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How do you get hemorrhoid?
How do you get hemorrhoid? There are number of factors -Constipation -Pregnancy -Irregular Bowel MovementMore
Posted by sarahmcgray
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Maybe Gerd
Hello, I have been suffering from something, not sure what. I know I got a piece of chicken stuck in throat...More
Posted by An_259948
Reply: Do my symptoms sound like Celiac?
Wow...I looked at the slide show and that sounds a lot like my symptoms. I originally went to the doctor...More
Posted by 87mustang
Reply: GERD causing heart palpitations?
Hi ill_informed, Thanks for the reply and thanks again for the great information. After 4 weeks on PPI and a...More
Posted by new2gerd
Reply: Conflicting Diet for IBS&gastritis
This article on controlling IBS with diet may have information that interests you.More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: acid reflux/nausea/vomiting
Hi, Have you seen your doctor about this? Are you on any medications that could be causing the nausea?...More
Posted by atti_editor
Herbal Medication for Hemorrhoid
Hemorrhoid can be treated using only herbs and other natural procedures. Here are some herbs that are able...More
Posted by sarahmcgray
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Reply: Hemorrhoid Surgery
Thanks georgiagail, I also did my research! I now have deeper knowledge about hemorrhoid.
Posted by sarahmcgray
Reply: Food being stuck
I have very similar issue with feeling of food stuck around my chest and upper stomach. Bra tight too....More
Posted by An_259891
Gall Bladder Digestive Problems
After having my gallbladder removed, I have trouble digesting lettuce (spinach, romaine, etc). Any advice?
Posted by An_259884
Reply: Unknown condition for 5 years now
Hi, a small bowel follow through is a test that looks at your small intestines all the way down to your...More
Posted by debs_bears
Reply: acid reflux/nausea/vomiting
Try a gluten free diet. Go to
Posted by cecefr
Reply: Is this reflux? Pls help
Go on a gluten free diet. I have had the same symptoms as you and same tests. Docs did nothing. I am now off...More
Posted by cecefr
Reply: Vomitting 1-3 Times a Week
Sorry that you are sick all the time not a fun place to be at it must be interrupting with school. Maybe...More
Posted by debs_bears
Reply: sphincter of Oddi dysfunction
u can hve spinterotomy without the pressure to avoid pancretitis I jus wonder if any one nos if r ur...More
Posted by laurielynn123
Reply: Have you tried DGL licorice?
I would NOT be without DGL as I use it for stomach protection as I take 4 ibuprofen per day for...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: can anyone help me with advice
I have ended up having to use Metamucil at night a Phillips Colon Probiotic at night also. When I eat...More
Posted by lillybelle99
GRD in relation to palpitations
My palpitations started about 2 yrs ago. Monitor really showed nothing diagnosed with Afib. Not really a true...More
Posted by An_259746
Reply: Diverticulitis Diagnosis
"It came away clear, with a note that there was some diverticulum in the colon" - so you already had pouches in...More
Posted by sheba_q

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Reply: Diagnosis unknown for my 12 year old daughter
She's also very gassy ALL the time, has mood swings, which my sister said is what happened to her. I thought...More
Posted by An_259733
Reply: GERD and HIVES?
I've have noticed acid in my throat when I wake up, so now I sleep in an elevated position. Recently started...More
Posted by An_259706
Can't get the taste of acid out of the back of my throat, nauseous all the time, sore throat etc. Anything...More
Posted by springbok22
Reply: Does anyone on here have Gastritis?
Are you feeling better today? I think that it would be best to see your doctor to get to the bottom of what...More
Posted by atti_editor
anal leakage
the fiber will bulk up your stool and help stop leakage also i have read wallmart has pads for the anal areayou...More
Posted by annpism
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Reply: anal leakage
Take colon cleanse from gnc or metamucil this will take care of it, wouldnt hurt to have a good colonoscopy
Posted by annpism
Reply: Help - Incomplete bowel movements
Wow you're right about this story. I've heard of this but didn't understand it , still don't but I certainly...More
Posted by dicher
Reply: Daughter with ongoing stomach pain
Having her seen by a GI dr is the best chance for her to get back to a normal life. If she can't eat( and I'm...More
Posted by sucatp
Reply: Am I Pregnant?
ok thank you. my period was 5 days late and the first day was very light and then the next day was heavy...More
Posted by alexadaniels_2

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Reply: Abnormally tired, nauseous, sick, not feeling good...
If you just want a little friendly advice, I'd say take care of yourself, get a little extra rest, be honest...More
Posted by rohvannyn

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Coffee and liver diseaseExpert
Did you know that drinking coffee is healthy for the liver! Studies show that a people who drank a few cups a day were less likely to scar ... More
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