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Excessive phlegm.
I had this problem. I now take digestive enzymes with my meals, avoid anything white...pasta, rice, potatoes,...More
Posted by An_261152
Excessive phlegm
I have a problem with anything white - that is pasta, rice, potatoes, most breads, sugar, etc...all carbs! I...More
Posted by An_261152
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Reply: Non-steroidal equivalent to Nasonex?
Hi my partner has been using nasonex for the last 5yrs he has had little to no side effect from it try using...More
Posted by sammy69r
Throat Blocked in Morning
I woke up today with mucus blocking my throat. I could barely breathe. I have had a bad cough for two weeks...More
Posted by beth1942
Reply: Share Allergy and Health Background
I have no idea what I'm allergic to, or even if it is an allergy, but I don't mind sharing information...More
Posted by livestock_rock

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Unknown *Possible* Allergy
Hi, my name is Nicole, and I've been sick with herpes virus 5 (Cytomegalovirus) and 6 (Chronic Fatigue)...More
Posted by livestock_rock
Reply: Sore, itch, watery eyes
This slideshow on taking on eye allergies has a lot of information on avoiding triggers as well as...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Itchy legs
I had this same issue and found it was caused by a diary allergy. Who would think consuming dairy would...More
Posted by dairyfree1
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Reply: Itching all over body without obvious rash or caus...
I have been experiencing sporadic itching of the whole of my body for more than 10 years. I have told this to...More
Posted by gettib12
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Reply: Chronic hives
I have suffered from chronic urticaria for 15 years. I have tried all the antihistamines...doxepin zyzal...More
Posted by abf4215
my 15 year chronic urticaria journey and autoimmun...
I have suffered from chronic urticaria for 15 years. I have tried all the antihistamines and xolair...which...More
Posted by abf4215
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chronic hives weakness
have a chronic hives now for 2 weeks, and now its fading away.. TIPS:::::: 1. DONT WASH THE AFFECTED AREA...More
Posted by abeer2015
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Reply: Chronic Phlegm in Throat
My husband suffers the same symptoms as you. He has had lung surgery on both lungs and before this...More
Posted by kaymarie1943
Reply: Are my swollen lips an allergy?
Have you found out more about this? I just experienced the swelling after eating parmesan and I'm assuming...More
Posted by carina1234
Reply: Itching all over after diarrhea, acid reflux
One final note, I have not used a new soap or shampoo. As far as I can tell, it's not food related. I used...More
Posted by kd2121
Reply: Allergic to tomato
This was posted 5 years ago. At age 50 I became allergic to tomotoes. In the live test with my allergist I...More
Posted by dflauppe
Baker's Yeast Allergy??
Help! My 10 year old daughter was just diagnosed with an allergy to baker's yeast. Does anyone have...More
Posted by jessie_fuzesy
Reply: Asthma: What to do when medication only helps a li...
Hi It sounds like you need to spend some time with your doctor trying to figure out what is going on. Has you...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: bad reaction after allergy testing
I think you should put calamine on your face, and if it stays the same after more than a week go to the...More
Posted by ellebell3027
Asthma Poll
Posted by ellebell3027

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Reply: What do you do when you have too many allergies?
I have been a vegetarian for 4 years now and i have a lot of food allergies such as wheat, gluten, dairy,...More
Posted by ellebell3027
Reply: Salt Lamps
Hello sgtwifey, i we are using 3 Himalayan Salt Lamps in our home and i really found that they are awesome for...More
Posted by albio
Reply: PATM
HI did you find anything to stop others from scratching around you??? i need help ASAP thankuMore
Posted by imakethemitch
Itching all over
Hi, I too itch all over. It is not a constant thing. It happens mostly when I get in bed at night. I have no...More
Posted by debbiemo
Reply: Hives, Anaphylaxis, Fatigue, Abdominal Pain...can ...
Hello Taylor, Wow, somebody else with similar symptoms that I've been suffering from, minus the swollen lips...More
Posted by An_260779
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Reply: Struggling with whether to start 5 year old son on...
Hi Christine, I'm currently doing some research on this. My son, whom is 7 years old, is currently going...More
Posted by aileentej
Reply: My allergy shot caught a nerve help
Hi Jay, I know this is extremely uncomfortable as I started this discussion, but there really is nothing the...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: People cough a lot around me (years like this)
Hi Judy789, May I get your email address? I need talk to you about the kundalini syndrome. I wanna learn some...More
Posted by sam593
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Reply: Red, itchy, swollen eye lids HELP!!
Hi Ladies I have been reading your post My eyes have been extremely red swollen and itchy now for three...More
Posted by beachladyfl
Pet allergies
I grew up around cats and dogs, but was forced to leave my pets with my grandparents for a few years...More
Posted by rachaelnicolle

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Tip: safe use of epinephrine auto-injectorsExpert
For patients with allergic diseases that place them at risk for severe allergic reactions or anaphylaxis, epinephrine autoinjectors are an ... More
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