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Dear Members, Our WebMD communities are a wonderful place where members find friendship, support...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Reply: 7 Year Old - Defiant, No Self Control, Hateful, Di...
First place to start is your son's doctor.
Pround mommy to PJ (7) and Kylee (5).
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Dad takes baths with 6 1/2-year-old
I would hardly call this disgusting, but rather would refer to it as something you personally are not...More
Posted by saigon123
Reply: Early development in 8 yr old girl?
That's not really early. Most girls start between 9 and 16 so 8 is a bit early but not unusually so....More
Pround mommy to PJ (7) and Kylee (5).
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: 7 year-old with attitude and mood swings
Hi Moms, I found this article that is a different perspective. I'm going to give this a solid try before I...More
Posted by smy92405
Reply: My 8yr old son has started masturbating,...
What are the 'house rules' on privacy? He seems pretty comfortable with 'in the living room and nobody else is...More
Posted by craig70
Reply: 9 year old - Disturbing behavior
That's great and a step in the right direction. My youngest was 7 when we first sought out help and while...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: Picking a child up
I have experience with this behavior. My mother used to do this to myself and my two brothers, it was...More
Posted by deannosaurus
Reply: Unsure If My Daughter Has ADD/ADHD or SPD or OCD
Hi Denise, I posted a response on the Parents Community. ...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: My daughter isn't using the bathroom at school
2-of my daughters did this also - they hated the school bathrooms. Honestly, I wouldn't make a big deal...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: 5 yr old
For you, or your child ?
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: 8 yr. old with period??
Hello, I am new here! And I just wanted to say that I got my period at 9, and I was in the 4th grade. And I...More
Posted by olive999
6 year old having accidents still..
I cannot figure out how to stop the accidents from happening. I know she can hold it and make it the...More
Posted by An_260901
My seven year old boy acting strange....
My son is only 7 but suddenly he has become very much interested in my breasts. He keeps touching them . I...More
Posted by An_260840
Reply: Help with girl self-care and changes
I bought these books for my daughters. There...More
Posted by momuv4girls
10 year old been sick for the past 3 months.
My 10 year old daughter has been sick for 3 months stright now doctor does nothing for her. What should i do?
Posted by An_260582
Reply: 5 Year Old Drama
My youngest daughter had emotional melt-downs since age 2, so I completely understand where you are coming...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: Need Help with our 7 Year Old's Behaviour
When a young child is acting out such as you describe, I think getting to the root of his behavior is most...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: discipline
Parenting classes. There needs to be an alternative way to deal with a 10-year old, spanking will just make...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: 6 yo having problems sleeping.
This is going to take a lot of patience and follow through from both you and your husband. You guys need to...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: How do I correct my 6 year old's sneaky ways?
Thanks! For example, he will ask to go outside and play, and we will say yes, we live on a quiet cul de sac so we...More
Posted by mkn48
Reply: Violent temper tantrums
I think she must be really scared of losing you also show her that you love her no matter what the best time to...More
Posted by pushps
Reply: my 6 year old started pooping his pants again
Big hugs to you and your son... this book, Its No Accident is probably the best for solving problem it has...More
Posted by meganamom
Reply: Child 6 Continues to have bowel movements in pants
Big hugs to you and your daughter... this book, Its No Accident is probably the best for solving problem it...More
Posted by meganamom
nightmare interfering mother
I recently broke up with my boyfriend and father to my 6 year old daughter. We had been together 11 1/2...More
Posted by An_256403
Reply: Daughter wipes too much
It sounds like an anxiety issue to me. Does she exhibit any other behaviors that seem out of the norm? ...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Paid Medical Market Research- Need Parents of chi...
My name is Brandon Bishop and I'm the Recruiting Manager at a company called MedQuery (
Posted by medquerybb

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6yr old daughter diagnosed with uti and fungul ras...
my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with a uti we are waiting for culture test for proper antibiotics< at...More
Posted by 1oldmom
Kids as outcasts
Hi, we moved into our neighborhood about 6 years ago when my older son was 1 1/2 years old. We live on a...More
Posted by An_257514

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Reply: Child's height and weight.
The doctor just wants you to keep an eye on her because she's in the BMI bracket for kids who are at risk of...More
Posted by fcl

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I have been on this board about 3 years. DH and I have one DS, my miracle baby born when I was in my mid-40s. I had a post-partum DVT 2 weeks after hi...More

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