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Reply: Dr. Quinn - Adult ADHD
Debbie I can answer that question for you with a simply "no." There is no such...More
Reply: ADHD and Energy Drinks
Energy drinks usually use varying amount of caffeine and sugar to boost energy...More
Reply: seeking information
The "ring of fire" is one of the types of ADHD that has been identified on SPECT...More
One of the BEST therapies for hyperactivity is EXERCISE. It has also been...More
Reply: Desperate
First, let me say that $400 (for a 2 hour appointment) is extremely reasonable...More
Reply: What should I do when I miss my period ?
Well by now you probably have your answer, but I thought I would encourage you...More
Reply: Intuniv and lisinopril with prozac
First, let me ask if you have had a formal diagnosis of ADHD by a trained...More
Reply: Am i suffering from ADHD?
The symptoms you describe many be due to many things and not necessarily ADHD....More
Reply: Started Adderall a week ago for the first time...
It often takes several weeks to find the most effective dose and schedule for...More
Reply: ADD and Phentermine
Your question is a valid one. Phentermine is a sympathomemitic amine and is ...More