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MS Cluster Rio Linda?
Recently I started looking for friends with MS that I could bounce things off of- I have found five that...More
Posted by imnotcrazy
Reply: just dignosed
Hello arrons mom, I feel your anguish. I have been waiting on diagnosis for over twenty years. When they...More
Posted by imnotcrazy
Reply: Modafinil
Thanks kshah. I made a list to take to my neurologist of everything I have tried to combat fatigue. The list...More
Posted by imnotcrazy
Reply: MRI Results
Hi blakey84, It means there are lesions in an area of the brain that would be consistent with a...More
Posted by hackwriter
Reply: rest
Listen to your body and give it what it needs. It's as simple as that. Easier said than done, I know, but...More
Posted by hackwriter
Research: No Link Between Vaccines, Risk for MS
"A new study finds no link between vaccines and increased risk of multiple sclerosis or similar nervous...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Waiting on diagnosis
Love it, Dave. Your comment will have me smiling all day. Thanks.
Posted by imnotcrazy
Reply: Information on MS medicine
I just read your question about MS medicines. I was diagnosed back in 1996 and was my neurologist's first...More
Posted by farside_fan
Dr. Lava-?MS
I have had a brain scan and my entire spine mri's with lesions everywhere. These were done because I had...More
Posted by An_258728
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Blood found in spinal fluid what could it mean?
What's the normal per say? If blood were found in the CSF, but with a clear sample?
Posted by itsmeae
If Dr. Lava could comment on my question ?MS, I would be very appreciative. Thanks.
Posted by An_258728
The Wahl's Protocol
Is there anyone here that is familiar with Dr. Terry Wahl's who published a book about her MS diet that she...More
Posted by An_258728
I have had a brain scan and my entire spine mri's with lesions everywhere. These were done because I had...More
Posted by An_258728
Includes Expert Content
Reply: MS and brain atrophy
Karrana One of the causes of atrophy is an excessive amount of apoptosis of cells. Apoptosis is a form...More
Posted by david1951
Reply: How long do symptoms last?
Hi Laurie. I am new to all of this. This is my first ever reply as well. Hoping to do this right. What you...More
Posted by tamagnelli1
Reply: Concern about diagnosis and treatment
4 times per day at meal and bed times DavidMore
Posted by david1951
Reply: Muscle spasms/cramps
Thank you Kim, it did. I should have thought about that, I'm so forgetful!! My pain mgmt Dr has me on one...More
Posted by promyssnanna7
Includes Expert Content
Reply: MS diagnosis
dr.lava can u please tell me what you think it is. Hi my name is Carol i think i might have MS because im...More
Posted by shorty201456
Reply: might have ms
Dear Carol, Please be aware that no one here can tell you what you have. If the doctors are finding it...More
Posted by hackwriter
Reply: Can you have MS when all tests come back normal?
Hi my name is Carol i think i might have MS because im getting crazy symtoms like i start to get a hot...More
Posted by shorty201456
Reply: could it be?
I'm so glad to hear it! Do drop in and give us an update after you've seen the neurologist. --Kim
Posted by hackwriter
New Support Group
Hi all! I started a new group on MSConnection ...More
Posted by dezyra29
New Group
I started a new group on MSConnection I hope...More
Posted by dezyra29
Reply: Dizzy spells
Hi Deb, You are right to seek out another doctor, someone should be investigating this further and trying...More
Posted by hackwriter
Reply: Living with MS
Lovy, Here's a link to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. They can provide a list MS specialists in...More
Posted by hackwriter
Reply: It's me...again!
Hi, I am also on Avonex. Can you please let me know since when you are taking Avonex and any potential side...More
Posted by lovelesh
Reply: hot and red face and chest and cold body
Hi cubanita, What you describe is very familiar. I tend to feel heat in the face, too, and need to sleep...More
Posted by hackwriter
hot and red face and chest and cold body
I have MS and in the last year I have developed a very hot and red face never goes away and my body is cold...More
Posted by cubanita63
Reply: Silent Babisnki on one side
I am sorry if this is unclear. I currently have not been diagnosed with anything other than chronic...More
Posted by coachchrish
Reply: pubic bone sclerosis
Osteitis pubis is joint inflammation of the pubic bone. It is treated by an orthopedist and is not related...More
Posted by hackwriter

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