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Reply: Lesion location and nerve pain
I asked my neurologist the same question. I have trigeminal neuralgia so I asked her if there would be a lesion...More
Posted by dstar5
Disabled on the Go won't be active for another wee...
I posted this as a test, but can't delete it.
Posted by disabledonthego
Disabled on the Go
A site where contributors review accessibility of fitness, restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues
Posted by disabledonthego
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Reply: medication
Thank u very much x
Posted by heidi1989
Reply: medication
I didn't know if this info might interest you but here is some information on research that is on-going...More
Posted by jules1202
Reply: Can't hide from the past...
Many hugs to you as 2012 had to be a very rough year for you! I just wanted to share some thoughts - I...More
Posted by jules1202
Reply: The use of vitamin B 12
I have not seen any research on this subject directly (obviously I assume there must be some in Germany if...More
Posted by jules1202
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dr. Lava...Can prednisone use hide/mask positive r...
nikye82, this one is an old post so I am not sure if that person will see your response. Good luck with your...More
Posted by jules1202
Reply: Questions about symptoms--help?
The problem is that yes, some of those can be symptoms of MS but they can also be symptoms of ALOT of other...More
Posted by jules1202
Reply: Ankle and foot pain
Judy, I mistakenly responded to a 6-year-old post, lol. Now that I've read your post, I just wanted to let...More
Posted by hackwriter
Short Survey of At-Home Injection Experiences, You...
My name is Dan and I am a graduate student at San Jose State University, studying Human Factors and...More
Posted by iaa_research
Reply: having a hard time walking with ms
Hello Ireneliz. I have difficulty walking because of my ms and use a walker. Recently, I saw a youtube...More
Posted by Anon_147606
Reply: Starting Tysabri
Thank you both for the advice. I have had infusions for Steroids before due to a couple of severe flare...More
Posted by trustinghim81
Reply: Sclerosis on Pelvic bone
I doubt that it means you have MS. In MS patients the sclerosis is usually on the brain. I was diagnosed 3...More
Posted by tweetypie64
certified nursing assistant (CNA)
I am a care giver who have had vast experience with MS patient and i do travel with my client/s. If some...More
Posted by noelosampson
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Reply: Tecfidera vs. Gilenya
I was on Avonex for 8 years with only 3 major attacks until Sept 2012. I am now on Tecfidera. I could not...More
Posted by kathy48334
Reply: Hi I'm New
Thank you for getting back to me, to answer your question it's yes you can see my stomach and I can feel it no...More
Posted by scared4
Reply: Gadolinium dye allergy
I just had an MRI last night and when they injected the contrasting agent I felt tingling in my face. I thought...More
Posted by noephil
Reply: Autoimmune Diseases
Near the root of all three of your autoimmune disorders is a form of cell death called apoptosis. See below: ...More
Posted by david1951
Rituxin (chemotherapy)
Does anyone have any experience with this treatment? My doc suggested it. I've tried cytoxin twice before,...More
Posted by emmasgem
Reply: Use Caution Microdose Therapy @ Foundation for MS
Hello maplewood, Thank you for the warning about this "technique". There are lots of snake oil salesmen...More
Posted by swampster1952
Reply: Falling into the rabbit hole of depression
Hang in there!! Have you found an MS group or a singles group to get involved in?
Posted by jules1202
Reply: keeping up appearances
I was at work around 10:00am.something went crazy with my vison. It doubled. My primary for 20 some years...More
Posted by snottydot
Reply: New, in pain and scared that i may have MS - pleas...
Hello hackwriter, thank you very much for your answer. I will schedule an appt with a neuro and try to get...More
Posted by yume_kyger
Reply: ? Having a relapse
Posted by jules1202
Reply: Hello, everyone! Newbie here...
Bless your heart...thank you. I've printed your response and will read it to L. tonight. Much will change,...More
Posted by kauma
Reply: MS and or Lyme
Hi ihavelyme2, If you are convinced that you have active Lyme, you might consider finding a neurologist who...More
Posted by hackwriter
Reply: MS questions
I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. When I was diagnosed 8 years ago the doctor was comfortable with...More
Posted by tysabripete
Reply: Could it really be only stress / anxiety?
Yes, I am in TN. But they have ruled out Lyme Disease. Thank you. I was surprised to see that they had...More
Posted by judylindanorman
Reply: Attempted to file a discimination lawsuit
Hi very, It's definitely a tough call, deciding whether to disclose the MS to your employer. Some people...More
Posted by hackwriter

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Neil S. Lava, MD, is the director of the multiple sclerosis clinic at Emory University in Atlanta. He has been treating multiple sclerosis patients si...More

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Wealth of vitamin D and MS information
There is a lot of information on vitamin D and MS at VitaminDWiki. Shortcut to the MS material is . You ... More
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