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What's Happening Now

Mysterious Due Date
This is my first pregnancy. According to my period app (ya it's sad I wouldn't have a clue without an app..)...More
Posted by An_264191
How do you deal with uncomfortable body changes?
Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or awesome advice (or any advice at all ) on how to deal with the...More
Posted by atti_editor
How to get pregnant after miscarriage
Miscarriage is the worst thing for women who want to get pregnant. Some women who have got miscarriage always...More
Posted by An_262631
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Reply: High heels cause miscarriage?
Um, you do realize this post is at least 6 years old? I'm pretty sure the OP has had the baby by now.
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: pregnant motorcycle passenger
Um, you do realize you're responding to a post that's at least 5 years old? I'm pretty sure the baby has...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Sun Tanning
I know of a floatie you can tan your back with. Being in the water would keep...More
Posted by alyssadork
Reply: Help !
I don't know if it is an early sign of labor or not. I am currently 37 weeks and 2 days, and have been...More
Posted by nreyn3
Reply: Days left? Let the count down begin
37 weeks 1 day. As of Tuesday I was still only dilated to a 1, 70% effaced, and a -2 station. I've started...More
Posted by nreyn3
Reply: Pregnancy belly support belt
We understand how difficult it is to find a best suitable maternity cloths for different stages of pregnancy and...More
Posted by frmumb
Reply: Hello?
My doctor said he won't let me go past 39 weeks, due to the babies size. IDK if he plans on doing another growth...More
Posted by nreyn3
Reply: vomiting, loose stool, and just
I'd definitely call.
Posted by nreyn3
vomiting, loose stool, and just
So im 35 weeks along....and about 24 hours ago I started having diarrhea, and have been vomiting for the...More
Posted by An_263042
Reply: sales this week
CVS has a better deal this week! Spend $30 on Huggies diapers and wipes get $10 CVS bucks back. Go to their...More
Posted by dueanyday
Reply: blood blisters around vagina?
Familyof42010 hope you are still on here. I also had warts removed 12 years ago and delivered a baby...More
Posted by An_262534
Reply: Work from home jobs??
Can anyone suggest me some more ideas to start business from home? All the related ideas would be...More
Posted by alexbrown
With my DD I had a clear jelly looking clump, could of had a white tint to it, but I wasn't about to get it out...More
Posted by nreyn3
Reply: 8 Months pregnant, extreme fear of needles
Its absolutely normal to be anxious about the labor but the more you think about it the more it will get you....More
Posted by An_262398
Reply: Hemorrhoids (yuck I know)
I am 33weeks and am also having the same issues. I even bleed when i use the bathroom. I use the moist wipes...More
Posted by An_262388
Ingested chemicals accidentally
We have a new refrigerator and the water filter is Evidentially not working properly , I've been...More
Posted by portlandmom2015
Reply: Screaming and yelling third trimester
Uhm...outside of a possibility of raised cortisol levels (from the stress) I'm not sure I see how yelling or...More
Posted by aureola
Hi, I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant now. Last month I got a bad cold and I couldn't sleep well at...More
Posted by An_261902
Reply: So grumpy!!!
I am 34 weeks pregnant and feeling very grumpy also. I actually goggled grumpy and pregnant this morning for...More
Posted by isotero
Reply: Enlarged spleen, kidney stones...
I currently have the same problem with the spleen ? What was your outcome ??
Posted by sararivera
Numbness and tingly in my legs after intercourse
After having intercourse my legs and butt go tingly and then numb. I thought maybe it was just my baby and...More
Posted by An_261534
How does Sustane VT 200mg tablets and Pregsave Inj...
Hi am now 27th week pregnant. my doctor suggested to take Sustane Vt 200mg Tablets abd Pregsave Injections...More
Posted by An_261419
Had c section for first baby, must C section again...
8 years ago, i had c section for my first baby as she was breached. Now my second baby is coming and i am 37...More
Posted by An_261287
Reply: Dehydration
One of my friends is in her third trimester of pregnancy right now and she had a really tough time coping with...More
Posted by ananyaw
My cervix can be seen right at the opening of my v...
I am 38 weeks 2 days and my cervix is very low and can be seen at the opening of my vagina. All of the...More
Posted by shelvme4e
sensitive pain
I was having some sensitive pain on the right side of my belly button, so I decided to look up information on...More
Posted by love713
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39 weeks and a day with #4 in a row.....
have been in early labor for over a week. the hospital keeps sending me home because I am showing no...More
Posted by concernedmommyx3

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