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Period for 14days and counting
Hello I'm 23 years old going on 14 days with a light period... I hate it, it's taking a toll on me and family...More
Posted by mari2717
Period for 14days and counting
Hello I'm 23 years old going on 14 days with a light period... I hate it, it's taking a toll on me and family...More
Posted by mari2717
Abnormal vaginal bleeding
I've been bleeding for almost a month. According to my Obgyn, it's because of a fibroid that continues to...More
Posted by An_257426
vaginal bleeding
women of age 45 years old is having dysfunctional bleeding for about 2 months now. she went for the checkup...More
Posted by An_257419
Lower Back Pain and Increased Vaginal Discharge pu...
At a certain age, women begin to get a lot of diseases, such as lower back pain and increased vaginal...More
Posted by dudududu
Desperate for answers.
I've had my period for a year. Yes, you read that right: I have had. my period. for. a year. I go...More
Posted by forensicfemme
Something Is Wrong but I don't know what it is ple...
Ok everyone. Couple of mouths again I starting bleeding I was thinking it was period but I don't think it...More
Posted by An_256019
a month of bleeding , full of pain , and i just go...
I have been bleeding for a month now . I am starting to bruise all over my body . Arms , legs , hips ......More
Posted by anderea
Depo Shot and Period????
When I moved in with my fiance I decided to take birth control and I chose to go with the depo shot (one shot...More
Posted by kns891
This period is ridiculous!!!
Glad to see I'm not alone!! My whole cycle has been out of whack since Oxtober 2012 when Hurricane Sandy...More
Posted by karebear6981
Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
Has anyone noticed a link between having their blood drawn and then a few days later experienced vaginal...More
Posted by An_255096
On my period for almost a month!!
I am 40 yrs old and I've been on my period for almost a month now.. It's not a heavy flow it's mostly just...More
Posted by An_254815
spotting after period
It has been a few day since I was on my period. Everytime I wipe I am having light pink spots of blood. Im...More
Posted by ambijqueen1
what should I do
I'm 28 years old with 4kids an my tubes are tide an had my period already an 10 days later every time I wipe...More
Posted by An_254542
Bleed for half hour after hard workout 3 weeks bef...
18 years old and I am sexually active, last time I had sex was 3 days before the occurrence. It was protected...More
Posted by An_253737
Strange light bleeding lasting over 1 week
I have had this before, before and after my period, a few times in my life. I found that certain B vitamins...More
Posted by An_253690

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An End to this Madness?
I am hoping some out there can relate and hopefully share stories of their recoveries from this bleeding/poor...More
Posted by cc1234
Bleeding for over two months
I am 35 years old. In February of 2013 I lost twin daughters at five months of pregnancy. I had normal periods...More
Posted by jaxmom12
Period every 11 days TTC pls help
Hi I get a period nearly every 10 to 11 days and I'm TTC so can't work out when I ovulate please can...More
Posted by Rachelxxw21
What's happening to me?!
Ok. So I'm having some questionable thoughts. I've been on birth control for a few years now. And recently...More
Posted by KeriWill88
Vaginal Burning
Ok!!! I know this threaf isn't about my particular topic/question... But it is about vaginal health: I...More
Posted by An_252697
Stop the bleeding!
I have had my period now for about a month and a half if not longer. Im on on the Depo shot. I know there...More
Posted by nasmia02050
Dark Brown Spotting Replacing Period
I'm 19, 5'3'', and 130 lbs. I have almost always had normal periods that happen like clockwork, I say almost...More
Posted by averyb123
Unusually long period with brown discharge
I am 28. 5'2 and 150 lb. I have 3 kids and my tubes tied. My periods have been regular for years, in between...More
Posted by Mrsjstone
Bleeding during intercourse
I'm new here and have an appointment booked with my family doctor this Monday the 27th. Just wondering what...More
Posted by An_252015
Ive been on depo for about a month,ive alwayed used depo as birthcontrol but this time is different..the day i...More
Posted by AA1881
short period and spotting with cramps
On feb 16th i had intercourse and there was small possibility of an 'accident'. i was expecting my period on...More
Posted by ecove
Early period that's going on 10 days.
I started bleeding a week before my period and it has been going on for 10 days now. It's like heavy...More
Posted by Renee814
Constant vaginal bleeding for a month
HI, I had unprotected sex with my partner in the 2nd week of jan. Within 12 hours i took an emergency...More
Posted by An_250391
Help! what is in my uterus?
Hi, I have had 4 previous pregnancies. I have children aged 10, 8, 4 and 2. With my second I tested negative...More
Posted by Jasmine34

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Im 17 years old and ive had my period for 18 days know and its the first time that it has happend i need help im scared :( :'(

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