was unwell, feeling very weak and a very full feeling, the nurse game me some...More
Posted by brinie

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sudden hunger and immediate defecation
as fyi, my weight is only 27 kg and my height is 140 cm. i am 27 y.o and a women. recently,i've been facing...More
Posted by afifasalleh
Reply: Back pain and stomach issues while drinking alcoho...
Hello jess_march Your post was 6 years ago, but it helped me alot. I had horrible lower back pain every time...More
Posted by aalagic2
Bravo monitor
Had the Bravo ph Monitor test done yesterday, my dr. Said this was a new monitor just out on the Market . But...More
Posted by brinie

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I suffered with GERD for 2 1/2 years. I tried everything. It was so bad, I can't even tell you. I tried cutting so many things out of my ... More
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