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Reply: Adderall and tooth decay
As a 45 year old male with ADHD, I have asked my Dentist about this something. Since Adderall is similar to...More
Posted by centxbear
Parents of an Adult with ADHD
We are the parents of a 35 year old single mother with ADHD. She is recently divorced, going to lose her house,...More
Posted by ckynerd
Generic Adderall XR
Is there actually such a thing? I took Adderall XR for more than two years until around six months ago, when...More
Posted by davemo51

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Is there a true generic equivalent for Adderall XR?
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Reply: ADD and Phentermine
You should be able to find someone to prescribe it. Unless your skinny!
Posted by An_259138
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Reply: adult son with ADHD out of control!
the fact is the PD is a last resort situation only to be used to prevent injury to OTHERS, as there is always...More
Posted by _no_name_

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What more can I do?? I have no legal ability to act on his behalf, but he needs someone to make decisions on his behalf right now.
  • contact the Police Dept.
  • talk to a laywer
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excessive adhd diagnosis
going through this thread, there is one major commonality. The ages of those displaying this behavior. One...More
Posted by _no_name_
Blood Pressure Issue
Hi i was having high blood pressure (145/90) so I was taken off of my concerta. Ever since my life has...More
Posted by solvitesekai
Reply: How to stop taking Vyvanse in a gentle way
HI Jacv, I am so sorry you find yourself in such despair. It's aggravating, to say the least, that your...More
Posted by Gina Pera
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Reply: Vyvanse and its "come down"
How long did it take to come off the Vyvanse and what where the side effects. Do you have an alternative med for...More
Posted by jacv1
I was just diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder. My doctor prescribed me Stratera and...More
Posted by sabbygirl2010
Reply: Adult ADD and Prednisone
Ritalin doesn't produce an "energy boost." It's an entirely different medication than the steroids, including...More
Posted by Gina Pera
Tip about TICS
Research has showed that tics are caused by some vaccines. Your doctor will not tell you this. Do...More
Posted by thinkingmom1931
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Reply: throat problems
Thank you for your info. My father is home and gaining weight but only eating baby food. So our family makes...More
Posted by caroly59
Reply: Positive ADHD Attributes!
Great post! I actually have previous experience as a counselor. As an educator, I have observed some...More
Posted by vchatman1989
Reply: Coaching Kits
I have been working with children who are diagnosed with ADHD for several years. I believe that it is...More
Posted by vchatman1989
Reply: My first time posting... 6 ft from the edge
Thank you to both of you. I hope to take each day as it comes. But the toughest part is missing my wife... I...More
Posted by luvsfo
Men's ADD/ADHD Google Hangout Support Group
Hi, I was diagnosed with ADD about a year and a half ago. I am an entrepreneur who struck out on his own in...More
Posted by jameshahn2
Reply: Can I use ritalin? Sch, risk
I would ask the psychiatrist should you continue to use it or ask about you not taking it at all. When...More
Posted by vchatman1989
Reply: adhd
I strongly believe that you can ask a psychiatrist about modifying the medication to see if it works...More
Posted by vchatman1989
Reply: Support for People with an ADD spouse
Gina Pera's book would be a good read for you. I read it knowing that I have ADD and felt that it was...More
Posted by stephaniep73
Reply: Nailbiting and picking at skin
Hey Jessi..I think those habits are more in the ocd category. I know for a fact though, from personal...More
Posted by An_258708
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Reply: Child stealing underwear at home
If you figure out why this is happening and what to do about it, please fill me in! I found assorted...More
Posted by angelsexist
Reply: Concentration and finger picking help please
I didn't mean to submit this...
Posted by An_258601
In relation to stealing underwear
What would be considered an appropriate immediate response to discovering your son doing this? How has anyone...More
Posted by An_258433
Reply: Adderall issues
Great response, Dylan.
Posted by Gina Pera
Reply: Need your help regarding my son who is having ADH...
HI Rajendra, I am responding here, not via e-mail. If indeed your son has ADHD to a significant degree, it...More
Posted by Gina Pera
Reply: Will i be ok?
Notification of this post just arrived in my e-mail, though you posted it 11 hours ago. I hope that you are...More
Posted by Gina Pera
Reply: Adderall and tooth decay
Hi there, I'm sorry to hear of the extensive, expensive dental work. Having gone through some of that...More
Posted by Gina Pera
Reply: ADHD anger outbursts
I think it's really important for you to start learning what your triggers are, and to walk a way before you...More
Posted by An_257479
Reply: Adhd/BiPolar support/buddy group
Hi mehta1234, I'd also be interested in joining a support group, I havn't been diagnosed officially with ADHD,...More
Posted by rappsta6

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My foray into the field of ADHD began by chance. In 1999, I picked up a library book about the brain. And what I read changed my life and my husband&#...More

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