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Reply: People are allergic to me (PATM)
I think im experience it too. -83D-E1E-83D-E1E-83D-E1E
Posted by undefined
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Chronic uticaria 10 years now gone
I had chronic uticaria every evening on lower legs for more than 10 years. after seeing many, many experts,...More
Posted by Iworkalday
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IOM: Food proteins present in vaccines cause the d...
IOM: Food proteins present in vaccines cause the development of food allergies The US Dept. of Health and...More
Posted by apv12
Reply: Breathing issues... please help
Hi, It sounds like it is time to see a doctor. There is something more than allergies going on - infection,...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: high blood pressure from allergies
Hi jzh999 I have just read your post when I was looking on the net for any connection between high blood...More
Posted by Shiva2015
Hives- Help!
About two weeks ago, I came down with a severe case of hives. I took allergy medications and the hives went...More
Posted by An_264338
What is really going on with me
My doctor told me that I'm lactose intolerant because slim fast shakes and regular milk upset my stomach....More
Posted by MandieGayle
Swollen lips
My husband and son had the same thing happen. But i know my husband is taking blood pressure meds. I dont know...More
Posted by Clrez
Reply: How long for symptoms to subside?
hi im also suffer from this type of allergy ..even i have breathing problem during allergy. im allergic...More
Posted by arubababar
Breathing problem because of seasonal allergy
have seasonal allergy for the last 3 years and mostly from cold or dust and also rhinitis...i suffer almost...More
Posted by arubababar
Reply: Nickel allergy with upcoming ankle replacement sur...
Make sure your surgeon is very aware of your allergy. Also, do the research yourself. Research the implants you...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: caffeine allergy
I get "missed heartbeats" from caffeine-a little scary. I thought something was wrong with my heart, but the...More
Posted by gnp11
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Reply: Propylene glycol allergy
Can I have that list please
Posted by alyboo29
Reply: SEVERE hives reaction after taking mdma and simila...
Have you been to your doctor to discuss these chronic hives? Here is some information on home remedies...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Styrofoam allergy
I had angioedema when I was younger. I had acne and I used this acne cream that said it was good to remove...More
Posted by squekers
clorox bleach allergic reaction?
Saturday I was cleaning the bathroom with clorox bleach without gloved(I know I should have used them) I didnt...More
Posted by squekers
Reply: Chronic hives, face swelling/numb..
Hi, I have been suffering from chronic urticaria since 2010. I have been to just about every type of...More
Posted by curlyshirley
Allergies? Something more serious? Help!
Hello. I'm a 21 year old male looking for some answers to a serious problem I'm having. I'm experiencing an...More
Posted by An_263931
Reply: Are my swollen lips an allergy?
One more thing. I all so looked into things that boost my immune system in addition to 7-8 hours of straight...More
Posted by mileater
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Reply: Itching all over body without obvious rash or caus...
I've had this for 9 years, the doctor prescribed zyrtec it works well but it made me drowsy, most of the...More
Posted by undefined
propylene glycol
Seriously the worst allergy in the world does anyone have a list of products that have this in it. I can't...More
Posted by alyboo29
Reply: allergies - various time
Had the same problem with my window units. Caused by mold in the unit. At the time I put beach in the water...More
Posted by lp1049
Reply: Allergy shots side effects
Hi, I think you should discuss this with your doctor. It does not sound like any side effect/reaction I have...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: aerosol allergy- Does anyone have any ideas of a d...
I feel your pain. Try 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with water in a spray bottle instead. The hydrogen peroxide...More
Posted by An_253875
Latex allergy and dentist pls help
Hi guys im living on turkey and these people are not know anything about my allergy . I had latex allergy ...More
Posted by latexallergy
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Immunotherapy and asthma - temporary break in ther...
I suffer from asthma, and started using Oraltek sublingual spray in April 2015. Due to an airway...More
Posted by asthmasufferer
Reply: ct scan contrast dye allergic reaction
Hi there. I know its a really off time from when you posted, but its now that I experienced Gadolinium...More
Posted by An_263761
Reply: PG allergy
Hi I have been told that Some of the Banana Boat sunscreen are good. Check as a few have PG
Posted by winterrose1

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Reply: Low overall IG-G, chronic hives, food allergies/in...
I am curious how you are doing... did they ever figure it out? I hhad hives a while back that lasted 3...More
Posted by sodad9123

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Eczema CareExpert
Emerging research has shown that skin barrier dysfunction plays a central role in atopic dermatitis. Both the involved skin and even the ... More
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