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Reply: it DOES get better
thank you. There were many obsticals, but i got through it.
Posted by sesheese93
Reply: abuse and sexual abuse
it's entirely possible.
Posted by slik_kitty
abuse and sexual abuse
do children that experience SA also experience physical abuse from the abuser?
Posted by An_258062
Reply: Wednesday welcome - triggery
Posted by An_254311
Reply: Hello
nice to see you. it has been quiet around here lately. hopefully more people will pipe up.
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: Demanding
you say you've been to the er, but do you have a therapist or psychiatrist? this is something that can't be...More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: Please Help: Repressed Memory
^ i agree with SK. "your brain brings these to the surface when it believes you are strong enough to...More
Posted by rugger1369
Why Lying Broken...
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: A lil Perspective
that's nice. thanks. there is always something to be thankful for.
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: caprice/m onia
last night i learned a lot. i learned that caprice is gone and monia is living her life. for what ever your name...More
Posted by dem03
Reply: Don't get it
I don't think he's pleased when someone enforces his law.Whatever the deal is you shouldn't take something...More
Posted by An_252962
Reply: What's going on?
thank you speak2me4real
Posted by dem03
Reply: Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year
The same to you all
Posted by soulkeepers
Reply: 21 Tips to Keep Your S*** Together When You’re D...
my pleasure! glad you got a chance to read it. hope your holidays were warm and filled with loved. (hugs)
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: Holidays/Thinking.......
you were all in my thoughts (i escaped to florida cuz I couldnt handle being home) thank you for yours too....More
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: I'm Back
I know this wouldn't get any hits but that's not motivates me here.Since I'm not clear about what it is...More
Posted by speak2me4real
Reply: Its a shame....may TRIGGER idk...
Fairly new to this board too...and I am confused about it as well. But there's no use in trying to...More
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: Gratitude thread
1. I am grateful for good friends. 2. I am grateful for the opportunity to have vacation days (first time!)...More
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: What are your expect from this board?
The short take: After 45 years of hell, I was on the verge of giving in and giving up life. Alone...More
Posted by mandybutterflykiss
Reply: Giving
bump. oh dear one. Sorry no one replied to this. Allow me to right that wrong. 1. your friendship, because...More
Posted by An_254311
They think someone's life is something to mes over then turn around and laugh about it.I think they...More
Posted by speak2me4real
Oops, did it again...
I didn't take my own advice and replied to some posts. **Bangs head against wall** Maybe this time I have...More
Every day begins with an act of courage and hope: Getting out of bed. - Mason Cooley

Posted by tnmist
Reply: Just Talking
Gettoknowme, Sorry to here that it has been a struggle lately and hope things get better for you and...More
Posted by speak2me4real
Reply: Need Advise Please TRIGGER
(((gentle hugs if okay))) I'm glad that you have your brother and his wife at least that can help you as...More
Where there is shadow, there is light.
Posted by bluerose90
this is to speak2me4real
understand what you were doing, but us time to let this go. this is not getting anywhere. the little cry babies...More
Posted by bad12
Reply: I Need To Know
contained to what? the fact the are ones here that are not grown up enough to admit that are wrong too
Posted by bad12
Reply: OK
right and now they are bestfriends too
Posted by An_253879
Reply: HH
happy halloween!
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: Are ya there?
If it was important to speak about things then and they give a damn,what makes you think it matters...More
Posted by An_253879
Reply: LLT, Paja, others?
Hi. I sent you a reply on the other board.
We must be the change we wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Ghandi
Posted by lovely_lemon_tree

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My 6 yr. old daughter was sexually abused by her father on a week-end visitation, shortly after we separated and I filed for divorce. After she told m...More

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