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Reply: Can a persn be allergic to salt?
I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder a few months ago. I started taking vitamins and minerals and...More
Posted by shewhojunks
How to Live with a Propylene Glycol allergy?
I was diagnosed with a PG allergy last April after suffering with dermatitis for 10 mos. I basically know how...More
Posted by An_259851
Question about hives
Hello, On Monday night at about midnight I woke up to a huge outbreak of hives all the way down the...More
Posted by juarezfamily01
Reply: Idiopathic urticaria and angioedema
I'm 25 year old female or I have suffered from Chronic Urticaria and angioedema for about 5 years now. It...More
Posted by laken0706
Extreme Full Body Itch
Have you ever felt as though you wanted to use a cheese grater as a slip and slid? Well, I sure have, and it's...More
Posted by tenebrae
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Reply: Delayed Pressure Urticaria
Hi all, I have also had these problem for minimum 25 years. Nine months ago I got a diagnosis and could start...More
Posted by bienie
Pancreatic Cancer
For about 2 months, my uncle was suffering from constant unexplained body itch, followed by trouble digesting...More
Posted by An_259732
Reply: Chronic Phlegm in Throat
After 2 days of trying your remedy I'm experiencing no benefit. In fact, I feel a slight more sensation in the...More
Posted by vinny777
Reply: Uticaria / Hives & Miscarriage
I'm not sure if you are still battling this issue or not with the hives but Incase you are I know what your...More
Posted by laken0706
Reply: Are my swollen lips an allergy?
Since June 23rd 2014 I have had 10 espisodes where by a part of my lip swells and then seems to go over...More
Posted by skier621
Includes Expert Content
Reply: itching of the body, mostly upper body (severe)
Hello lattelady do you by chance wear the yellow gowns to prevent the spread of certain infections in the...More
Posted by reesie1986
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Chronic hives
Dear taiwanguy, I cant believe I found this page. I get the weirdest and most severe allergic...More
Posted by ifeellikeanalien
Muscus & cronic coughing
I too have suffered for years from chronic coughing & excessive throat clearing .I too have seen so many...More
Posted by issie92
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Allergic to Wheat, milk, white potatoes, fish, por...
its looking like my choices are pretty limited. It's pretty confusing trying to figure out what I can with...More
Posted by nanadee26
3 months of light headache and post nasal drip...
Hi all, Thanks for reading. 3 months ago I started to have a light headache in the forehead, a bit left...More
Posted by bimmer85
Reply: Hives, Anaphylaxis, Fatigue, Abdominal Pain...can ...
Western medicine is highly advanced in many areas but has it's limitations. I recommend trying a natural...More
Posted by undefined
heavy mucus help for you
Help for all of you suffering from heavy mucus/phlegm this!!! Please read this, it may help you and...More
Posted by thebohemaincrystal
Reply: Itchiness but no bumps of rashes?
Hi marcelnsmith, Have you seen a doctor or dermatologist about your itching? He/She would be best able...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Diagnosed as allergic rhinitis, but worry if it’...
Hmmm. I moved from the Culver City area to north Carson at the turn of the century. I had some of my respiratory...More
Posted by aladya
Choosing a 2014-2015 flu vaccine
At least for me, it used to be that you went to a hospital every fall and got a flu shot. Well, it turns out...More
Posted by apv12
Reply: Birth Control made me Gluten Intolerant?
I started on BC for the first time about a year ago. In my case I also had issues with the first pill I was on...More
Posted by amateur8
Facilal rash and eye irritation
For the past six months have had two episode of skin rash around the eyes with burning and itching on the...More
Posted by dashorn
swollen lip, jaw area,
have experienced many of the same symptoms.. as everyone else. tingly sensation, then a little itchy...More
Posted by earthsflower
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Reply: Itching all over body without obvious rash or caus...
I have been experiencing the same thing. I don't know what to do about it. I itch in several different places...More
Posted by itchykim
I can't eat certain dairy products
So, for me whole life I could eat ice cream, chocolate milk, etc. But I couldn't eat/drink, cheese or...More
Posted by forevertruthful

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Reply: Allergic to sun/heat? Always get swelling around m...
I have the exact symptoms. It started every year around ragweed season. I do a lot of stuff in the fields so...More
Posted by rita16255
Reply: allergic to air conditioning
Cold urticaria , exposure to cold air or a/c releases histamine and can lead to gives or anaphylactic shock....More
Posted by An_259290
basement flood
We recently had a flood in our basement, since then I have been feeling like somethin is stuck in my throat....More
Posted by An_259270
Reply: allergic to human saliva
So is the only answer for this allergy to take antihistamine, and did it finally og away? Read somewhere that...More
Posted by adami80
For years now,i've been taking the generic brand of Benadryl,the little pink pills. And I've started noticing...More
Posted by dwood316

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