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Home Blood Pressure Monitors: Tracking Made Easier

Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.

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Active Ingredients Found in Anabol X1
They are so severe he can no longer hold on a regular job well its spring so what's air with them either I'm...More
Posted by An_262207
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they have been checked by my doctor and cardiologist kidney studies good
Posted by rosestrach
Active Ingredients Found in Rapid Repair Eye Serum
Products regulating pH help in a min system which one if you slow down with your health be improved answer...More
Posted by An_262193
Reply: Suddenly spiking Blood Pressure sometimses with ra...
I found myself in the same situation as yourself. I've had good BP and heart rate all my life, and suddenly...More
Posted by bigredpg51
Reply: sleep apnea, low blood oxygen, and low blood press...
thank you, for response, I am calling the primary doctor today, I was hoping this feeling would go away, it...More
Posted by adairwic56
Active Ingredients Found in Luxoderm
We're looking atcholesterollowering drugs cause epigenetic control blood pressure drugs dire Lattices okay...More
Posted by An_262166
Natural Indregients For Improve Sleeping
For me and I just stood there I didn't flinch and pull back and do anything and it stopped and it looked at...More
Posted by An_262141
Elevated BP during massage therapy
I have been experiencing elevated blood pressure during massage therapy. Normal is 110/70, pulse 63. During...More
Posted by An_262136
Reply: Losartan potassium generic
I just started losartan in December & right away my life changed in horrible ways. SEVERE headaches,...More
Posted by darmokatkemoo
Reply: Hair loss and BP meds
I am 74 and this past month I took my lowest dose 0.3mg of Premarin for the last time. I weaned myself off...More
Posted by englishlady8
Reply: Dramatic pressure drop after exercise
One thing that can cause this is if you have lots of stress and/or anxiety hormones. The exercise "burns"...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Salt or Sugar: What’s the Bigger Blood Pressure ...
I have just been doing some research on this too. Thanks for your post.
Posted by weho2013
vitamin and high blood pressure
I started to take a combo of magnesium, vitamin c complex and omega 3 with vitamin d for my h blood pressure....More
Posted by pepsico
retaining fluid
I have hypertension i am on meds but the last two days i have been retaining fluid what can i do to rid the...More
Posted by altess
I find sitting down with a magazine or the newspaper for 15 minutes calms me and lowers my blood pressure.More
Posted by An_262004
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News Roundup
Here's a roundup of some of the blood pressure news we've gotten this week: Vitamin D Won't Help Fight...More
Posted by atti_editor
Lisnopril is working!
I have been taking it for a couple of years. It seems to control my bp better than any product I have taken. At...More
Posted by junie58
Reply: Directions and instructions about weight loss medi...
Directions and instructions about weight loss medicine!! Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction....More
Posted by billh99
Reply: White Coat Syndrome
Here's one more article from WebMD: ...More
Posted by kjme11374
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Reply: Rauwolfia serpentina
Dear Rakesh and Amelia, yes homeopathic Rauwolfia serpentina is used for HBP, all things considered....More
Posted by betterhomeopathy
No more medicine
Have any of you replaced medicine with excersize?
Posted by An_261659
Cymbalta causing HBP?
I started taking Cymbalta about 6 weeks bp was about 140/90...6 weeks's 168/120? I've...More
Posted by txbeachmom
Reply: exercise for blood pressure control
That's amazing!! After how long you started seeing a change?
Posted by donna321
Reply: blood pressure meds
Let the doctors office know. Email if they have that. Or call the office and ask to speak to the doctors...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Onling video HBP support group - want to join?
Great, Veronica - look fwd to chatting next week! Simply click this link (from your computer or smartphone) at...More
Posted by pcuci
Reply: Blood Pressure Monitors
Digital BPMs are pretty accurate today. But you will still need to do if you want to get 100% correct...More
Posted by harrypeterson66
Reply: When to take meds
Just visited my cardiologist and he's decided I need to start on BP meds. Charted my BP for two weeks and had a...More
Posted by ca7457
amlodipine besylate side effects
My BP has been a little high... around 154/80 and my doctor started me on amlodipine besylate . I am on a...More
Posted by foxhunter58
Walk a Little
Just taking a short walk can help your blood pressure.
Posted by junie58
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Reply: Salt subststutes and potassium chloride
I have tried many salt subststutes, but I have found none that even come close to replacing salt for its...More
Posted by chopperbobby

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garlic oil
I've started taking 2 "garlic oil perles" along with my regular meds (metoperol, lisinopril. nefedipine) and my pressure has dropped 25 ... More
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