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Joined: 06/25/2013
My Story:
Before adhd: Growing up without knowing I had severe inattentive type adhd, also an extreme empath making me hypersensitive to energy. Grew up in the sixties, married my high school girlfriend, an old soul who taught me much about eastern philosophy and meditation. Had 2 kids, a boy and a girl and struggled financially and with responsibility until 25, when my wife and I became financially stable, and I accepted responsibility. When I was 27 my wife was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, terminal, 6 mos. later in remission, 2 1/2 years later died after she had the remaining tumor removed. It took 2 years to recover from this, I turned to drugs and refused to function but having lost everything got into rehab, my AA degree, and resumed life raising my kids and working in software development. Studied and practiced tantric yoga, chelation healing and joined the theosophical society, meditating twice a day, and maintaining sobriety. REmarried and soon had an entirely different set of problems as my 2nd wife was rapid cycling bipolar, and unable to cope with life. Soon found myself overcome by depression, my wife moved to Tacoma Washington taking my kids from our marriage with her, 2 and 7, and soon lost everything, and became homeless.
After diagnosis of adhd
Was arrested for petty theft, did 6 mos in county jail, and directly into therapy when released. I had been diagnosed with inattentive type adhd in 1997 but never medicated for it, and had been on over 10 different types of medication since then, that had a seriously debilitating affect on me and resulted in my indigence. in 2002 I moved to Tacoma Washington to be nearer my kids, and was put on medication for a.d.h.d., Desoxyn, that turned my life around completely. I moved back down to Los Angeles to help my mom out who was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy, and was undergoing chemo. I began dating a woman who was a recovering heroin addict, she relapsed, and through a series of events and due to her addiction and the people we had become associated with, (I never did heroin and was sober through all of this, I ended up going to prison for a year and a half.
I never contacted this woman again, and am now free from probation and all restrictions , I take Adderall for my adhd, am receiving s.s.d.i., $1825 monthly with medicare part b going towards an HMO that offers a full range of medical benefits, am writing and doing whatever I enjoy at the moment, am SINGLE and visit my kids who have moved to Portland Oregon, and my younger kids in Seattle Washington every couple of months.
It took from 1997 when I was diagnosed with adhd until 2012 to become functional and to learn how to live with this condition, it is not something that can be taught and it requires a personal journey of self discovery that can only come from within. The end

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