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is a blood test the only way to detect osteoporosis?
Posted by An_261765
We don't know enough about your scan results or history to weigh in on your dilemma. Your doctor is correct....More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Good sources of dietary calcium (other than milk) ...
All good choices. Also many foods now have calcium added or just naturally. The trick is to look at the food...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Calium intake
Women need 1200 mg of calcium a day. Because the body can only absorb about 600 mg at a time, it can be tricky...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Reclast vs Prolia
I have not had a fracture thank goodness. I am not on any estrogen because my family has too much female...More
Posted by walkgirl
Reply: Reclast vs. Prolia
There are clinical trials using Reclast and I think Prolia, but they are only about 4 months into the tests....More
Posted by gonzal13
long term use of Raloxifene
I have been taking Raloxifene (first as Evista and now as generic) for over 10 years. The only side effect for...More
Posted by newbie63
Reply: Prolia vs Reclast
Start with the Reclast. Use Prolia only if you get no positive results with Reclast. The way you'll determine...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Prolia
The good news is that you don't have severe osteoporosis. You have osteoporosis. A -2.5 in an otherwise...More
Posted by bonebabe
Osteoporosis, wrist fracture and surgery
Hi, I am 36 years old and have osteoporosis, which showed in a dexa scan. Last week, I broke my wrist and...More
Posted by An_261134
Reply: Advocare Spark and caffiene
Advocare Spark is an energy drink. I can't see any correlation between it and osteoporosis. Why would you...More
Posted by bonebabe
IBS, UTI and Prolea
I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a few years ago. I am very active and have used Hormone replacement compounds...More
Posted by plplpj
Reply: High Left Clavicle Fracture, Surgery Required? (X-...
Hi Mate, I think, It's been already more than 3 years, could you tell me, how is your shoulder now? I have...More
Posted by lordkrishna
Reply: Change in medication needed?
Based on the information you've given, if I were you, I'd go back on the Fosamax. It appears you had a good...More
Posted by bonebabe
Exercise is Very beneficial
Hi. I am new to this site. I was diagnosed via Dexa Scan with osteopenia in 2011. In 2013 the femoral head...More
Posted by slowexercise
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Reply: ulna and radius fused together
Hi there. My bones are fused at the elbow and I've been like it all my life. My palms are faced down so to...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Worried About Starting Prolia
Still waiting for that T-score number from my Dr but at this point it doesn't matter. I'm going on Monday...More
Posted by woofiesmom
I am 56, in excellent health and have osteoporosis. I was on Forteo injections for two years. My T score is a...More
Posted by clerkie
Reply: Treatment options for 86 year old woman
If she's continuing to lose bone mass, Forteo may be the best thing for her to do. If her insurance doesn't...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: ache in knee joint
Take supplements to lubricate and support damaged joints. I would suggest taking deer velvet. It is a...More
Posted by alicejackson
Reply: Pre-Menopausal and Osteoporosis - Physician Commen...
Hi bonebabe: Thanks so much for your feedback. I don't have any pre-disposing factors for the osteoporosis;...More
Posted by kobirot
Reply: Diagnosed with Osteoporosis
So sorry to hear this. If the doctor noticed frail bones on a regular x-ray, you did indeed have something...More
Posted by bonebabe
It won't. Sorry. If for no other reason than bone does not respond to change that rapidly. That's why bone...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Newly diagnosed
You're the best! How true, my first DXA is my baseline & what happens from here forward will tell the...More
Posted by terryannh
Good luck...
Posted by An_259873
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Who do you recommend for a PCP in Bartlesville?
Posted by vad0r
new hip
What is the very newest replacement hip on the market now?
Posted by An_260089
Reply: bump on bones?
It could be a bone spur or an arthritis bump. Next time you see your doctor, ask him to check it out.
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: osteoporosis
No. Osteoporosis doesn't cause pain unless you fracture. Sounds more like arthritis or bursitis.
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Prolia vs Reclast
I did hormones for about two maybe three years. Bio mom then diagnosed with breast cancer so doc took me off...More
Posted by beachts

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Good sources of dietary calcium (other than milk) for healthy bones
white beans, canned salmon, sardines, dried figs, bok choy, blackstrap molasses, kale, black-eyed peas, almonds, oranges, turnip greens, ... More
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