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Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.

To learn more about how lifestyle changes can help manage and prevent symptoms:

Exercise and High Blood Pressure
Healthy Diet - Salt Shockers and Dash Diet

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Reply: Home BP machines
Certain heart rate patterns can confuse the home style BP monitors. Most likely this is mentioned in the...More
Posted by chopperbobby
Reply: BP 204/140
Definitely not a professional, but I would start by talking to a doctor about this. Personally what helped...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: bmiq
I feel that reduced sun light or lack of exercise/activity could not be the reason for higher BP in my case in...More
Posted by bmiqq
Reply: red blotchy hands/legs/chest pain
Hello, I know this is an old post but did you ever figure out what was wrong. I have the same issue with the...More
Posted by gabriel44
Reply: my high blood pressure story
I have only this morning seen your post in relation to your blood pressure, which prompted me to sign up on...More
Posted by chris59ma
Reply: angry/happy about bp readings
BP can fluctuate alot from time to time. And the official diagnoses of high BP requires reading at 3 different...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: caring for my elderly mother with high BP
Medical Professionals don't normally respond in this forum. Here is what the American Heart Assoc says ...More
Posted by billh99
caring for my elderly mother with high BP
I have a question ....what BP triggers a visit to the ER? My Mom,78, lives with us, and she takes two BP meds...More
Posted by An_256694
Student looking for Opinions
I am a student at Brown University in Providence, RI, USA doing a project on constant blood pressure...More
Posted by avia1117
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Reply: proper procedure for taking bp reading
This is one of the best articles I've found on how to do BPs. It is a Doctor's site and I have no knowledge...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: High BP and Salt
I use NO added salt, try to buy low- or un-salted food. Obviously some foods have naturally occurring sodium...More
Posted by kjme11374
high bp reading
the lower number wont go below 90..with two meds its still 90-94..what would cause this??the top number has...More
Posted by cheesedips
blood pressure
Im on BP meds, But i still Spike, bottom number over 100, I was in the hospital, which they thought was a small...More
Posted by jjcook
Reply: Amlodipine Types and Questions
Okay, that's something new to us. I'll sure remember that in the future. Thanks.
Posted by johnwjr7
Reply: Newbie here! Took first BP meds today!
My blood pressure had been slightly high for a number of years. And I had not been seeing a doctor for a...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Blood Pressure Medication
No medical professionals typically responds in this forum. Also it was prescribed that I take a certain...More
Posted by billh99
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Really Afraid
Hi Jess! Just read your post from a LONG time ago, but I wanted to answer you anyway. I could have written...More
Posted by cheryl141414
Reply: Reducing blood pressure in a healthy, young(ish) m...
Often increasing foods with potassium have more of an effect on controlling blood pressure than reducing...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: High blood pressure and getting off meds
Have you decided how you can best help your FIL?
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Very high blood pressure
the doctor said the wrist strap couldnt be working I assume that you are talking about a wrist mounted...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Blood Pressure and Blood Pressure Spikes
Try one of the hypertensive centers. ...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Iphone BP cuff
Why must it plug into the wall? Even most physician grade systems are battery operated. There is a BP cuff...More
Posted by billh99
what to do
I wake up 3 to 5 days a week with bp's consistently of 200+/140+ if it will even register on my BP machine....More
Posted by meme3215
Hair Loss Common Side Effect
I've had two MD's tell me that only 1% of people taking Lisinopril have a side effect of hair loss. I have...More
Posted by bunnyphoo
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Reply: Blood pressure med
No medical professional normally responds in this forum. Both are beta blockers, but Ziac also includes a...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Cardiac Output and HTN
No medical professional normally responds in this forum. You might find a forum for nursing or medical...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Salt subststutes and potassium chloride
You might also be interested in this homemade salt substitute recipe Thank you. I will give it a...More
Posted by chopperbobby
Reply: high blood pressure took medication to early to my...
You should NEVER, EVER put your personal email on line for all to see. Additionally, this topic is best left...More
Posted by kjme11374
Inexpensive Cuff
I went to Harbor Freight, of all places, during a sale and picked up a BP wrist cuff for under $10 and that's...More
Posted by Yogstar
Join Us! Ask Our Experts: New Rules for Heart Heal...
We saw a lot of changes around heart health recently -- new guidelines on cholesterol and blood pressure...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Helpful Tips

High Blood Pressure/Weight Loss
Lossing a significant amount of weight will help your blood pressure go down and possibly get you off of your medication. I know people who ... More
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