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Reply: Unable to work??
Yes, I worked in finance and wasn't able to work. I couldn't think straight, felt exhausted, confused, and...More
Posted by kingdave21
Reply: low TSH high FREE T4
Oh and I forgot to add that my antibodies were in the 2000's a couple months ago and my doctor mentioned...More
Posted by brittanym3
`does anyone ever experience symptoms of sleeplessness despite within range of tsh levels
Posted by An_261012
Reply: everyone with a thyroid problem should try them!
Hi I was diagnosed with Hyperactive thyroid in 2009 I couldn't get out of bed I was severely too sick...More
Posted by samiyaraun0207
Hypo, recently had a baby and no sex drive
Hello Everyone, A little background I was missed diagnosed with Thyroid cancer didn't find out til after...More
Posted by An_260982
hypo or hyper?
a new doc said today that my last test, on 3 Dec, showing [br>T3 71.60 range 81-178 ng/dL [br>T4 3.6...More
Posted by oldie28
Reply: 27 Year Old Diagnosed With Hypothyroidism 1.5 mont...
Well I've known I've had hypothyroidism basically my whole life (I'm 19) and I've been taking levothyroxine for...More
Posted by sbking1
Hypothyroidism and losing weight with tea drinks
So I have hypothyroidism and Ive been living with it for at least 10 years and it has always been hard for me...More
Posted by sbking1
My antibodies are high, normal tsh, low reverse t3. Anyone experience an enlarged spleen?
Posted by nic14120
For the past maybe four months I have been in and out ergent care with weird symptoms and nothing showing....More
Posted by gina9000

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Did u have a high tsh that eventually went back to normal without medication?
Hypothyroidism and polyunsaturated fats
Are polyunsaturated fats bad for those of us with hypothyroidism? I have been reading some stuff online about...More
Posted by An_260824
Reply: why decrease my meds
I came to the site looking for answers as to why my synthroid doses r being decreased also. Had Thyroid removed...More
Posted by nat54
Reply: High Free T4 and Low TSH
Thank you. My Dr prescribed me atenolol for my shaking and racing heart. I see him on Monday 1/5/15.
Posted by lisawt
Reply: Convinced I have had hyperthyroid or Graves for at...
The symptoms you describe sound like classic hyperthyroid. You mention TSH and T4 labs being normal. Its...More
Posted by bobby75703
Reply: Hypothyroidism and Seizures?
Very interesting.. I had my thyroid removed the weeks ago and I had a siezer. Never had one before.
Posted by hooters35
Hashimoto's and the Emergency Room please read ASA...
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis at 14-years old. I am now 25 and have gone untreated for over a...More
Posted by slf0889
Reply: Hypothyroidism Headache + Pressure
Ybird33 some of the tension in your face, jaw, occiput and upper body could be tight fascia. Fascia is soft...More
Posted by jgutman
Athyroidism survivors over the age of 45
HI All I was born in 1968. I was the 2nd case in NYHospital born w/ congenital athyroidism coupled w/...More
Posted by eleninyc1968
Reply: thyroid problem
I would follow up with the ENT, if for no other reason than to rule it out. After all the soreness could be...More
Posted by bobby75703
Prednisone and Levothyroxine
I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos hypothyroid. I have been on levothyroxine for over 4 years. Recently I...More
Posted by derameth
What is Anti-TPO?
I am 29 years old, female, was told in May 2013 I have an underactive thyroid and was put on levothyroxine. I...More
Posted by skyla2202
Reply: Reverse T3 ??
Yes they can. Mine were all normal and yet my T3 was elevated. I'm on a formulary Thyroid medication. More
Posted by sunybeeches
Hashimotos and Anxiety
I am 46 , female and have Hashimotos (Hypo). I am having anxiety problems on and off. Anyone else deal with...More
Posted by michelle45
Reply: How To Lose Fat With Hypothyroidism? Synthetic Thy...
Thank you soo much for this information, im going to go do a blood test asap and get these and other pieces of...More
Posted by rkumar91
Reply: New diagnosis
Thank you for your reply!! I like that analogy & it certainly gives me hope. It's nice having the...More
Posted by fitepileptic
throid cyst
my husband had thyroid cyst, had fine needle biopsy done and next day if started filling up again has this...More
Posted by tracy1971tm
Not sure what to do
I have been diagnosed with grave's disease- hyperthyroidism since February of this year, but I have not...More
Posted by An_259930
Reply: afraid my doc waited too long
Don't be afraid. I had the very same symptoms for a a few years myself, finally got a doctor that took me...More
Posted by twhite82
my doc. diagnosis @ this time i don't understand
I was diag. Over 10 yrs ago. They killed my thyroid gland with radiation pills. I haven't been the person I...More
Posted by kimburleigh
Reply: hashimotos tyroiditis
Until I had a doctor who tested my Free T 4 and Free T 3, I did not get the answer I needed. I also...More
Posted by healthknowledge1

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20 years old; female; college art student; aspiring art therapist. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's at age 16 after I had a year sans menstruatio...More

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Hashimoto's Patients Beware: Mood Disorders!
Hello all! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's four years ago and have been struggling with mood problems ever since. I was diagnosed with ... More
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