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Reply: Wetting Pants & Concerta
HI there, Definitely, physiological processes such as bladder control are affected by what's happening in...More
Adult ADHD Expert And Author
Posted by Gina Pera
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Reply: 28 male, trial run concerta er 18mg
I Can't Focus One Thing, Then I Move On To Another Activity. Sleeping Patterns Still The Same. I Do Keep...More
Posted by littledeer209
Reply: Adderall's side effects
No i didn't know what was happening back then, when I would not take it on the weekend, nothing would happen......More
Posted by coachjj
Reply: ADD/ADHD vitamins nutrients that are especially im...
Wow. Thank you. I have been looking for ways to control my ADHD, because it's becoming a bit hard for me to...More
Posted by hogsgirl92
Reply: Adult ADHD - Did you tell your boss about your ADH...
This article outlines some things to consider before telling your boss you have ADHD and how you may be...More
Posted by atti_editor

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How did revealing your ADHD go in your current or most recent job?
  • It didn't. I never told anyone.
  • I didn't tell anyone, but people guessed it.
  • I told my boss
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Reply: Add
Thought about running in through without the insurance. But, I didn't want to pay $93.00 in case I had a...More
Posted by favoriteaunt5
12 year old Son with ADHD & Bipolar with psychotic...
Hello all, my 12 year old step-son has A LOT of issues. His newest one is stealing mine and his older...More
Posted by garritsmommy
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Reply: lack of consistency
Consistency is key but have you thought of doing a diet change? My son was diagnosed with ADHD in the third...More
Posted by leeanny21
Lack of Consistency
Posted by An_259817

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Does 50/50 custody worsen ADD symptons?
App that helps a lot
One thing that helps a lot is an app called Calendar Event Reminder. I never forget a meeting now because my...More
Posted by billbloom
Reply: Hello everyone
Welcome kirty, Do you have a question or some helpful information to share? Gina PeraMore
Posted by Gina Pera
Reply: Adderoll
And, of course, a good physical exam and metabolic workup are important. And, as "funone" suggests, a Vitamin...More
Posted by Gina Pera
Reply: Trouble Sleeping and Waking up
These are all great topics of discussion. The power of the group! Melatonin: It's not for everyone. Not...More
Posted by Gina Pera
Reply: Improved ADD drugs
I was just prescribed what my doctor said is a relatively new drug called Vyvanse. I can't speak to its...More
Posted by hadleyct
Reply: Children/Teens with ADHD
The cause of ADD isn't fully understood yet, but there is definitely a genetic connection in a majority of...More
Posted by hadleyct

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I just want to know How does a child or teen get ADHD?
  • IDK
  • From Birth Problems
  • From Mother
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Reply: Swearing
That's great. Thank you. Jenny xxMore
Posted by jenevs
Reply: adhd
Finding a replacement behavior may be helpful and/or a fidget. Fidgets are a good distraction and can be...More
Posted by momuv4girls
New to meds, trouble sleeping
I have ADD and bipolar 2. I have recently started taking the most popular medications for both of these...More
Posted by robdor
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Reply: ADHD & pregnancy.. Help?
Hi Im not sure if you still check this post, but I am so happy to have found it. As you can see you are...More
Posted by 3warmwildeyes
Site Improvements
Hypothetically, how would you feel about providing some personal information about your health to...More
Dealing with Denial (not mine, oddly enough...)
I was diagnosed with the inattentive form of ADD recently. I am 23, and have been called "space case"...More
Posted by sunny907
Reply: Parents of an Adult with ADHD
Hello, Does your daughter currently have some sort of treatment plan for her ADHD -- medication,...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: vyvanse and excessive mucus
I have been on Vyvanse for about 2 years, and I noticed the problem a month or so after starting. It is...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Really mad
Hi Mom, This is really difficult, and I am sorry you have to fight this battle. Parenting is hard enough,...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: Adderall and tooth decay
As a 45 year old male with ADHD, I have asked my Dentist about this something. Since Adderall is similar to...More
Posted by centxbear
Generic Adderall XR
Is there actually such a thing? I took Adderall XR for more than two years until around six months ago, when...More
Posted by davemo51

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Is there a true generic equivalent for Adderall XR?
  • Yes
  • No
  • undecided/unknown
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Reply: ADD and Phentermine
You should be able to find someone to prescribe it. Unless your skinny!
Posted by An_259138
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Reply: adult son with ADHD out of control!
the fact is the PD is a last resort situation only to be used to prevent injury to OTHERS, as there is always...More
Posted by _no_name_

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What more can I do?? I have no legal ability to act on his behalf, but he needs someone to make decisions on his behalf right now.
  • contact the Police Dept.
  • talk to a laywer
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excessive adhd diagnosis
going through this thread, there is one major commonality. The ages of those displaying this behavior. One...More
Posted by _no_name_
Blood Pressure Issue
Hi i was having high blood pressure (145/90) so I was taken off of my concerta. Ever since my life has...More
Posted by solvitesekai

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My foray into the field of ADHD began by chance. In 1999, I picked up a library book about the brain. And what I read changed my life and my husband&#...More

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Focus on what is fixable
I'm a 41 yo mom of 4. When I feel like I can't get it all together with my house, I seek help of a caregiver who lives to organize instead ... More
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