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Reply: Vectra 3D caused my dog to be VERY restless & fidg...
I ve been using it since 4 months .To be honest i did not notice anything .I browsed today ,out of curiosity...More
Posted by gelosoil
not pooing
I took my dog to the vet because she wasn't pooing and seemed off. Eating, drinking and playing, but cranky....More
Posted by bookum
Reply: HELP! My Dog wont eat unless he mates
Wiener dogs can be really stubborn, and it sounds like he's figured out he can get away with his behavior....More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: homeopathic stool softener ?
A stool softener isn't going to soften rawhide, it would only soften normal stool. Homeopathic remedies will...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Puppy eating grasshoppers
Grasshoppers aren't likely to cause the diarrhea and vomiting... as far as why he eats them, it's because...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dog screams at night... PLEASE READ!
I have an 8 year old Male Maltese who is doing the same thing while sleeping. He has done it during the day...More
Posted by spot42251
Small amount of blood in diarrhea - stress related...
My pomeranian has diarrhea with tiny drops of blood in it. It started last night around 11 pm, and since then...More
Posted by An_259903
Hair loss related to laflunamide in dogs?
Our 9 yr old Ridgeback was put on Laflunamide in July for lumbar stenosis and for the past 3 weeks has been...More
Posted by An_259883
Reply: My Boston Terrier is yelping in pain and I have no...
My 12yo boston started this about 10 days ago. He never barks so this yelping was very unnerving. we took...More
Posted by undefined
17 yr old cat runs away from her soft food
I have along white haired cat.she talks plays.she wasa big cat.with in 3 weeks she looks like a kitten.she...More
Posted by linniegirl
Reply: Its been over 4 months without Expert Comments
Hi An_259721, I was thinking the same thing lately. I know how busy vets, and particularly specialists,...More
Posted by srstephanie
Toy Mix with Terminal Disease No Longer Affectiona...
My 2 y/o rescue dog Frodo has neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL), known in humans as Batten Disease....More
Posted by eowynbisonjoy
apple cider vinegar for smelly pet urine
I'm using apple cider vinegar. It really works in getting rid of the spirit of ammonia left in their beds.
Posted by milessmith
Reply: Problem with my cats eye
Have you consulted your vet yet?
Posted by milessmith
Includes Expert Content
Reply: My cat constantly pees on my bed! HELP!
I have a cat that started this and she goes thru spurts. However I was talking to someone and she told me to...More
Posted by jahouston
My dog keeps pooping in the house even after we ju...
We have adopted a beautiful black lab German Sheppard mix. He is house broken so we were told but for the...More
Posted by careabooaby
Reply: Cat sitting with tail raised
I agree, he is an older cat and should see the vet. Cats need to eliminate.
Posted by An_259721
Reply: Sick cat?
Please get vet care, its worth the cost and your pet deserves it. I wish you and your kitty well.
Posted by An_259721
Reply: I don't think the medication is helping
I wish you the best, I've had a sick cat and know how heart wrenching it can be. I spent a lot on my cat and...More
Posted by An_259721
Reply: Cats ear discharge
I know it will cost more money but it sounds like you need a different vet. I've had a sick pet so I know how...More
Posted by An_259721
Reply: feline uterine cyst/tumor
Hi, I'm so sorry for your pets diagnosis and prognosis. Please don't let her suffer, if she won't get better...More
Posted by An_259721
Pet Put Down for Behavioral Reasons
I put my cat down for behavioral problems and she was otherwise healthy (age 10). I gave her the best vet...More
Posted by An_259721
Are the treats, "Greenies" good or bad for cats? I found a blog where a lot of people wrote in about their bets...More
Posted by tammilu
Baobab Fruit for Dogs?
I have an all natural dried fruit mix of pomegrante, baobab, apples, and mango, wondering if any of these are...More
Posted by An_259678
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dog episodes of uncontrolled licking and gulping
Hi, I have been to several different vets over the years - I have adopted 3 beagles in the last 12...More
Posted by dawnmariedillon
Reply: Help! I don't know what to do!
I'd consult with your vet. There are anti-anxiety medicines that they can recommend. More
Posted by ccol4him
Reply: 13yr-old-mix-Beagle,,stays-in-front-of-air-conditi...
I wonder if she's feeling feverish? Is she eating and drinking normally?
Posted by rohvannyn
Fearful Jack Russel
I have an 8 year old Jack Russell and over the past couple of months she has become increasingly fearful and...More
Posted by An_259658
3 1/2 year old German Collie mix yelping every tim...
We have an almost 4 year old german collie mix who has all the sudden started yelping every time he wakes...More
Posted by germancollie
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dog double swallowing fits, licking floor anxiousl...
Hey guys... My Dog, a mixed Rottweiler x another heinz (of some other strange mix .. a real 57) and thanks...More
Posted by aaronhussain


Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM, is a small animal internal medicine consultant for Phoenix Central Laboratory, an independent veterinary diagnostic laborat...More

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Excellent website for information on parasites in dogs and catsExpert
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