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Telling your child about biological father.
My son is now 8 years old. My husband and I have been together since he was 9 months old and he adopted him at...More
Posted by acr321
I don't know where to start
In the 5th grade I found out that my dad was not my biological dadhe adopted me that year. He has always...More
Posted by An_253773
did anyone else have issues with family members wh...
Hello, I was adopted at 16 by a relative. We didn't have any issues with anyone in the family everyone was...More
Posted by An_253354
I'm was adopted...having fears & need an ear & voi...
I'm 25yrs old now & have my birth mom, but was adopted by my step dad. I never knew my biological father...More
Posted by RoseLynn02
What do you think i should do?
Okay i know that in most people's lives we make mistakes. Am i right? Anyways, one of my biggest mistakes was...More
Posted by eagle2011
My sister is adopted. I want to help.
Hello! I am 19 years old and still live at home. My parents adopted a 4 yr old last November. Because I am still...More
Posted by WNTL09
Hello .... want to adopt
Hi. I have been thinking about adoption for a while. I have not been able to get my husband on board. I wanted...More
Posted by mrsjmsr
Pregnant and thinking about giving up
Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this so if not I'd appreciate any references. I am 5...More
Posted by klynshoe
in addition to the foster- I was contacted about a...
last week I was contacted by a casual friend's 16 year old daughter. T is pregnant and concidering an...More
Vicky(33), married 10+ years, no children.  Fought (and lost) infertility for all 10 years.  Moving on to adoption, currently in process of being licensed with DFS of Missouri to foster.  
Posted by fiannakyn
A future adoptive dad's take on Adoption and foste...
I asked my husband to write a blog post on his feelings about adoption and foster care. This is what he said....More
Vicky(33), married 10+ years, no children.  Fought (and lost) infertility for all 10 years.  Moving on to adoption, Currently in Foster care training with DFS.
Posted by fiannakyn
Where to Begin?
Hi, I'm Danielle. I am active on the infertility treatment board and DH and I have struggled with infertility...More
Posted by mosleyd36
Hi My name is Mary and I'm a stay at home mom of three kids! My hubby and I are currently going thru...More
Posted by maryberrylicious
Special-needs adoption
I am trying to adopt a special needs child currently, and have never adopted before, though I do have two...More
Posted by An_191069
New to Adopting
My husband and I want to adopt a child. We have a son but cant have anymore. Does anyone know the process for...More
Posted by An_191068
My Sister in law
Hi I am trying to sort some things out in my mind and I could use some advise. We were contacted by a woman...More
Posted by 77elizabeth
Adoption issues
Hey all I'm new here. I started reading these posts till i seen kl24's post. I was contacted by this woman...More
Posted by jimmy1968
Where to start researching?
I just read all the posts here, and want to thank all who shared their amazing stories (and best wishes to...More
Posted by An_191070
Adoption story
Hello all. Vicki wanted my adoption story and I'm not good at remembering or e-mailing it so...I figured I...More
Posted by FrmGirl
taking the plunge into adoption via DFS
I just made the call to the local DFS office to get information sent to me about adopting via the foster...More
Posted by fiannakyn
Eligibility question
Hi, I'm new to this board and I have a question. DH and I have two healthy biological children, but we are...More
Posted by flynnr
Hi ladies, I just wanted to say a quick hello and thanks to KL24 for starting this group again. It was not...More
Posted by tsimmons4
finding biological parents
about 11 years old a dream came true for me. I had registered at a matching site for adopted kids and...More
Posted by navywife32000
Well it looks like this group was deleted when they switched to the new format. So I thought I would revive it. I...More
Posted by KL24

Spotlight: Member Stories

Dec, 2011 Hi, I'm Vicky, my husband is named Ashley (really!) and we've been married for over 10 years. I have PCOS so we struggled with infer...More

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