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Reply: Moving feeling stomach not pregnant
I disagree seeing as how I started having pains in my stomach at the age of 12 goin to the ER not hearing...More
Posted by undefined
You know stay yellows your firstly
You know stay yellows your firstly shawls nonetheless side all or loll traction falls sold yeah Scroll that...More
Posted by kashifgee7
Cant tell if I'm having early period, spotting or ...
its suppose to be around my ovulation date right now and 2 days ago i felt like it was discharge but when i...More
Posted by b2stfan
Vertigo? Or something else?
For the past few weeks now I have random light headedness that occurs only on my right side on the back of my...More
Posted by tbaybaker
Vertigo? Or something else?
For the past few weeks now I have random light headedness that occurs only on my right side on the back of my...More
Posted by tbaybaker
Reply: Thickened uterus
I see the Gyn in Jan. I do know my uterus is 15 mm.
Posted by sep12
Reply: Cervical
How do know that you have bumps on your cervix? When closed, it can feel rather "bumpy". Have you seen a...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Can you go through menopause at 36
Have you lost a lot of weight recently? Changed your diet?
Posted by fcl
18 day long period and going
Okay so I had my third son sept 9th vaginal birth.. Stopped bleeding after four weeks didn't get my first...More
Posted by An_260561
Brown Blood on Period 2 Months in a Row, Negative ...
I'm 23 and I've been on Lutera for a little over a year now and have regularly had sex without a condom. Last...More
Posted by An_260559
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Reply: Pain in butt during period
Thank goodness I found this page! I have been in absolute agony these last few months in particular with the...More
Posted by xzoeeemmx
Cytolytic Vaginosis, Yeast, something else?!?!
Hi all! I am above and beyond frustrated with my vagina and my vagina doctors. It all started about 2 months...More
Posted by shanb2me
Irregular period.. Extremely painful
I was between 5-8 days late for my period but I have always been irregular with my start times by anywhere from...More
Posted by erickab
Reply: ?????
Hello, This article has some good information on what to do if you forget to take a birth control...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Heavy irregular prolonged periods with large clots...
Thank you for that. I'm still a bit nervous but this does help out a lot.
Posted by An_260524
Reply: A lil worried
Thank you for the reply. I totally understand that my period may skip, cause it's skipped before. I know in...More
Posted by kbkr7781
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Reply: Throbbing, Pulsating near Vag area
SOLUTION!! I figured out what was causing my vibrating/buzzing since Thanksgiving. Since I had been on...More
Posted by anonymous555502
Provera didn't start my period.
Hi, okay some I'm gonna present you with the facts first and foremost. 1) I'm 21 and female 2) I...More
Posted by katherinekelsey
Reply: Support Group For breast reduction
Hello I'm 32 days post reduction... I must say it is different I was a 46ddd and thank the good lord for my...More
Posted by boopbetty
Reply: Started Having Periods/bleeding every 8 days - whe...
Yes; that is serious bleeding. It really does need to be checked out medically soon. There is no reason you...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: yeast infection?
It can take awhile to clear up a yeast infection. You might have to get more of the Monistat. Keep using it...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: 9 years of unprotected sex no pregnancy HELP
Your symptoms sound similar to my sisters ask your dr about IC and also pelvic floor dysfunction.
Posted by An_260509
Problems With My Period!!!
So basically, here is what is going on- I am not sexually active at this time, so there is no way I am...More
Posted by misshypo89
Reply: Big Vagina/Too Loose?
Kegel exercises are very important for women. Strong pelvic floor muscles can help with better orgasms and can...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Endometrial Cells In pap
Sorry no one responded. Chances are that this is nothing serious and just exactly what it says - "normal"...More
Posted by Anon_6061
I had started spotting 2 days before my period was due and it's going on 8 days now and no bleeding or anything...More
Posted by bgrll
Missing Period without pregnancy
I am a young healthy 26 year old woman and I haven't had a regular period since May 2011' I went over three...More
Posted by jdcurrie
Reply: Trying to find name of this disease
I am trying to see if I can help because the person in questions seems well educated but still can't fix the...More
Posted by sulyo
Reply: HPV Question
Thank you both for your replies. I will try to make it to the doc sooner. Unfortunately I do work and thus...More
Posted by samanthaw674
Reply: Bleeding for a long period of time
since you have bleeding for a long time, you may affect endometriosis, Endometrial thickening or Adenomyosis....More
Posted by xixi677

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irregular periods
am 21 yrs old & have had a fairly normal period since i was 10. i recently had a menstrual cycle for 9 days, while i also had a ... More
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