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Reply: Looking for Celiac Disease Support Group
Hi! The CD community that you tried to access may no longer be active (it was a member-created community...More
Posted by atti_editor
Cause of pain in rear
So background information on me, I am a 27yr old female and I have had a history of hemorrhoids for the past 2...More
Posted by bioner87
Reply: Chronic Issues With Stomach - Indigestion
Hi falkc, I am sorry to hear about your reaction. I believe it is definitely from the Advocare. I have not...More
Posted by christie33
Reply: Pain in left arm with GERD?
Hey I'm going through the same thing to add my throat feel like it's on fire. But I'm not getting any...More
Posted by abigaillove
Reply: Sciatic pain from constipation?
Been the same for many years. Neurosurgeon wanted to operate 40 years ago. Daily stretching usually keeps the...More
Posted by mikean
Reply: Anyone else with problems after gallbladder remova...
I know you posted this years ago but I had just ran across it and have same issues and Im on pain management...More
Posted by An_263914
Reply: splenic flexure syndrome
Go see another doctor... More
Posted by bones28
Reply: Fibroids, abdominal gas and weaknes
mamaaddey I experienced exactly what you're describing the last few weeks and my Dr did an EKG which showed...More
Posted by msmith111
Stomach Pain
Unknowingly feeling tensed after eating something like breakfast , lunch and getting stomach pain. Suffering...More
Posted by prabhaa
no dilation in esophagus
last year i woke up and could not stop throwing up i ended up having a hole in my esophagus.ended up in I.c.u,...More
Posted by selly08
Reply: Gallbladder test normal, but pain still
Jomaries have u found out what was going on with you my mamaw is going through the samething and nobody has any...More
Posted by bea2014
Hemorrhoids: how to solve them definitely
I have been suffering from blood hemorrhoids for about two years and now I have enough. I tried with home...More
Posted by emilystil1983
GERD & bad breath
Is bad breat and bad taste in mouth associated with GERD? I have no sinus issues and got myself checked by a...More
Posted by An_263793
Reply: Digestive problems
May I ask your age & what are your eye problems are ? Just curious, cause I too have eye issues. These...More
Posted by mojo3132
gastric problem
when I wake up in the morning my stomach is bloated and full of gas.suddenly got headache some times fever i...More
Posted by An_263782
How Long Does An Ulcer Take To Heal?
I was diagnosed with am ulcer back in March. I did not get a scopebut I did have H Pylori. I took the...More
Posted by jayman49
Effect of drinking water on eye dryness
How much water per day is perfect for maintaining good eye health?
Posted by An_256957
When I was 9 years old, I began to havve stomach problems. I had water sounds like a ballon in my stomach...More
Posted by nyrican59
Reply: I'm tired of thinking about this and I need help..
My being the mother of 2 boys your age, I'm first going to nag you about not following the doctor's...More
Posted by sherrygabs1
Aspiration problems
I have a history of GERD, hernia and gastritis. I take 40 mg Nexium every day for these. My concern is that...More
Posted by sherrygabs1
Reply: frequent diarrhea daily, has ileostomy-reversal
thank you again, Gail. When I gradually increased the Benefiber over 2 weeks, it actually increased the...More
Posted by An_263519
Inexplicable Burning Sensation
I have a burning sensation in the lower left part of my abdomen. The sensation is intermittent and various in...More
Posted by f5ive29
Reply: GERD causing heart palpitations?
Yes, I have been having palpitation for a month and they are driving me crazy. I went to a cardiologist who...More
Posted by frightened
I have found that drinking water BEFORE a meal helps wih my digestion
Posted by An_260200
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Reply: For 1.5 years I've had very loud stomach noises
Nope. The fragrance may likely be contributing to headaches but it does nothing to cause stomach rumblings....More
Posted by georgiagail
no spicy foods
Posted by curtybear45261265
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Reply: Chronic diarrhea
Sorry it's a FODMAP diet. I definitely suggest trying it.More
Posted by runnanarun
Hiatal Hernia in the Esophagus
I have a Hiatal Hernia in the Esophagus and it feels like food is up to the back of my throat. I have...More
Posted by spirit_smurf
Reply: Burning sensation in head
Anna04 I feel the same symptoms as you. How did your exercise help you with it? I can't do it because I get...More
Posted by rickv33
achey stomache
My belly has bloated and I am feeling nauseated. I don't know if it's food poisoning or what, but it feels...More
Posted by An_263501

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Coffee and liver diseaseExpert
Did you know that drinking coffee is healthy for the liver! Studies show that a people who drank a few cups a day were less likely to scar ... More
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