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Reply: My 8 year old is having VERY scary spells on her 1...
I would have stopped the med right away, my son has started on adderal (now on 2...More
Posted by booberryjuice
Reply: Over weigh children
Hi i have a 10y/o who takes the trazadone in PM to sleep (for anxiety) but not the...More
Posted by booberryjuice
Help- worried about meds.
I just read that it is NOT good for you to take trazodone and prozac. How does anyone...More
Posted by booberryjuice

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Reply: Son with ADHD having problems
I would like to add a few ideas...Could you read 1-2 easy books at bedtime to get him...More
Posted by booberryjuice
Reply: Son with ADHD having problems
I have been told from what I believe to be a good behavioral doctor, that You should...More
Posted by booberryjuice
When SPD turns into OCD need help dealing
We started out , my son (10yrs.) (not born with ) sensory PD. and add/adhd/ Now we...More
Posted by booberryjuice
risperidone : nervous about it., b/c of tics? any...
We tried the lexapro and his behavior got worse. He has ADD/ADHD and OCD -ish...More
Posted by booberryjuice
Sensory issues - How do I get my Kid dressed?
I am believing my 9yr old has Sensory Integration disorder. ( He will see his DR....More
Posted by booberryjuice
Reply: adhd
Hi , One thing that you made me remember - was that when my ADHD daughter was young...More
Posted by booberryjuice
Different degrees of ADHD - just talking....
It's funny how in my DD her symptoms of ADHD showed up 5 days after she was born...More
Posted by booberryjuice