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Combine sugar and white flour
Combine sugar and white flour Nutritionists have already discovered years ago that carbohydrates largely...More
Posted by dvfd5456
Partly because of its great success
Partly because of its great success this diet has had many critics. This would not be healthy to follow ...More
Posted by kellipk
Reply: Vaginal Smell from Sperm
You do realize you're responding to 7 year old posts, correct? GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Severe cramping pain after erotic dreams & orgasms...
I know how you all feel. I've the same 'crisis' as you describe since 2013 and i haven't found a solution...More
Posted by An_264441
Reply: Two negative test, almost no bleeding.
There is still a possibility you're pregnant as some women either don't show on home tests or take...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Cuts on inner Libia
What is there to be scared about? See your doctor and get the appropriate treatment - the sooner it's treated...More
Posted by Anon_475
Reply: under the knife?
The HERS Foundation information was very I was very concerned and worried about doing a hysterectomy...More
Posted by willnay
herpes related info requied
my age 33 ,, in 2013 i got very sore throat w fever 103-104 around whole week after that i got swelling of...More
Posted by An_264390
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Mirena and Frequent UTI?
Stacy I know this post was from 2012 but I just wanted to see what your follow up action was. I am 20 years old...More
Posted by Bbritta
Reply: 63 started bleeding one day ago after taking zinc ...
It may or may not be connected but you should get this checked out by your doctor to rule out any other, more...More
Posted by fcl
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Membranous Dysmenorrhea
I am asking myself the same question right now. I am 34 and have been trying to get pregnant for two years....More
Posted by RomarieAlex
Hey there! This might be an uncomfortable topic but its totally natural and we could all suffer from it. My...More
Posted by An_264383
63 started bleeding one day ago after taking zinc ...
I am 63 haven't had a period since 38 started taking zinc two days ago started spotting. Can it be the...More
Posted by lovelygtannie99
Reply: Thickened Uterine lining and pcos
Since you really want children have you considered fertility treatments?
Posted by Anon_6061
Pain in butt and abdominal region before period. N...
Hi, I know I'm a bit young for this. But I can't get answers from anywhere else. Every time before my...More
Posted by An_264374
Reply: Problems
This is a delicate area. Sounds like you're a bit rough during masturbation. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Hey I'm fourteen and I been having my own like orgasms by my self but like when they happen they last forever...More
Posted by An_264369
Hey I'm fourteen and I been having my own like orgasms by my self but like when they happen they last forever...More
Posted by An_264369
server period pains
Im having server period pains, I can't cough, sit or stand after sitting for a long time, I went to a...More
Posted by anonymous1312
vaginal pain
I started my period yesterday and I am 36 years old. But today I have to stop by the gas station and buy...More
Posted by unhappymom36
Reply: Period twice one month, missed next month
How long is your normal cycle? You got your period 25 days after your previous one and that's not an...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Moving feeling stomach not pregnant
Me too!! I have a 16month old daughter and, I'm on the mirena,I just started feeling it a couple...More
Posted by darkskinnswinnin97
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Nose Bleeding with Menstrual Cycle
I am glad you posted this question because I have started to hhave this. I never thought much of it until I...More
Posted by PandaKisses
Reply: Vaginal Repair of Rectocele
I suffered for 18 months, through many many ultrasounds, MRI's, x-rays and CT Scans through a gastro, my...More
Posted by An_264322
Reply: breast itching
The most useful advice that you can use when the itchiness is starting to act up is to never scratch the...More
Posted by lisacolnett
Reply: Massive hair loss after a uterine and cervical hys...
Sorry to hear about the sore breasts and weight gain...seems to be common post-hysterectomy. My metabolism...More
Posted by Anon_6061
1 Day Period 2 Months in a Row
I've been on the pill about 12 years (I'm 30). My period is very regular, comes at the same time every month...More
Posted by An_264297
Reply: bleeding after a hysterectomy
Thank you Anon.
Posted by mercd
hcg levels
I was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. My HCG level was 173 and I went the following week to get one...More
Posted by brianajackson
Pain during sex
I am 23. I have had a healthy sex life with my husband for as long as I can remember. Lately...More

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When is it appropriate to remove an IUD?
I have had my IUD inserted after my baby was born three years ago. When would it be suitable to have it removed? I know it is ok to have ... More
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