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To give it another round coming up to a lot can
To give it another round coming up to a lot can happen couldn't around I cunning find out where she was...More
Posted by An_259800
A joke am Batu mi salesman proof
A joke am Batu mi salesman proof the annual fee has not received a any of the works the bout marks small trial...More
Posted by dfghytr
Ablation Therapy Yes or No
I underwent my ablation therapy when it was in its infancy and I can honestly say its the best thing I ever...More
Posted by An_259793
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Reply: Moving feeling stomach not pregnant
A week now same effects: kicking on my rightside, 3 inches from belly button. It's not gas. I've been...More
Posted by rubyred53
Reply: Hysterectomy with the da vinci robot
And, on the other hand, there are many women who have undergone a hysterectomy (such as myself) who have...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: post vaginal hysterectomy blood clot
You should have this checked out.
Posted by Anon_6061
itchy nipple help
Hello fortysomething, I just started having this problem this past week, it drives me crazy but in...More
Posted by bighamtongrl65
I was on depo for roughly 8 1/2 years and had no bleeding at all the whole time. Since my last injection at...More
Posted by lorric81
Reply: Given provera how long will it be before I get a p...
If you have to start the birth control pills the day after your last dosage (and if your BC is anything...More
Posted by bluebird427
Blood clot with no period and no pregnancy
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 24 years old. I became pregnant when I was a month from turning 27....More
Posted by alliekat1984
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Reply: Periods after NovaSure endometrial ablation
I just wanted to give an update on my previous comments regarding my failed NovaSure in case this may help...More
Posted by asthedeer
Reply: abnormal period
You are not having an abnormal menstrual period. You are having abnormal vaginal bleeding. It would be a...More
Posted by georgiagail
Bleeding after depo ended.
I was on the shot for almost 8 years. My last shot was due in July and I wanted to just get off it. Well, my...More
Posted by mcleandm84
Reply: Severe joint and muscle pain that occurs a week be...
I am having the same problem. It has gotten worse after 30. I have lost 10 pounds, do stretches, watch what I...More
Posted by sigmalade
Reply: vaginal bleeding after total hysterectomy 7years a...
I am sorry you had a hysterectomy and were not told it is not a cure for endo. I also had a hysterectomy 8...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Spotting before and when menstrual cycle due
I am actively TTC. I do have a cyst on my right ovary and cysts on my cervix so I am not sure if they could...More
Posted by amanda54321
Pain in right Ovaries
So I've had this strange pain in the area of my right Ovary, I's been going on since February and quietened...More
Posted by chloedaisy

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Reply: Severe cramp like pain after orgasm
I know this post was so long ago but I can't help but share my experience. I am too on Implonon and have been...More
Posted by An_259697
Weight to Lose
Hello everyone! I'm new in here........... :carrot: I have already lost about 60-70 weight so far. I want to...More
Posted by pateient
Reply: something that's seems to help out....?
What in the heck are you talking about?
Posted by tlkittycat1968
painful orange period
Hello I am a 32 year old with a menstrual issue. For the last few months whenever I get my period I get...More
Posted by amandie691
Reply: Severe bleeding/feeling of heaviness after hystere...
Thank you for posting the site Gail, much appreciation. After reading the information, I have questions that I...More
Posted by cd_88

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What procedures are available to correct a Posterior and Anterior Prolapse and how long do they last?
  • Vaginal Cancer
  • Posterior Prolapse
  • Anterior Prolapse
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Weird Symptoms 5 Months After IUD Insertion
I am 45 years old and on my second Mirena IUD. Had it inserted in April of this year. This past month I...More
Posted by An_259662
Non-uterine tissue?
So a bit of background. I've been on my period since April. Before that, in November, I started to get regular...More
Posted by sedusa
Movement in stomach not pregnant
Hi I am so glad I found this site I am 38 years old and I have 4 kids my oldest is 18 and my youngest is...More
Posted by isabelmom38
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Reply: Itchy Clitioris
Polysporin! Instant relief, moist and anti bacterial. Just tried it tonight. We'll see in the morning. Hope...More
Posted by rappunzle
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Reply: Extreme nausea that won't go away
It's been a while since you posted this message but I was wondering if you found from where the nausea was...More
Posted by An_259640
Reply: Let It Bleed: Causes of Heavy Periods
I am 15 and my period start when I was 11 years old. My period went regularly until last year. I had my...More
Posted by rachelchong
Bleeding during and after sex and before four days...
Hi I wanna an answer I do sex with my hasbend before four days of my period and during and after sex I have...More
Posted by alhariba
Bleeding 11 Days before Period, on Pill
I have been on birth control (Junel FE) since March 2014, and so far it has been great. Last month, I started...More
Posted by An_259633

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how can a woman restore sensation in her nipples/breast?
since my last pregnancy in 2005, i have no sensation in my breast when stimulated. If anything, it hurts. I am 43 years old and I know I'm ... More
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