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Reply: swollen foot
It sounds like a bite but watch could be vascular also good luck take care love terrible twos lol
Posted by imscrewdtoo
Reply: DO NOT USE THE 3-DAY Potty Training book
I agree. Not all 3 day methods are the same. Here is a great review of the most popular ones. Again they...More
Posted by mandylove19
Randomly screeching/screaming 3 year old
My 3 1/2 year old daughter randomly screams, screeches or LOUDLY yells mama. She does it while she's...More
Posted by sunshineonsummer
Reply: Temper Tantrums HELP!
I have tried these methods to no avail. one of my problems with this is TOO many bosses and no one working...More
Posted by mishonnie
Reply: sleep problems
No we took her off of naps once she started waking up. And yes the hours are different I work longer days...More
Posted by bcolburn93
Reply: Walking after cast removed
have done this to myself twice! she is just scared to walk. it dosent maybe sore. she will get...More
DS 7/31/11 DD 7/18/12 DS 1/26/14
Posted by mommyin2011
Reply: Sleep Problems
all i can think of is she just wants you next to her as she sleeps. maybe she knows that there is another...More
DS 7/31/11 DD 7/18/12 DS 1/26/14
Posted by mommyin2011
The Sour Patch Kid (Sour, Sweet, Gone)
Hi Everyone, I have a two year old he is absolutely sweet as can be. At home he is a complete angel but when...More
Posted by An_259099
Reply: Penis hurts
My son was diagnosed at 6 months with phemosis, when the foreskin was too tight. We skipped circumcision and...More
Posted by mrs_wonder
picky eater
I always have bout with my 2 year-old daughter during meal time. She's not motivated to eat solid...More
Posted by healthyregimen101
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21 Month old bites herself
My lil girl bites herself hard enough to leave marks for days, never breaks the skin but comes close. But its...More
Posted by iceechic
Reply: Dad showering with his 2 1/2 yr old daughter
We would be curious to know your opinion about the comments on your 2 year old post regarding son-in-law...More
Posted by jldean
Frequent High fever with 2.4yrs old baby
My baby catches high fever , cold frequently ; Even after all the tests, Xrays etc unable to find the...More
Posted by shwetabansal
Low HGB and HCT (anemia) on 2 year old routine lab...
My 2.5 year old boy has mild anemia. The blood count of his HGB and HCT was a few points below. We tried to...More
Posted by island_baby
Reply: two year old has bug bite in right eye area, eye a...
can explain it - the swelling is caused by his body reacting to the bite. and he does sound sensitive - his...More
Posted by kapild82
Reply: Boy obsessed with fans
LOl..I don't mean to laugh but my son had an obssession with bathrooms at this age. He could not go anywhere...More
Posted by kapild82
Reply: Where's Everyone From?
live near NJ More
Posted by ananyaw
Reply: Please help! I need suggestions.
hi, mm I try the thing you suggested already. but I can not figure out what is causing this! it does not...More
Posted by mishonnie
two and potting training.
my son is now two and can tell me when he went to the bathroom in his diaper, he even does the whole pee...More
Posted by aaronsmomxo
Toddler (3years) Having Trouble Focusing/ answerin...
I know this chat room says 2 year old but my son just turned 3 and I am unsure of where to turn. I fear...More
Posted by momlovesbee30
Reply: 2 year old son with low grade fever for 3 weeks
Glad to hear your daughter is ok! After getting 8 tubes of blood drawn at Tufts MC my boy is fine. They...More
Posted by dingoace10
Reply: Pet for 2 Year Old
It may just be a training point on her part. My sons been around our 2 cats since he was born. And he's...More
Posted by hgreenwood7058
strep throat went undiagnosed for 8 days for my 2 ...
I took my two year old twice to the doctor and both times the doctor failed to properly diagnose strep...More
Posted by An_257163
Reply: Drinking Pedialtye daily
I think you may be right, he may not eat dinner because he knows he wil get the pedialyte. Safe, yes. But not...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: still not talking at 3
I would have him evaluated. This is typically done by the school disctrict. Talk to your pediatrician if you...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: 2 year old Toddler with scrotum pain
My son is going thru the same thing he is 19 months, I am worried.
Posted by klahela
My 2 yr old is licking and sucking his hands
Okay so i have a two yr old with eoe and just within the past couple months he has started licking and...More
Posted by An_256580
Reply: Lazy Eye?
Idealy you want to screen for these as young as possible. However there is more and more evidence that it is...More
Posted by lyse_anne
Reply: OT eye surgery.
It must be really difficult to be in your postition and feel you need to do SOMETHING but don't know what...More
Posted by lyse_anne
Researching RSV on toddlers here, it said not give...
Along with fruit juices, sports drinks, I get that...lots of sugar, empty calories...but no water? And then...More
Posted by txsooozeq

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