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Reply: Healthy Aging correlation with Telomere length
I wondered the same thing. But given the hype and sites that are all of questionable motivation, and the fact...More
Posted by normg
NEW STUDY SEEKING PEOPLE WITH TYPE 2 DIABETES AND HEART DISEASE To establish the efficacy and safety of a...More
Posted by Accelovance
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After Menapause Bleeding
Since I have been through menapause, I have noticed that I have a little light pink in my discharge, should I...More
Posted by An_244197
Reply: Spotting for 8 days now
Please check out the link below. It has valuable information on your condition. ...More
Posted by seekingimmortality
Medical Alert Systems
A Medical Alert System is a unit with a portable emergency button which connects remotely to a base...More
Posted by MaryAlbert

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Hearing Aids
Hearing services are an important part to quality of life and lifestyle. For people concerned about how...More
Posted by stevenmhirsch
Reply: work related.....
Thanks, I am back at work......gained a few pounds back! But I'm glad to be able to get up and move around...More
Posted by leo568
Reply: Dwindling down...
Hi Linda, We are still trying to get estimates - I think the plan is that they will move in once we get the...More
Posted by MandyL1953
Reply: Hello..
We an absolutely gorgeous day today. We went with our daughter and her family to a Scottish Festival in a...More
Posted by MandyL1953
Great vacation!
Good morning! I am at my desk at home now! I am thanking myself for doing at least some of the wii exercise that...More
Posted by leo568
Reply: everyone's busy!
Thanks Lois! I just handed my house keys over to my son. We better go now!! lol Had an exciting last day at...More
Posted by leo568
Reply: Laugh for day......
Have you used the double screen on W-7? A staff at work showed me how to put them up and then I could work on...More
Posted by leo568
Reply: All day adventue!
Oh boy - you did have a fun day! Good for you having a spare key. My husband has one, but I don't carry a...More
Posted by MandyL1953
Reply: Have a good week
Hi Linda--The cake was homemade (made by the gal whose house we were at). It looked like a lot of...More
Posted by rustler66
Reply: Here we go again...
Good evening to everyone! I think we get on the board when we can and have to do what we can. Good to hear...More
Posted by leo568
Reply: Hello Everyone.....
Hi Phillis, Glad you have your new computer. I hope the rain doesn't do too much damage. This has certainly...More
Posted by MandyL1953
Reply: Hi Everyone
We had a great time. I thought at first we would be able to eat outside, but it got hotter in the afternoon....More
Posted by MandyL1953
Reply: Where did everyone go?
Oh, you know they thought they should make it new and improved...some things are good the way they are! Must...More
Posted by leo568
Reply: Good Day All Active Agers
Hi, Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Working, sleeping, exercizing! I see I have lost 10 lbs since I started!...More
Posted by leo568
Happy May
It's hard to believe how fast the sring is going. Af first it was very hot, but now it's settled down into a...More
Posted by MandyL1953
Reply: Where is everyone?
Hi Lois, I'm here! LOL. It was in the 80's here today and is supposed to be hotter tommorow, but then get...More
Posted by MandyL1953
Reply: diet debate
I did not cut done on the red meat only the fat content ( ie: 80% to 86% ) but then we are all different....More
Posted by OLEMAN1942
Reply: April showers.....
Hi All, It is back to normal temps just about for the Mid Atlantic. It was in the high 50's low 60's this...More
Posted by MandyL1953
Reply: Good morning...
Hi Phyllis-Lois, I did send yours and Lois' address. I sent the email to you guys too so the address is on...More
Posted by leo568
Reply: Happy Easter
I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Mandy, that must have been something to see all those colored eggs. Our...More
Posted by rustler66
Reply: CT Scans
I do remember seeing it. I'm not sure how many CT scans you have to have before you have the potential of...More
Posted by MandyL1953
Reply: beautiful weekend
Thanks - I sure will
Posted by MandyL1953
Reply: dark day....
Hi Linda, It got chilly here today. This past weekend was absolutely beautiful, but then the rain came and...More
Posted by MandyL1953
Most people truly believe that the current health care system is in a VERY bad situation and something has...More
Posted by Anthoxerzes
Following your doctor's orders
I recently had a traumatic fall and went the same day for x-rays and medical advice. I decided to follow the...More
Posted by An_191334
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Spotlight: Member Stories

Hi - I just wanted to get this exchange opened so that everyone that contributed to the previous active aging board would have a place to come. I am...More

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