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Dear Members, Our WebMD communities are a wonderful place where members find friendship, support...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Reply: Dad takes baths with 6 1/2-year-old
My partner came by this thread by accident (god knows what she was searching). I have two children (both boys...More
Posted by gvaonline
Reply: OCD and SCHOOL
Are you guys working with a Child Psychiatrist? Often times medication for ADD, make OCD behaviors worse -...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: Getting Kids Out the Door in the Morning
OMG - this is my house! but i only have 1 now that i have to get off, and i don't work now. I cant find...More
Posted by booberryjuice
Reply: Fed up with a bully.
I would simply take your DD OUT of the class room and into another,- usually there are more than 1 class....More
Posted by booberryjuice
Reply: 7 year old woke up with pain in both legs.
If you find this one out - let me know! My children both (9 yrs apart) have had the back of their knees...More
Posted by booberryjuice
Reply: Menstrating maybe?
My DD had trouble with throwing up kind-of violently (out of the blue) about every 3 weeks, about a...More
Posted by booberryjuice
Reply: Children With LD's
There is going to be a lot of information you need to learn about - - good stuff though, good info to help...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Well, it sounds like since most of these behaviors are at the Daycare - - maybe it would be time to think...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: My 6 year granddaughter is my 6 year is the only o...
Sorry, your post didn't quite make it through... Are you your Granddaughter's caretaker? Does she have a...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: 6 year old boy pooping in his pants
Actually on two different occasions I've known a previously potty trained boy to begin suddenly soiling his...More
Posted by kararnmi
Reply: Body Odor
Yes, my daughter started having body odor at age 8 also. She didn't begin "full-blown" puberty until age...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Body Odor
Hello, I am Mom to an 8 year old boy in great health. We've been noticing adult body odor on him. Isn't it...More
Posted by powaymom1099
Body Odor
Hello, I am Mom to an 8 year old boy in great health. We've been noticing adult body odor on him. Isn't it...More
Posted by powaymom1099
Reply: green stool
hi im 53 an I whent to the bathroom an my bowels was green an its got me wory please help .
Posted by godfamily53
We shouldn't blame children in public, but do you ...
Some people think that criticizing children in public will hurt their self-esteem, but do you think in...More
Posted by frenchfries2
My 8yr old son has started masturbating,...
My son, who is 8, almost 9, has recently started masturbating. We've caught him numerous times with one or...More
Posted by mrshecei30
Reply: Stomach Pains
This is really tough, and I'm so sorry you are finding answers so difficult to come by. I just have...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: bad behavior
Have you talked to her teacher? How does she behave at school? There can be a bunch of reasons a child...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: Getting Kids Out the Door in the Morning
Can they eat bfast at school? We put things like half bagel, english muffin, cereal (my kids eat it dry),...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: Childs behavior
I am wondering if your son has been evaluated by a professional? Personally, I would not medicate with...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Thanks Kathleen. I did do the" matter of fact" discussion last night. It went ok, he was defensive of course. I...More
Posted by H20BABY
Reply: 8 Year Old Boy With Anger Issues -- Discipline Adv...
This is really tough, and I can emphasize with your situation! I think getting to the root of your son's...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: 8 yr old still wets bed at night
As a mom who helped her child stop bedwetting, my heart goes out to children and families struggling with...More
Posted by meganamom
Reply: 6 year old wetting herself
It's No Accident: Breakthrough Solutions to... I think you should read this book...seems like it will...More
Posted by meganamom
Reply: 15 yr old girl bedwetting
Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness: A Practic... This is the best book about how to help someone who...More
Posted by meganamom

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Should her father and I ask the mother to make a dr appt or should we just take it upon ourselves to set one up and let her know about it?
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I don't have enough patience with my children. My son is 10 years old and my daughter is 8. I lose my...More
Posted by Clabepapor
Daughter behind in math - Help!
My daughter is 10 years old and starting 5th grade in a public school this fall. She is in special ed for a...More
Posted by An_252912

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What is the best way for a child to catch up in school?
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Reply: Sensitive Subject
It's actually quite simple You tell her that you know it feels good but that it's a private activity and she...More
Posted by fcl
Behavioral issues with 7 y/o girl I babysit
I babysit a 7 y/o girl who I've watched since she was 4. Over the past year/ish I've seen her digress into...More
Posted by An_252757

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I am Katie (35), married to Randy, and a SAHM of 4 beautiful children. Ella (6 1/2- first grade), Owen (5- preschool), Connor (3 1/2), Lilly (19 mo...More

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