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Bundles of hormones, emotions, and insecurities. Rebellion, dating, school problems, peer and societal pressures, its our job to see these kids to adulthood. Get the support you need here!

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How do you know if you are ready to date?
1. You want to date in order to "show" your ex. If your main motivation for firing up your love life is to...More
Posted by An_262646
Reply: school
Perhaps there's something going on at school that makes him not want to go. He could be being bullied or...More
Posted by southern_mama
Reply: Help with my grand daughter
She may have issues that she needs to see a therapist or counselor about. I would suggest getting her in...More
Posted by southern_mama
Reply: three friends .... how to help my my daughter not ...
Right now I am having the same problem my daughter is 13 she has many friends but not a best friend this causes...More
Posted by jankat1
Reply: Constant nausea
Good news on the nausea problem front. The antidepressant (amitriptyline) that the dr prescribed seems to have...More
Posted by jscdi
Reply: Lots of Questions - No answers. New Dr?
What I was worried about was the possibility of bacteria/virus in the water - you wouldn't need to get very wet,...More
Posted by fcl
I am having the exact same problem with my son (13 years old also a unique type 2 diabetic). He has had...More
Posted by frustratedmommy
Thumbsucking at 11 years old
My step son will be 12 in June. He still sucks his thumb...every night, and constantly when at home. I have...More
Posted by jesterific
Constant nausea
My 15 yr old son has been "diagnosed" with functional nausea. This all began 10 mos ago with occasional bouts...More
Posted by An_261853
Reply: school
Kathleen.............Thank you
Posted by notnice2me
Reply: 10 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl share a bed
You are living in lah-lah land if you think that it's OK for two unrelated pre-teens to be in bed together...More
Posted by Anon_475
Reply: 13 year old boy with diaper fascinations
It sounds to me like he may be what is called a Diaper lover or DL for short. He may yet grow out of it...More
Posted by poisonedflames
Reply: Oppressive father
Firstly, you can't change other people, you can only change yourself. He's not going to change, therefore you have...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: 13 year old boy and sexual curiosity
Therapy is a minimum requirement for this. Sexual curiosity is only curiosity when the two individuals are of...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Hard Decision
I don't know the boy well enough, actually not at all, so I cant be specific. one thing is very clear. you...More
Posted by bobspock
Reply: Quasi-stepmom seeking advice
Hi there, Seems to me your boyfriend is a good guy and you are happy. In my opinion responsible and good...More
Posted by An_261010
Reply: puberty in early teen boys
all is well, don't worry about a thing. he probably knows all about it. most boys have got the whole thing...More
Posted by bobspock
12 yr old boy, TOUCHY SITUATION
a 12 yr old boy is crippled and cannot move to even do basic things. he is bathed and cared for. this...More
Posted by bobspock
Reply: Caught my son masturbating. Now he won't talk to m...
JUST COME RIGHT OUT WITH IT AND APOLOGIZE and tell him its cool with you so he don't have to worry about it.
Posted by bobspock
boy 13, girl11
I have a 13 yr old son who has his own room. he is spending time with the 11 yr old girl next door. she lives...More
Posted by bobspock
My 11 year old daughter still wets her bed!
my 11 yr old daughter wets her bed daily. Till she was 8 I was waiting it out as doctors suggested that she...More
Posted by An_260840
Reply: Fever and Headache
let the teen sleep and i would keep trying to get help from the doctors i have the fever and i am 15...More
Posted by harrypotter12
Reply: Dizziness with headache
PLEASE take him to see a doctor ASAP. This is potentially serious and should not be ignored.
Posted by Anon_475
Reply: need advice for my teenager
I'm glad you have a meeting with his Case Manager, in addition to TBS, I would also possibly re-visit the...More
Posted by momuv4girls
start off on the RIGHT foot.
my 13 year old boy is starting to act cool, dress cool, swearing with his friends. Hi sister said that there...More
Posted by An_259655
Reply: Chest Pain in Teenage Boys
Why are we harder on our children than on ourselves......they are in a growing state of change and...More
Posted by love_enough
Divorced dad trying to connect with 14 yr old daug...
My daughter is not the average girl. She was attending special education until recently. They have now decided...More
Posted by troy2731
My son was dx with migraines at age 12. They became worse last year in the 8th grade. He was switched to Elavil...More
Posted by msrisaz
Reply: 16 yo not liking hs because all of her friends hav...
Sorry your daughter has to go through this. She sounds like a great kid who just wants to do the right thing...More
Posted by sk8598

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In 2005 I moved from my hometown to live 4,000 miles away with my new husband and growing family. I brought my two boys, now ages 9 and 12. My step-so...More

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Signs of Early Puberty in Girls
See your doctor if your daughter shows signs of puberty like breast development, pubic or underarm hair development, rapid height growth, ... More
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