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It's been suggested that we leave a space between the start of a post and the triggering part.

Write something innocuous in the first line. then leave some spaces between in and the subject matter. this should take care of accidentally triggering someone.

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What's Happening Now

Reply: ummmm hello!
welcome to the board. the key to beating this is to find a coping skill that will replace the sh. sh keeps...More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: weak
No it doesn't. you are looking for a way to cope. And as SK said: trying really hard to survive.It took...More
with love and fulljoy
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: Am I self-harming? Do I need a psychiatrist?
I'd really look for professional help! I'm so sorry to hear about your mental health struggles—I...More
Posted by sandysmith537
Reply: Self Harm
Of course! Happy to help! You did not do anything criminally, so I'd say no. I was actually placed with my...More
with love and fulljoy
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: Suicide as life avoidance - Help with re-framing t...
I know it was a year ago, but I wonder how you have got on. I have been struggling with similar thoughts for...More
Posted by dave2711
Reply: blackouts and self harm/ cutting
Yes, as SK said. I've learned to try and think back to what may have triggered the behavior. Keeping a...More
with love and fulljoy
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: feet
It could be a lot of things. If your feet are red or maybe a little scaly, I might suspect a fungal...More
Posted by Anon_134193
Reply: Question about Doctor/Minor Patient Confidentialit...
I have no clue what the doctor/patient confidentiality stuff would do about that in a minor. you might check...More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: (Trigger) Am I Self Harming?
how i hope all will be better for you. keep us updated when you can.
Posted by demissio
Reply: also...
welcome to the board.
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: question
sorry but they did away with the chat rooms a long time ago. there is probably a drug addiction community...More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: Been away and Thinking of ya'll
Hugs to you both. Wish things didn't change on here. Miss everyone.
Posted by lostkate
Reply: Helpful, calming alternative
please recommend some calming songs/albums/music and where to get them. so much appreciation for your taking...More
Posted by An_261010
Reply: Scared of myself
Please discuss this with a therapist. They know how to heal us emotionally. Blessings to youMore
Posted by An_261010
Reply: trigger. it only hurts me - i don t tell
Hello dear, I hope you are doing well. Please consider therapy. It really helps. The darkness may be...More
Posted by An_261010
Reply: Broke down but burned the bridge! (trigger)
Hi dear, I read your post and feel so happy that you broke up with this manipulative abuser. This is no small...More
Posted by An_261010
Reply: Tired
welcome to the board. sorry things are so rough right now. what are you on meds for? meds won't stop the sh....More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: otw if you are out,there
aw yes! your pics were stunning! Hope all is well with you both!
with love and fulljoy
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: What foods can help reduce the risk of cancer?
Hi slik_kitty, thanks for reply. In addition to your advice, I found this post very helpful, you could...More
Posted by lisacolnett
Reply: Self Injury Symptoms in a 14-month old child
that is something you should bring up with your pediatrician. the only treatment for self injury is therapy....More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: staphylococcal sepsis
TRIGGER...TRIGGER...TRIGGER... Vietvet, I am sorry for your loss. This may not be the proper forum, but I...More
Posted by nightflier
Reply: burning chest
go see your doctor.
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: Slik_Kitty
so cool. nice to meet another tiger.
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: Helping A Friend
sk said it best. he is very lucky to have such a good friend.
with love and fulljoy
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: SI or food?
sounds like changing the pattern isn't working. you need to deal with the issues that make you si and eat...More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: chat rooms
thanks sk! it's a challenge but one Im determined to accept. but I did find myself picking at scabs last...More
with love and fulljoy
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: arrggg
these are small battles of a larger war. you might have "lost" this one, but you recognized your mistep and...More
with love and fulljoy
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: I love.....
love my family and friends, myself (on mose days! in progress), rugby (hence my nickname) and dark...More
with love and fulljoy
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: a safe place
find a smooth stone, or something small that you can roll around in one hand. then, when you feel like...More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: looking for a safe place
I'm so torn being here...a part of me wants to delve in and a part is still unsure. How long have you been...More
Posted by mysafeplace

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Another crazy cold weather loving Canuck who has been hanging around for awhile. I am a medical radiation technologist in radiography and soon Magneti...More

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