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4 Anti Acne Recipes
For different age groups, acne is a challenging condition to treat. Some all natural remedies have the...More
Posted by sfonseka
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Reply: Acne Home Remedies
Here are some more helpful options 1. lemon 2. Tea Tree Oil 3 Garlic Here is one more link to find more ...More
Posted by aliarag
Reply: Anyone happen to know what's wrong with me...?
I dunno... I'm just hoping that maybe someone who overcame something similar to this could give me some...More
Posted by scoobidoobidoo
10 Tips
Ten Tips For Getting Rid of Your Acne
Posted by rosegood
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acne and the pill
Hello, I am currently on the progesterone only pill called cezerette, I am not allowed on the combined pill...More
Posted by An_261739
A Guide to Natural Skin Care Products
Choosing the Right Skin Care for You I always say I like to save my money for the Anti Age is that I...More
Posted by ixolate33
Clear up Acne Naturally
Visit More
Posted by tangie184
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Cell Phone and Acne?
Learn how your cell phone can be contributing to your acne problem. Visit ...More
Posted by An_261409
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Holidays for good health
Holidays can be good for health! Resorts near Delhi for weekend Weekend getaways Hill stations...More
Posted by arpitasingh
Travel for healthy life and body
Travel on holidays can be helpful for health and life of a person. It will provide benefit to whole body...More
Posted by arpitasingh
Finding the right acne treatment
I am suffering from acne on my face and on my back and was wondering if anyone had tried powderma or bare...More
Posted by jjpenny
Acne Treatment Guide
This site was able to provide me with a lot of great information on acne treatments. There was even one or two...More
Posted by jjpenny
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Natural Remedy
Theres an all natural power strip. Its an adhesive that you apply to your face. You will see a...More
Posted by naturalacneremedy
important info on acne treatment
this article present on the url given above is a great experience of my life on acne treatment
Posted by quicksmart
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Beauty 15 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Blackhead...
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Reply: At a loss
It has been my problem too, it keeps on coming back. Have tried a lot of medicines, and spent quite a lot...More
Posted by An_260390
Get Rid of Acne Forever in 7 Days
In order for you to get rid of acne forever, 1. You must learn what the cause of your acne is and how to...More
Posted by sfonseka
Best therapy for dipression
Depression is a common in all. Every body have depression because of work and lifestyle! Best solution is...More
Posted by An_259967
acne scar recovery
The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that around 47% of the world's adult population will have...More
Posted by dermecure
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Mask for Acne and Pimples
There are many good skin care masks to treat acne/pimples. However i've specifically tried few and shared in...More
Posted by nikkystyle
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Acne at home Treatment
I have been struggling with acne for about six years now. I have used Name Brand products, and nothing...More
Posted by sesheese93
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Scar Formula
Panax ginseng promotes and improves wound healing helps with scars and has been shown in laboratory tests...More
Posted by An_259742
Is holiday good for health
This is one of the best site for medical information. Resorts More
Posted by renusingh3344
Nutrition Sheela Seharawat
With the support and efforts of team " DIET CLINIC" along with the well wishes of our precious Clients....More
Posted by arpitasingh
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Slimming food in snacking
t's a routine homeowners know they're supposed to perform twice a year. But when one of those times for...More
Posted by arpitasingh
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Weight loss tips for fat people
Nowadays there are plenty of quick fix solutions available in the form of pills, diets, and equipment that...More
Posted by arpitasingh
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Honey as a Face Cleanser
When I started washing with honey, I was sporting a pair of my trademark red, itchy spectacles as well as a...More
Posted by sfonseka
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Helpful Solution for Acne or anyone that is a "pic...
Ever since my younger sister graduated high school (she is 27 now) she has had serious issues with acne. and...More
Posted by mickeyloo
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A new way to prevent pimples and acne - with acne ...
The good news is that there are ways to prevent pimples and acne treatments made from camel milk are...More
Posted by jenifferhomes
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Reply: Best body acne treatments? More
Posted by jenifferhomes

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I'm Deasia Johnathan, I'm from Florida. My personal goals are to be happy, healthy and to be surrounded by loved ones. I'm the owner of h...More

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Avoid Alcohol
Avoid rubbing alcohol or alcohol-based astringents and toners, even if you have oily skin. This can irritate skin and make acne worse. More
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