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Long-Term Acetaminophen Use and Health Risks
" Acetaminophen may not be as safe as previously thought, with larger doses and long-term use linked to...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Leg pain
Naproxen/Aleve works better on my leg pain than ibuprofen.I take prescription strength Naproxen 500 mg.
Posted by blessedladyptl
Reply: Feet Tickle at Night
On an irregular basis I will get the agonising tickling feeling either on the ball of my foot, under the arch of...More
Posted by kisoro
Reply: Post Thoracotomy Syndrome
Hi, So I am also one of those people with really bad PTPS. I had a wedge resection on one lung, started with...More
Posted by wschertz
SCS Trail
Hello everyone i love to read everything cons and pos well i been suffer pain for 4 years my left leg burn sharp...More
Posted by rofo86
filing rx
have had to go to a different walgreens when not in stock - but the pharmacist called for me also try not...More
Posted by TaffySr
Reply: Need help talking to one of my doctors about my fa...
Some drs will rx ADD meds for the fatigue and exhaustion that are side effects from other meds and some...More
Posted by blessedladyptl
Reply: cymbalta to take or not?
Generally, a doctor will not take you off the klonopin or other benzodiazepine until the anti-depressant...More
DX: Crohn's
Posted by darkvolker
Reply: Pain & Nutrition
Grace I bought a Nutribullet I can not believe the difference it has made. I can not take NSAIDs due to...More
Posted by brew_fool
Post Polio Syndrome
Does anyone know how to get relief from Post Polio Syndrome?
Posted by babco1969
Reply: Att: Dr.: Fracture of L-1 vertebrae from fall--Kyp...
Docs respond to questions when their name is in the header. Please go see your regular doc for advice. ...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Heartbeat pain
Thanks so much!
Posted by shuffie3671
Reply: Totally Baffled~ Shingle/Phn
Hello H ummingbirdm , You are most assuredly not alone at all with the pain, depression, anxiety,...More
Posted by painpainter
Reply: Every Chronic Pain Patient Needs to READ THIS!!!
No problem, it more than likely answered some questions that someone had. Take care, AnnetteMore
Posted by annette030
Migraine and scoliosis with a rib deformity
I had spinal fusion for scoliosis in 1995 with the help of herringtion rods on either side of my spine, I...More
Posted by bcargill50
both knees done
I am 61 years old. I am 5 months post op with left knee and 3 months post op with right knee. I still have a...More
Posted by renneyk
Reply: jammed knee
I think the only thing that will help heal this injury is time. You can put on ice if needed and take...More
Posted by An_255018
jammed knee
was standing out in my yard, I started stepping backwards. When I put my one foot back I stepped into a five...More
Posted by mactabs
jammed knee
was standing out in my yard, I started stepping backwards. When I put my one foot back I stepped into a five...More
Posted by mactabs
Reply: Stabbing Pain
This is something you need to speak with your doctor about asap.
Posted by An_255018
Reply: Severe Arthritis Pain and Lap Band
A stronger pain med should help control the pain better so you can exercise more and lose the weight. If...More
Posted by blessedladyptl
Reply: what a crock
Did not think you did. Take care, AnnetteMore
Posted by annette030
Reply: mistakes in the urine screens at pain clinic
Thanks for your reply blessedladptl , Im all for some of the things they do to curb the ones who abuse the...More
Posted by bunbun007

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Reply: Pain Dr. for Ga Vet Needed
Thank You For Your Service & Thank Your Family For Theirs. The link below should help you find a...More
Posted by blessedladyptl
Reply: Horribly Unlucky Event
I am praying for you that you get some rest till tomorrow my legs would hurt so bad if i were out..dont stay...More
Posted by bunbun007
Reply: Desperate for relief
Hi purityspring, I also suffer from migraine headaches and I take the summatriptand and fioricet with...More
Posted by meaningfulc1952
Xiphoid Process Pain and Sensitivity
I am 68 and have had Xiphoid Process pain/sensitivity for over a year now which my doctor does not seem to be...More
Posted by timzi
Reply: male breast pain
We can't do anything on an internet message board other than suggest that your dad tries to get into see his...More
Posted by An_255018
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Reply: Moon Face after Cortisone Injection--how long does...
This is not entirely accurate.
Posted by lizzybluts
Reply: Neck and Shoulder Pain
Hi and Welcome , I know I can't tell you the names but I will say that there is a company called "Homectics "...More
Posted by 77grace

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David N. Maine, MD is the director of the Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Maine graduated with a degree ...More

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Opana and sweating
I take Opana ER, Vicodin, Soma for arthritis pain and compressed nerve root. I also take Zoloft and Klonopin for depression and anxiety. ... More
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