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Teaching Your Child to Swallow a Pill
Many children (and adults) have difficulty swallowing pills. This often becomes critical as many...More
Posted by Patricia Quinn, MD
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Great Discussion!
Posted by jeff22325199
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one lie, one time, does not a pathology make. if your son has any type of severe psychological problems and...More
Posted by eyebrows;
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How I explained ADHD tardiness to my angry wife
The back story here is my wife and I had been in a "discussion" for about a week. It was pretty intense....More
Posted by ChristophorM
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Please help me with this question
please tell me the difference between ADD and ADHD
Posted by Lolo92
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How Can You Get Most Out This Community?
Hello members, Welcome to the ADD/ADHD community! Please feel free to post or join in any...More
Posted by Lainey_WebMD_Staff
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Think really hard about medicating children
As a 22 year old with ADHD the best thing my parents ever did for me was not medicate me. I realized the...More
Posted by An_191073
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Have backups in place.
I'm a 58 year old female with severe ADHD. I know there are certain things I am probably going to mess up...More
Posted by ladysailor44
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Tips/Tricks for adult ADDers....
I'm 48, female, take meds for ADD and depression and love finding out what other people are doing that...More
Posted by fuzzybrains
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My son (10 year old brainiac) is on Vyvanse. It has changed his world! Major improvements. One caveat is that...More
Posted by ADDmiss
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fish oil for ADD
I give my ADD son fish oil, (omega brite to be exact), and it works better than any of the ADD meds out there.
Posted by An_191072
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Alternative Therapeutic Remedies
Correction of word s/b Therapeutic 'A child who is Adhd and active physically can possibly see adequate...More
Posted by An_191071
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Communication is the Key to Good Health
Though medicines prescribed for patients challenged with Adhd are helpful in many cases, communication...More
Posted by abookercare
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Includes Expert Content
I have been told by my 8 yr olds teachers for the past two years that she might have ADD. I didn't want to...More
Posted by k8teedid
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My son was dx with ADHD at the age of 7 in February 2010. Immediately through the support of his...More
Posted by possibilities1
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I hope Adderall has changed reversed capsule inscr...
Friends, I have something that is very important and please Web Md give this post a chance because it is the...More
Posted by FCWooley
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Adderall XR
I was diagnosed with ADHD-Acute Inattentive Type before starting college. I have been taking Adderall XR...More
Posted by downrightdaffy
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ADD/ADHD vitamins nutrients that are especially im...
Resource- 3 stemps to conquering ADD/ADHD, by Jon Bennett - B vitamins - B6/B5 bananas, lemons, melons,...More
Posted by lma33167
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ADD/ADHD: Does one 'grow out" of it?
This question is intriguing. One psychiatrist in the late 1980's claimed this may be the case. Indeed some...More
Posted by tklawson
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Extended release or 2-3 doses per day-What's the w...
The most recent and best knowledge based dosage is multi-faceted .For children at school, some claim, best...More
Posted by tklawson
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How to Increase Font Size!
Don't forget you can increase your font size by hitting and holding Ctrl on your keyboard and the...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
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My foray into the field of ADHD began by chance. In 1999, I picked up a library book about the brain. And what I read changed my life and my husband&#...More

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Talk to your doctor about correct doseages
I have tried many variations of adderall (10 mg, 20 mg, 20 mgXR, etc) It took me about 2 years of trying different variations, but I have ... More
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