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Reply: Can a persn be allergic to salt?
Yes I believe you can be at least , I know for a fact my son went swimming in the ocean for the first time...More
Posted by sahrpienails
Reply: Propylene Glycol Allergy
I have trouble with PG fumes and cross-contamination and transfer, so I make my husband be PG-free also.
Posted by kkuzak
Reply: Propylene Glycol Allergy - NEED HEARTBURN OTC OR P...
I have GERD and use Zegerid OTC. It does not contain PG, but does have pharmaceutical ink on it (which does...More
Posted by kkuzak
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Reply: allergy to Asphalt
I work at Menards and have been there for 8 months with no reactions until driveway tar was put in stock...More
Posted by joanederrig
Reply: Very odd allergy symptoms after gall bladder disea...
have not been tested......see my answer to Sylvia and Bianca.. Thank You for your inquiry, MarcelMore
Posted by marmarmos

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Has anyone developed odd allergy symptoms / skin disorders after gall bladder removal?
Reply: Are my swollen lips an allergy?
Did the doctor test her for lime disease? Because my sister got bells palsy (where your face goes limp and...More
Posted by sbarski118
lymph node under chin
Hi. About a week ago, the lymph node under the left side of my chin felt slightly swollen and I also felt as...More
Posted by willipri
Lip Fungus
I have had the problem for many years of having a certain area of my lips swelling and getting to be a...More
Posted by jeannineml
Reply: Allergic to NSAIDs and pain meds
You know your situation better than I do. I will say that the only reason I was diagnosed was a history of...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: Chronic Phlegm in Throat
I have the same problem you have and everyone has commented on. I've been to every doctor in the city...More
Posted by flyinghigh10030
Do Harsh Winters Mean Worse Allergies?
Pollen predictions are a guessing game, but "we do know that weather has a big impact on pollen counts......More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: support group
Just to be clear, this is for food allergies. People discuss environmental from time to time, but the como ground...More
Posted by cb100
I am looking to see what research has happened or is on gong for these symptom. That on eating foods that are...More
Posted by blossom62
allergies/postnasal drip, cough; salt room therapy
I am tired of allergy medication side effects and wanted an alternative. I recently have been going to a newly...More
Posted by qe890
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My office moved into a newly built building about 2 months ago. Upon entering the new office building I...More
Posted by rayandlinda
Reply: Random Allergic Reaction
Sorry. That response was only for the following post. Mlttool posted:Has anyone dealt with unusual...More
Posted by jessica36132
Reply: Baker's Yeast Allergy??
Hi Jessie_fuzesy have you found anything of use regarding the bakers yeast allergies? My daughter was just...More
Posted by sanguiz
Reply: People cough a lot around me (years like this)
Furthermore, you need to start feeling the energy in your body, because once you become anxious around these...More
Posted by An_262200
interesting reaction
Dr. Web MD, I have just recently noticed I have been experiencing a violent reaction to yogurt, but not other...More
Posted by dagp54
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Reply: Chronic hives
Taiwan guy, Of all the suggestions and opinions on various message boards and web sites, your suggestion...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: high blood pressure from allergies
Hi An_259932 I have always had HBP...10 years now. I was wondering what does a low level food allergy...More
Posted by hippocrates777
Reply: CT Contrast Reaction
Thank you - I'm still working on it but am encouraged.
Posted by debsuejo
Reply: Advanced Allergy Therapeutics
Hi. I was wondering if you are going to the midwest allergy relief center with Ian Wahl. We just started...More
Posted by jesusisnumber1
Unrelentness itching
About 10 years ago, my problem seemed to begin on the left outer thigh with severe itching. I thought at...More
Posted by An_261991
Reply: broken bones with pins or screws
you are allergic to metal.
Posted by atlantasteve
I'm itching all over my body for over 3months and ...
I have being experiencing itching all over my body and scarp internally for over 3 months now,but I've got no...More
Posted by An_261915

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Reply: Chronic Sinusitis
I feel your pain. I hope you have found something after all this time. I am now just trying to do my...More
Posted by appledumpling1
root beer allergy
I am fighting a lot of allergies to food the past 4 months and am wondering if rootbeer could cause a bad...More
Posted by An_261898
Relentless itching......GLUTEN!
Hoping this helps someone. warning this is a long post. About 6 months ago I started getting very itchy all...More
Posted by shogun33
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Reply: Itching all over body without obvious rash or caus...
I've suffered with the same thing but for 8 years. I had totally became attached to Benadryl. Until this year, I...More
Posted by lyn824

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Tip: safe use of epinephrine auto-injectorsExpert
For patients with allergic diseases that place them at risk for severe allergic reactions or anaphylaxis, epinephrine autoinjectors are an ... More
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