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Reply: Red, itchy, swollen eye lids HELP!!
Hi Ladies I have been reading your post My eyes have been extremely red swollen and itchy now for three...More
Posted by beachladyfl
Pet allergies
I grew up around cats and dogs, but was forced to leave my pets with my grandparents for a few years...More
Posted by rachaelnicolle

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  • Allegra
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Reply: Low overall IG-G, chronic hives, food allergies/in...
So about 4 years ago, I started experiencing hives all over my body, for about 9 months I dealt with it....More
Posted by flyingcheybird
I have serious allergy issues when visiting Reno a...
I would like to be able to visit Nevada without feeling miserable. Here is what happens, within 12 hours...More
Posted by strickalator
100 Favorite Allergen-Free Recipes
Allergen-free does not mean flavor-free! The world has an abundance of herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables,...More
Posted by vannmoore
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Reply: People are allergic to me (PATM)
I went through this for a few years and it made me miserable and I thought there was no hope. I went to see...More
Posted by cupcake4545
Reply: The Beginning
What About Apple Pie: Say It Ain't So! Apple pie, apple sauce, fruit gummies, multi vitamins, fruit...More
Posted by ambershergill
Reply: Itchy leg and foot
I think, it was due to eating excess of and yellow and could be green also... I stopped having...More
Posted by parideep
Reply: People cough a lot around me (years like this)
some people cough to get your attention other cough to show they are tougher then you. What you are doing...More
Posted by indianbaba
I can eat all dairy products except icecream, whic...
I have tried yoghurt, milk, various cheeses and butter all with no ill effect but when I eat icecream my...More
Posted by An_260296
Reply: Possible to stop becoming allergic to different me...
Hi, Could you describe your symptoms? Have you discussed them in detail with your doctor? Naproxen and...More
Posted by sgbl88
Weird Rash
So I was gardening today, ripping out weeds in my backyard and a little while later I got this rash. It doesn't...More
Posted by saritin
Food allergy smart phone app
I came across the ShopSmart App. It could be helpful for those of us with food allergies. It's not available...More
Posted by joseph839
Reply: Propylene Glycol Allergy - NEED HEARTBURN OTC OR P...
I've been using Nexium granules. not as effective as what I was using, but it doesn't contain PG
Posted by morningbirds
Reply: How to Live with a Propylene Glycol allergy?
I have not been able to find your group either. There seems to be one from Australia, but it seems to be...More
Posted by morningbirds
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Reply: Chronic hives
I wish this theory of yours was true. I have been an avid water drinker my entire life. When my chronic...More
Posted by shellnevabemc30
Frustrated and about to lose hope!!!
Hello anyone reading this that deals with Chronic hives. I've used WebMD and health boards for years...More
Posted by shellnevabemc30
Reply: Chronic Phlegm in Throat
I have same problem i use an inhailer so itll open ur passage way .n i take zurtec 2 day .i tske allergy...More
Posted by undefined
Reoccurring itching without a rash
Ive had this reoccurring itchiness without any form of rash since August 2012. Just after I recovered from...More
Posted by kalesheav
Reply: What is causing Chronic Uticaria and constant Anal...
I am really sorry for what you are going thru and to have seen a doctor who was of no help. What did you...More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: Tree Nut Allergy Question
It could, if he touched the nut and then put his hands in his mouth. It also could be a delayed onset...More
Posted by undefined
Swollem lips
Regarding the swollen lip discussion,I have read the posts with great interest as I sit here trying to...More
Posted by An_253564
Reply: Can anaphylaxis reactions be caused by illness or ...
I came upon your post as I am researching almost identical problem; I'm in my 50's and suddenly getting...More
Posted by jonesy48
Would Putting Bedding in Cold Garage Kill Dust Mit...
I've noticed I've been getting worse and worse nasal issues while sleeping as it's been a while since I dry...More
Posted by lumithecat
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Reply: Can't drink milk/protein shakes but can eat ice cr...
I can drink milk but not cheese... somethings wrong I NEED HELP. More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Seasonal itch on back, neck and shoulders with no ...
Hello there...First, I all, sorry---I feel your pain. Literally. I was just paging through google attempting...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Are my swollen lips an allergy?
I had this happen around three times a few years ago and it would happen when I was working at the business I...More
Posted by undefined
If you could combine the advantages of a Neti-Pot ...
ClearNasal is a combo device (the neti-pot for its gravitational sinus rinse and a positive pressure bottle)...More
Posted by clearnasal
Reply: Excess phlegm
Have you been to see an ENT doctor about these symptoms? He/She would be best able to help diagnose what is...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Are Bacteriostatic Products Safe to Breath?
I haven't found much information out there either; however, I dont trust that all of those chemicals...More
Posted by boilermaker50

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Eczema CareExpert
Emerging research has shown that skin barrier dysfunction plays a central role in atopic dermatitis. Both the involved skin and even the ... More
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