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Abnormal spotting and bleeding.
Ok, this is kinda long. I have prediabeties, and irregular menses. In Jan, I started Clomid, and took it until...More
Posted by juststop
ive been bleeding for a month
im 21 and have never really had a regular period, i would skip a month or would have it but for no more than...More
Posted by arwilson89
Periods while on depo
I got my first depo shot nov 1 and I started my period nov 18 which was just spotting and the 19th was...More
Posted by armympsmom
I've had my period for 6 months after baby and get...
After I had my son,. I went in for my 6 week check-up and was put on Implanon. I'm very fond of it because I...More
Posted by Rachel_321
HSV 2 + bleeding
I just found out that I have Genital Herpes 2. And its been 5 days since I first had my outbreak. The past...More
Posted by An_191370
Very Short Period
I have always been very regular (they always seem to come at the same time and always last 5 days) however...More
Posted by MrsM2010
Just started my cycle 3 days ago and endent my las...
I ended my last cycle about 2 weeks ago and started another one 3 days ago. This is very abnormal for me....More
Posted by iamqueenb
found a large round lump in vagina after a session...
I am 50 and have had the occiassional long heavy periods as well as ultrasounds, course of birth control...More
Posted by lovemylifenow
Two weeks. On pill
Ive been taking the pill for about 5 years now. It seems to regulate my period pretty well. Every now and...More
Posted by xnevergiveinx
What is normal monthly bleeding?
I've always thought my periods were normally bleeding but I watched a tv program the other night on...More
Posted by pizzacakes17
Skipping Period every other month what to do?
I am twenty five years old. I am about sixty pounds overweight. I have progressively gained weight since I...More
Posted by sky_ler86
Pregnant? Or just having a weird cycle
I recently had a period that started on 9/28 and ended on 10/4. Yesterdat I started light bleeding and today...More
Posted by An_191369
I have small amounts of vaginal bleeding almost mo...
I had my uterus removed in 2000. Ever since then, I have had "mini periods" almost monthly. Is this...More
Posted by debbiedoo94
Bleeding twice during the same period (in 1 week)
Hi, I have seen this posted before by another member and it has happened to me for a few months now: I will...More
Posted by CelticAnne
Changing periods
Hi I have been noticing periods are moving ahead by one week every month, does that mean anything? They are...More
Posted by kymgreen29
thought it was menopause
I am 51 and I have not had a period for 19 months until last month.Then I did for only 2 1/2 days like I...More
Posted by saleha77
3 periods, each about a week apart.
This is the first time I've had multiple periods, I was concerned at first because my breasts stayed sore...More
Posted by slckimster
Bleeding after exersicing
Ok I just started exersicing and now I am bleeding, just wondering if this is normal, it's not a regular...More
Posted by An_191368
missed period
I have missed 2 periods and have taken 2 home pregnancy test both showed negative the I just started what...More
Posted by angelfire_04

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after reading this should i get a second opinion or trust my dr. and jst relaxe everything is fine
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Two periods in one month
I have been on my birth control for going on about 6 months now and I have never had any problems before now....More
Posted by An_191366
vaginal bleeding during sex
during sex i experience vaginal bleeding. im not menstruating nor having rough sex.
Posted by An_191365
sporadic bleeding
For the past year my periods have been regular but when they come I will bleed for three days stop for two...More
Posted by An_191364
Used plan b... had period last week, again this we...
I used Plan B on Aug 2nd, I got my period on August 13th, it was heavy and lasted the normal length of time....More
Posted by An_191363
Abnormal bleeding for 8 weeks - Need advice
I started having abnormal bleeding around July 1st. I had a normal period in April, but skipped May &...More
Posted by floridagirl38
I ended my period 2-4 days ago. The flow was pretty normal except it was brown and spotting for the first 2-3...More
Posted by An_191362
Slight concern
Just got a call from my dr telling me my pap came back normal, but with some endometrial cells on the pap. He...More
Posted by msoy1
am freaking out!2 months of being on ortho evra and today i started,i put in a tampon.i started...More
Posted by ccluvpnk
Abnormal vaginal bleeding
My mother is 80 years and is experiencing some abnormal vaginal bleeding. We are wondering if anyone has any...More
Posted by An_191361
Sudden Bleeding
I'm on Apri and I suddenly started bleeding heavly. Yesterday I woke up with bloody underwear and the...More
Posted by Laura0711
Accupuncture and period
I've not had a period in several years, I started accupuncture for a shoulder issue and started what I would...More
Posted by ord2srq

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Im 17 years old and ive had my period for 18 days know and its the first time that it has happend i need help im scared :( :'(

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