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You have a 1-Year-Old and endless questions?
Welcome! Join the group to learn, laugh and stay on track with your 1-year-old's growth and development.

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Sticky Post **New Vaccine Tracker
The new WebMD Vaccine Tracker will make it much easier to keep track and keep up to date on...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
Burn Fat And Another Useful Muscle Building Tips
One final note; circuit style training can and should be very challenging. Typical training routines more...More
Posted by earlstarks
Reply: Crystal light good or bad
You are incorrect in your assumption that only U.S studies on aspartame conclude that it is safe. A 2013 study...More
Posted by ashkrb2
Reply: Please try this it really works
sorry i also meant to mention that you must keep in mind their lungs are very small so only a little blow of...More
Posted by psalm108
Reply: Breath holding spells
sorry i also meant to mention that you must keep in mind their lungs are very small so only a little blow of...More
Posted by psalm108
breath holding spells
Hello my name is Chantal and i am a mother of two a girl ( and my little boy (18m). My son now 18m had his...More
Posted by psalm108
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Reply: My 13 month old doesn't crawl or walk.
Just checking in to see how your son is doing. Mine crawls, but doesn't walk or stand yet at 14 months....More
Posted by linajean
enlarged liver
1 year old granddaughter has enlarged liver .Now Dr. is saying problem with alpha protein problem .Looking...More
Posted by grampsmark
wanting to break my DD of Co-sleeping.. help!!
So my DH brought our DD to our bed when she was about 7 months old, and now at 14 months I want to be able to...More
Posted by nreyn3
Ear tubes and drainage
My little one got ear tubes last month. Ever since then he has been having what appears to be liquid wax...More
Posted by kimberly15607
Reply: daughter is not sleeping in her bed
my daughter has her bed right next to mine and shes being doing really far as the new baby (who...More
Posted by mommyin2011
Reply: Let's do a Poll....
What's your name/age? Camille/32 Where are you from? So. Cali How many children? 3 Names and...More
Posted by mommyin2011
Reply: Swollen face
My son is having swelling and mild fever, and wanted to know if it is related to teething, please advice
Posted by mathewsjacob
Our 1 year old wont eat!!
My name is Ashley my wife and I have a 1 and half year old and she will not eat solid food , or puree. My...More
Posted by An_260560

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self hair pullingl
I have a 15mo granddaughter who is pulling her hair out. What causes this behavior?
Posted by woowee40
Reply: Buddha Belly Explanation
Hi. Did your daughters belly go away? I have a 4 yr old girl and she has a pretty big tummy. Just like you...More
Posted by aaguillon13
One year old with fever
My one year old son came down with a fever all of a sudden yesterday. Tonight it 101.5. I know that is low...More
Posted by An_259912
Hi everyone, My one year old has had trouble with constipation and hard stool for quiet some time now. Looks...More
Posted by angela34
1 year old doesnst sleep good at night
I have a one year old and she is a busy little girl during the day and goes to sleep at night around 8-9pm she...More
Posted by kw1744
Reply: How to make my kid eat
Hi jeets, it happened with my kid too, i tried feeding up him with diff kinds of food like fruits, soups, veg...More
Posted by ananyaw
Reply: My one year old daughter cries and screams when sh...
The question is bit old, but it may help you, it happens mostly due to the heat in the body. if you are still...More
Posted by ananyaw
Reply: 21 month old won't walk!!!!
my 16 month old is the same way and shs a twin her sister walked at 12 months and she has not want to walk...More
Posted by alinedelima
Tonsilectomy/Adnoids removed for 15 month old
My daughter is almost 15 months and will be having her tonsils and adenoids removed next month. I am...More
Posted by finallyamom
My 1 Year old daughter is producing milk.
My 1 year old daughter is producing milk, and this hasn't happened before. I spoke to my pediatrician and...More
Posted by An_258105
Reply: Fell down the stairs but appears ok
Well this post was submitted 4 months ago, so i hope everything is ok now! But our 1 year old is a walking...More
Posted by gsparks29
Reply: 1 year old not connecting with dad
Hrmm well i think all kids are different when it comes to this? My step-daughter didn't take too long to...More
Posted by gsparks29
Reply: no words
Our baby just turned 1 on the 22nd of June and she still only says 'mom' 'dad' or 'daddy' and she tries to...More
Posted by gsparks29
Reply: my 1 year old does not sleep
My step-daughter just turned one. She sometimes is very resistant to sleep and will SCREAM bloody murder. I...More
Posted by gsparks29
Reply: Recurring Diaper Rash
Try Resinol Cream, it is a pink colored paste and has worked wonders for my sensitive skinned daughter...More
Posted by ttaabbiitthhaa
Reply: Child with rash around mouth
Ty so much, Sohpia! I'm an old, retired nurse and a first time grandmother; my granddaughter Haylee,...More
Posted by katwilliams37

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Hi All! i cannot believe a year has past already! Here is the scoop on us....been with my husband 12 years..been married for 3 of them. We have two ma...More

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Useful baby wipes
Baby wipes work wonders for removal of make up even mascara!!! They're great for cleaning the bathroom counters/sink real fast as well!! More
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