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Reply: heart function 30%
Hi: ..."wondering if this seems to be really bad or fixable? It does seem bad but all may/could be...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
MRI May Help Gauge Stroke Risk in Those With AFib
"Special MRI scans of the heart can help spot people with atrial fibrillation -- a common heart rhythm...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Palpitations and Burping?
I would just like to add my life story of this exact same issue. Ever since I was a teenager I have had...More
Posted by digitalknight
Reply: Pacemaker causing vibrations.
Hi: "Yesterday I had tingling sensation......" Please consult with your doctor on this. Take...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Moving to Denver with mild COPD
Your welcome. Take good care, CardioStar* More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Heart problems
Bullets have been known to move over the years. It could no longer be in the heart or it could be in a place...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: 90 year old and pacemaker ?
Hi: ......"with a slow heart rate, would a pacemaker really improve her health" As applicable to the...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: belching assoc with heart palpatations
You're welcome. Take good care, CardioStar* More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
New Heart Failure Drug Approved by FDA
" A new heart failure drug has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Amgen's Corlanor...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: I need a second opinion quickly
Hi: He should be thoroughly checked out by a qualified doctor. Always better to be safe, then possibly...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Blood Thinners and Low-Risk Irregular Heartbeat
" As many as one-quarter of people with atrial fibrillation who have a low risk of stroke are given...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: conscious control of heart rate
Hey, so I found out I can do this too, but as far as I can tell this isn't uncommon. It's just a way that your...More
Posted by funnyjoe
Reply: Steint / heart damage
Hi "Widowmaker" Oh my. As reported, the "widowmaker" gets its name due to its prognostic...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Ectatic Aorta
You're welcome. Hope all goes as well as possible for you. Take good care, CardioStar* - - ...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Heart rate for weight loss
The "ideal# HR is complex question & requires lab tests. Exercising too hard has been shown to increase...More
Posted by billh99
Genes May Mean Short People Prone to Heart Disease
"Short people may be more likely to have heart disease, and that increased risk could be linked to the...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Frequent Ventricular Premature Complexes
"Is there any way to treate this with another medication." Generalized info - Diseases and...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Women die more of heart attacks than men because t...
I think this is an excellent study but perhaps puts far too much emphasis on behavioural health. Working...More
Posted by getheartsmart
Reply: Concerned about my Blood Pressure Medication
Hi, There it is standard practice in most advanced Cardiac Surgery settings to be placed on a beta...More
Posted by getheartsmart
Reply: blocked artery
Hi, There are other possible causes of your shortness of breath which could be related to your heart's...More
Posted by getheartsmart
Reply: 4 year old with enlarged right ventricle
Hi: To follow-up with your question and as stated below these questions are always best posed to the...More
Posted by getheartsmart
Reply: 1 swollen leg
Hi: "My primary doctor thinks it's just where the blood doesn't flow good around. I can't remember...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Statin Skeptic
Thanks, did you read the links I supplied. I would love to see if we could scientifically address their...More
Posted by healthyskeptic

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Reply: Feels like palpitations but aren't?
You're welcome. ......"the doctor said that I am not having any palpitations." The...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Back pain radiating to chest
Hi: ......"and I told the doctor that the pain is similar to the pain and location of two yrs ago when...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Foot and Leg Cramps from Heart??
I don't know about the cardio issues, but I get really bad leg cramps and my doctor prescribed Quinine and it...More
Posted by An_262178
Reply: Benefit of taking Harp Seal Oil than Fish Oil
Thanks for your advice. Well taken. I heard that oil oil is not good when high temperature Cooking is...More
Posted by lisalee87a
Reply: Medical miracles do occur, this time with help fro...
Thanks for reading the post and replying. CardioStar* More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Do This 5-minute Process To Heal Your Mind & Your ...
Stress is one of the primary causes of many of our modern diseases and reduction of stress will go a...More
Posted by healthyskeptic
Reply: Pericardial effusion and exercise
Hi: "Is it a bad idea......" Not necessarily, though ones' doctor should obviously advise the...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1

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