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Reply: Wondering if my doctor is just trying to get insur...
So you're saying the stool sample test is for something different. OK, thank you Sarah.
Posted by hot_coder
My husband is taking AMOX TR-K CLV; 875-125 MG TAB. He was on AMOX TR-K CLV; 500-125 MG TAB October 10 - 13,...More
Posted by robokc
Reply: Have you tried DGL licorice?
Hi! I'm glad to hear you're trying the DGL, as both my husband and I have had great results with it! Years...More
Posted by gemstonenut
Reply: Sulphur burps followed by liquidless vomit
Have you seen a doctor about your symptoms? Sulphur burps can be a sign of giardia (an infection of the...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: I have this really weird bowel movement. HELP?
Seems like your displaying symptoms of intestinal obstruction. It might be because of overeating. I am no...More
Posted by sarahmcgray
Reply: Help with Constipation!?
It would appear your issue is more laxative dependence than anything else and this is a hard habit to...More
Posted by georgiagail
Upper right abdominal pain only at night
I'm 31, 5'5" 225. I've been working on my weight for the past two months and have successfully lost 15 pounds so...More
Posted by jekaan
reflux consequences
I get heart attack symptons when I eat occassionally that results in an aattack, and vomitting. It goes...More
Posted by merchantmac
eat healthy
Posted by taylor10290
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Reply: Fecal Stasis
Hi, hope yr still reading (and anyone else) and this will (should) help: Squat when doing a bowel movement,...More
Posted by thetruest
Reply: Food not digesting; nausea every day and vomiting ...
I know exactly what you are talking about as I have dealing with same stuff. First it was gastroparesis...More
Posted by frogger1966
how long do you take acid reduction medication for...
I've been taking Nexium for like some 10 years now, it still works but i wonder if that's too long and...More
Posted by Lastminute73915
GERD so stubborn
Anyone have severe GERD that has been resistant to treatment.I had GERD last year that responded to OTC...More
Posted by sucatp
Reply: Food being stuck
Caffeine and carbonation are very bad triggers for GERD which sounds like your problem. I had the exact symptoms...More
Posted by sucatp
Reply: Maybe Gerd
I do not have the "usual" GERD symptoms. When it started last year, all I had was a lump feeling in my throat. I...More
Posted by sucatp
Reply: GERD causing heart palpitations?
Hi, I am a 23 yr old female, overall very healthy with very good family health history, have had many heart...More
Posted by yanks123
Muscle pain after colonoscopy
I had my first colonoscopy on Aug 22 a Wednesday , it went perfect completely sedated. The next day I had a...More
Posted by utopiamom
taking water wisely
having water after 30 min of meals (atleast) will help rid of acidity and gases problem.try it .helped...More
Posted by anirudhadhikari
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Missing enzymes
I am 44 and since the age of 38 I have had cancer and have polyposis syndrome. 22 polyps, 18 polyps, 3...More
Posted by helplessinsc
Reply: Anyone else with problems after gallbladder remova...
Hello! I know this was so long ago but I do hope your still there and reading this? I had my GB out 2 years ago,...More
Posted by rmm39
rapid elimation after eating.. WOWSER
OK I have read and have had and done al of the below! I had this years ago and everyone knew I ha dto be near...More
Posted by An_260143
water helps
have found that drinking a glass of water before meals helps with my digestion More
Posted by junie58
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Reply: Stress induced constipation and anal bleeding as a...
An over-the-counter stool softener and extra fluids (i.e., water) will help to soften the stool a bit,...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: advice
Being in the thirties is hardly being an "older" adult. "Momofallboys" take a look at your diet in terms...More
Posted by georgiagail
Drinking Water and Its Healing Power
Water is one of the most inexpensive care for hemorrhoids. Drink appropriate amount of water everyday, and...More
Posted by sarahmcgray
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For the last 2 years I have had bowel problems. I go from constipation to diarrhea sometimes in the sane...More
Posted by momofallboys
Reply: Advice
Will you take into consideration the idea of changing your diet? I mean, why don't you try munching on...More
Posted by sarahmcgray
Reply: Anxiety and Digestion ?
I'm happy to be of help to you. More
Posted by sarahmcgray
Relationship between taking Accutane and developin...
Wanted to let everyone know about the link between the acne drug Accutane and Crohns Disease. Accutane is...More
Posted by An_259999
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