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My Dog Has a Growth on his eye
My 12 year old golden has a growth on his lower eye lid. I know these things are expected at his age, but it's...More
Posted by melronan
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Reply: Dog double swallowing fits, licking floor anxiousl...
The answer may be bloat, search it. Interesting variety of results in this topic. Worth reading every answer. My...More
Posted by ck202
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Reply: Does your pet sleep on the bed?
That is so typical of highly intelligent dogs. I love that he looks out for you. He may care for the hubby but...More
Posted by cotton5
Reply: Pulmonary hypertension in my 3 1/2 year old spring...
I don't have any experience with what you describe, but I just wanted to stop in and say that my thoughts...More
Posted by atti_editor
Spinning Puppy
Hi: I have a 5 month old puppy that has spells of spinning around in circles. We have tested him twice for a...More
Posted by An_260532
Reply: Diarrhea
You should feed him with rice until his poop return to normal. I suggest you visit your vet and ask for your...More
Posted by milessmith
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Reply: Can dogs give diseases to cats
My oldest dog a rescue is now having loose movements after eating eggs for five days. I may have borrowed...More
Posted by An_260490
Newly adopted dog not getting along with other dog...
Adopted a new dog on Monday and things are not going well with the 2 dogs we already had in the home. Onyx (new...More
Posted by pdewall
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I noticed today my dog's poop is green. She is not eating and not interested in food. Her weight is 3kg.
Posted by undefined
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Reply: Dog episodes of uncontrolled licking and gulping
The following things worked for me: Short term: Baby gas drops (simethecone I think is the name of it, but...More
Posted by peregrin11
Hi, I have a 6years old lab and she has got some skin infection on her elbow, so my vet told me to do the...More
Posted by subhajit007
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Reply: Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine
Hi RJackDodd, I'm not sure where milessmith is getting his information. I can say that the veterinary...More
Posted by srstephanie
Reply: Should I be worried
Cats can get allergies, and anything with a nose might sneeze if there's a bit extra dust, especially new...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Frequent urination in a dog
My sister has a new puppy (he's about 8 months) and he urinates alot. She will take him outside and he urinates,...More
Posted by lil412
Feral cat needs sedation
There is a feral cat that we have been feeding for a couple of years. He has somehow injured his jaw or tongue...More
Posted by lbhii
Best Diet/Medicine For My 12yo Dog W/ Cancer (lymp...
My 12yo dog Buddy has lymphoma. Due to financial restraints, I'm unable to pay to have him undergo...More
Posted by buddyboy12
Reply: Blood in Cat's Urine
Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Stephanie in Raleigh. I spoke to the vet this morning and we have...More
Posted by tmallen57
Second Opinion: Vet made a mistake
Hello, we have a 9 yr old wheaten who went in for surgery yesterday (ear ruptured, tumor, and teeth...More
Posted by An_260341
911 ! Ioticed that her LEFT EYE looking inward kin...
I have a 5 year old yellow lab , Female I have just noticed her left eye is looking inward kind of like a...More
Posted by An_260326
Reply: Old cat eating kitty litter?
Hello an_221361 I know it was some time ago you posted about your elderly cat eating cat litter but if you can...More
Posted by luxat52
My dog has a lot of issues, but now she's licking ...
So my dog has a ridiculous amount of issues, and its made me super paranoid about new ones popping up, so I very...More
Posted by jmc454
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Reply: Dog has growth on eyelid
How helpful. I will run out and get some. I have a small Yorkie with a small growth on his lower eyelid. And...More
Posted by An_260323
Reply: Labrador not eating properly
Your dog's survivable rate depend on your dog's response to the treatment and your efforts in performing the...More
Posted by milessmith
Reply: 7yr Old Pit Bull Behavior
There are various reasons as to why your dog if whining excessively. 1. Appeasement Behavior 2. Greeting...More
Posted by milessmith
Reply: Cat -- possible allergy symptoms or other?
Here's what you should do to avoid aggravating your felines' acne: 1. Use ceramic metal food bowls. 2. Wash...More
Posted by milessmith
Reply: excessive drooling and licking fur
There are various reasons behind excessive drooling in dogs without pendulous lips. Drooling or...More
Posted by milessmith
A Purr-fect Language
It's time to learn and understand a purr-fect language. Cats' behavior can be their form of communication....More
Posted by milessmith
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Reply: What could be wrong with my dogs nose?
There are various causes of dry cracked nose in dogs: 1. Fever 2. Infection 3. Dermatological Problem 4....More
Posted by milessmith
dry skin, bumps, hair loss
I have a female blue pit and I've tried everything to try to get rid of her dry skin. She lost hair, she has...More
Posted by kennyd2882

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How do I get rid of dry skin on my blue pit, she has bad dandruff, dry skin, bumps, n now hair loss.please help me bc I feel so bad for my dog
  • I tried everything
  • baths
  • oil sprays
  • brushing her
  • I just need help
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Reply: Should Michael Vick be allowed to own a dog?
P.S. - The thought of him having kids terrifies me for them. Children & Elderly are a privilege too.
Posted by moosey49


Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM, is a small animal internal medicine consultant for Phoenix Central Laboratory, an independent veterinary diagnostic laborat...More

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How to Get Your Cat in a CarrierExpert
Trying to get your cat in a carrier for a trip to the veterinarians or road trip can be extremely frustrating. Some how a 10# cat that ... More
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