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Reply: Please help. Symptoms
Sorry but I also forgot to mention that she apparently checked his teeth and found no cracks or broken...More
Posted by sunny81979
Hot Body
My 10 year old sitzu, at times gets a hot body. He can be sleeping and all of a sudden he whins and gets hot...More
Posted by creekally
Reply: Vectra reaction
How long did it take before you saw any relief? My 6 mo old 5 lb Maltese is displaying these terrible...More
Posted by angie916
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dog's belly skin turning from pink to black -- why...
My female miniature poodle, Stella, is getting the same dark areas on the sides of her belly in the creases...More
Posted by cissy8630
Cyst on Cat
My cat had a cyst and the liquid that was removed was a milky color, has anyone else had this happen or do you...More
Posted by wbrad54
Cat ear- red and inflamed
My cat has been having spots in his ear that are red and/or inflamed. Sometimes they are puffy, other times...More
Posted by bvh52179
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dog episodes of uncontrolled licking and gulping
Hi, I currently have four Bernese Mountain Dogs ranging in ages from 9 mo. to 9 years. Last night, for the...More
Posted by lindenhof
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Lump on cat's head; is removal urgent?
Please do give updates on how your cat is doing. I hope your baby made it.
Posted by beantreegirl
Hi, I have an American Staffordshire Terrier male, about 5 months old, the last week he has been having...More
Posted by phillip_1990

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What should I do?
  • Take him to the vet again?
  • Don't feed hime for 24 hours?
  • Give him chicken and rice?
  • Change his diet?
  • Don't know..
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Reply: My 8 year old cat died of bladder cancer
Hi, I just had to put my cat down because of bladder cancer. He was always such a healthy cat. I am concerned...More
Posted by lakota3
Dog won't eat dog food.
My dog does not like dog food of any kind. He started eating chicken, then ground beef, etc. He would eat for a...More
Posted by clack01
my old dog has odstruction bcos of tumor
my 13 yr old lhasa terrier has been diagnosed with a tumor pressing on his intestines. He istarted vomiting...More
Posted by knowy
Blackstrap molasses for arthritis in dog
I have a 5 yr old Golden who has significant issues with arthritis. She takes Cosequin with MSM and DHA per...More
Posted by rbronso1
Blackstrap molasses for arthritis in dog
I have a 5 year old Golden who has significant issues with arthritis. She takes Cosequin with MSM and DHA per...More
Posted by rbronso1
Reply: Sick dog.
I think the regurgitating was from the new water in his crate he never had or my second guess from over...More
Posted by ilovemypup7
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Fleas...Persistence or Resistance?
another reason why i tend to try and find all natural things to use on my cat.. and i use plain old litter...More
Posted by domtauher3
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Cats and Menthol
is there something that can help with ant bites for my cat and dog.. dog tends to aim right for the fire ant...More
Posted by domtauher3
Curam 625mg
Hello, I have a labrador who is 6 years old. He has elevated liver enzymes for a few years now. Currently,...More
Posted by An_256599
Includes Expert Content
Reply: westie with a growth on corner of eyelid
Thank you Dr. Sandy for the reply. We were obviously provided with an estimate before we agreed to the...More
Posted by floridajoec
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Heart Attack in Dogs
Thanks so much for the reply. My golden Ginger was big (not fat) for a female. She was 95 pounds and a gentle...More
Posted by csm1234
Reply: Is Feline Hyperesthesia contagious?
It is not contagious but flea allergy can cause it, and those little parasites are. I would...More
Reply: excess urinating
Hi there, A doggie would get very dehydrated if they didn't drink to keep up with their...More
Reply: 10 Year old dachshund had horrible reaction!
You are doing the right thing by taking the product back and having your veterinarian report...More
3 and a half old puppy keeps getting milk getting ...
My westie had a litter of 6 puppies, one of the puppies was very small. We had to start giving them milk...More
Posted by marialice20
Reply: dog broken toe (help)!!!
Perhaps a food containing toy, like a Kong, or some nice chew toys to give him something to do? Something to...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Puppy eats A LOT of weeds and grass
See if she has an upset stomach, and maybe try giving her some safe grass to eat (like those little things of...More
Posted by rohvannyn

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We have a 3 month old female Australian Red Heeler. Since we have received her she eats a lot of weeds and grass. I know some grass is good for their digestive system, but not every time we go outside. What can I do? (This is the only area where she can go to the bathroom).
  • Grass - Weeds
  • Eats Weeds and Grass
  • Grass Eater
  • Weeds Galore
  • Help Please
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Reply: Source for small animal med dosing devices?
Maybe either infant supplies or small animal supplies? Your pet store, and look in the rodent and bird...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Vectra 3D caused my dog to be VERY restless & fidg...
What a disaster. We gave our dog a treatment of Vectra in the morning. By lunch time he was fidgety, jumpy, and...More
Posted by jbindy
Reply: Cat Concussion
Concussions in cats are usually secondary to some type of head trauma, and often show other...More
Reply: Cat quality of life
There are cats (and people) that are so allergic, they itch all the time. It's very important...More


Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM, is a small animal internal medicine consultant for Phoenix Central Laboratory, an independent veterinary diagnostic laborat...More

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How to Get Your Cat in a CarrierExpert
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