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Skin Care Tips And Basic Skin Care Regimen
You'll find eitherEco Power been medical power been a pro quo paradigm well guess what in the recent past...More
Posted by maryamanda271
I want to introduce this doctor who cured me and save me out of the sickness of HIV, With miraculous...More
Posted by An_262731
Do you want to enhance your brain performnace
I realize that is mend themselves either with or without you know after customary there P medications...More
Posted by lindadurant984
ETS. Has someone done this surgery?
Hi I am looking to know if someone has done this surgery and has succeeded. Would appreciate some reviews about...More
Posted by janecar
Red bumps on tops of feet and backs of hands not f...
I just visited a friend in East Texas and walked in her weedy pasture with shoes, socks and long pants. She had...More
Posted by ann3pas
Get Your Glowiest, Most Radiant Skin Ever
You do you want to go there I charade and light weight bearing a deal but a little bit more glamorous in...More
Posted by ericasuggs38
Uncontrollable itch
I moved into this new apartment 1 1/2 ago and every since then i have hhad this out of control itch to...More
Posted by bettyboop121959
Itchy spot on arm, could it be skin cancer?
I have a spot on my upper left arm that itches throughout the day. Skin feels smooth where it itches but...More
Posted by An_263101
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Mystery Red and Itchy Skin with Raised Welts
Thank You, Your response is AweSoMe!! I really appreciate your story. thanks for sharing. Now I can...More
Posted by lucijohnson83
Ingrown hair.. I think?
Ablut five days ago I was getting into shower I noticed some blood coming from under/on my breast. When I...More
Posted by An_263082
pimple, mole, or something else?
I'm 23 years old. For as long as I can remember I've had this pimple or a mole on my neck above my collar...More
Posted by An_263053
Hello Doctor. I received unprotected oral sex recently from 3 dodgy women. Maybe 4 or 5 sexual encounters...More
Posted by dbaoreilly
Reply: Pulled something out of my arm?
I think that the best thing to do would be to bring this to your doctor for evaluation. He/She may have...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Skin rash for over 1 year
I think is it gout or something with my liver. I tend to drink more and more due to stress at work. I've tried...More
Posted by jaychina
Reply: Help. . .small bumps on hands!
This may be the condition. More
Posted by vanpeltjr
Morgellons sufferers blatently abused
The same WebMD site that puts out an article that people are whatever gender "they feel they are", and "Study...More
Posted by An_262954
Reply: Strange red ring on my shin
Have you been bitten by a tick recently? Does the rash look like a bulls-eye? One sign of lyme disease...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: itchy welts that come and go
I have these exact same since may 5, 2015. boise, Idaho. comes at 9pm, bumps from behind knees up to my...More
Posted by asdfawefasdf
Reply: HELP! what kind of rash is this? please I am very ...
sorry here is the link to the picture More
Posted by An_262927
Reply: No See Ums
tiny (about a half inch or so) very think like hair but they sting and are more active in the evening. They are...More
Posted by mpasq
Morgellons Disease-New Research
I read with horror you insane description about Morgellons disease ! This is proof to me that WebMD should not be...More
Posted by mpasq
Reply: Dilated pore/acne scar
It may be best to speak with a dermatologist about what your best options may be. This information on ...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Embarrassing Question; Razor bumps or..?
Are you still experiencing these symptoms? We can't give a diagnosis or medical advice in the community,...More
Posted by atti_editor
Question about BCC wound post surgery
I had Moh`s surgery to remove 3 Bcc`s on my head - a large one on the forehead, and two on my scalp. All...More
Posted by bccpatient
uncontrollable itching
I had uncontrollable itching about 2 years ago. I had thyroid cancer and my doctor did another blood test and...More
Posted by dgagnon
Reply: Dry and Cracked Skin on Fingers. Several Years now...
Hi. I have the exact problem, though less chronic. It often flares up whenever I wash pots/pans -...More
Posted by laughing_lantana
Reply: Strange rash appeared on the bottom of my foot. An...
Thank you very much. I went to urgent care today. It is Pustular psoriasis. I was given 2 creams and...More
Posted by jesmonster
Could my rash delay my surgery?
Last year, I was diagnosed with dermatophytosis with perivascular lymphocytes. My medical record also...More
Posted by sullyinct15
Rash - Skin Irritation - Hives?
This is not for me but for someone else, 61 years old and this began about a week or 2 ago; has seen a doctor...More
Posted by An_262746
lichen simplex chronicus of lower lip
Diagnosed last year from chronic picking of lip due to precancerous lesions and surgery to remove them....More
Posted by ginann35

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Mohiba K Tareen, MD is a board certified dermatologist who has an innovative practice in Roseville, Minnesota. Tareen Dermatology ( www.TareenDermato...More

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Avoid drinking margaritas in the sun!Expert
One of the most common things that we see in the office in the summer and after winter vacations are burns from people having lime juice ... More
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