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Sticky Post Spring Allergy Outlook
March 27, 2014 -- A bitterly cold winter followed by a sudden spring warm-up might spell massive misery if...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Should I stop allergy shots if I had a severe reac...
I was on bottle E of my allergy shots and it was the first shot of the bottle. I had a severe reaction and the...More
Posted by uno2425
Reply: Chronic Phlegm in Throat
The holistic doctors are no better than the conventional ones. I've spent about as much money on...More
Posted by markeeta
Reply: Propelyne Glycol
Hi neumann21, Here is some information on common causes of scalp problems that you may find helpful....More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Allergic Reaction to Doxycycline will not go away!...
Hi ik1994, This article about hives says that those classified as acute (the type commonly caused by...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Allergic reaction.
Hello, I am sorry that you are having this reaction, and think that it is definitely a good idea that...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: New to allergies and confused
Hi townsend4408, This overview on food allergies and food intolerance has information on how food...More
Posted by atti_editor
Unknown Allergy Mystery
Today, I suddenly felt abonminal problems and within 5 minutes I had diahrea and vomiting. My hands lock up....More
Posted by Anon_75383
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Reply: Chronic hives
My daughter has suffered from idiopathic urticaria for over ten year. She currently is getting monthly...More
Posted by patricia1871
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Itching all over body without obvious rash or caus...
When I was 12 the itch started. The roof of my mouth itched as well as the inside of my nose. The top of...More
Posted by churchlady112
Interesting! He's never had his thyroid tested, to my knowledge. I just had to have a thyroid ablation due to...More
Posted by bak56
Milk gives me asthma, but dairy products do not!?
Recently I've been trying to get to the bottom of my athsma problems. I have had mild asthma all of my life....More
Posted by lilburgs
Reply: Allergy Shots, What Should I Do?
Yeah, I tried to push my Dr. to let my maintenance shot be a lower dose, but the two or three appointments...More
Posted by tonifloback
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Delayed Pressure Urticaria
Hi everyone with dpu, I've suffered from for close to 30years now, & only 5 years ago was it properly...More
Posted by popkiss
Facial swelling from seasonal allergies??
For the past two years I have had to make at least two trips each spring to emergency for severe facial...More
Posted by lfcampb
Reply: People are allergic to me (PATM)
Hey i have the same problem im itchy alot though and the o called dust your speaking of is flakes...More
Posted by desdes
Reply: What is the difference between Levocetirizine and ...
Every chemical will have active substance in it, the substance which is responsible for the typical character...More
Posted by jags001

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Reply: Hives concerns
Hello, I think that it is a great idea that you made an appointment with a medical professional to find...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: 2 yo child allergic to ice cream??
Hi coughy16, Everyone's lactose intolerance presents differently -- you may be sensitive to smaller...More
Posted by atti_editor
Can a person have only a sore throat, no stuffy nose, runny eyes, cough due to an allergy? I have what seems...More
Posted by lisa71971
blood pressure and pollen
wow ... soooo glad I thought about searching for this problem. I have been experiencing jumps in my blood...More
Posted by An_256629
Reply: Dander Allergies
Hi cliffj03, Our Pet Dander Allergies Directory has a lot of good articles and information that you...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Are my swollen lips an allergy?
oMG I have been going to the same thing the last past 2 months the exact same thing is happening to me I...More
Posted by diddyslady
I grew into all of my allergies in 7th grade. The basic allergy test of around 34 allergens showed up...More
Posted by tonifloback
Reply: Uncommon Food Allergies
Hi Alex, You may be able to find some information on food allergy research from FARE (Food Allergy...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Help! Severe seasonal allergy attack!
I am glad to here that your symptoms are improving. I know that you've tried a number of remedies, but ...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: high blood pressure from allergies
I too have uncontrolled blood pressure, 226/180. I have allergies runny nose, sneezing itchy eyes. My...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Cant have Whey, want to try Casein
Hi bjaxx2, Here is some information on casein allergy that you may find helpful. If you have shown no...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Is there such a thing as an allergy to light beer?
I've noticed the same thing with light beer. I always have an allergic reaction to Miller Lite in particular...More
Posted by An_256526
Reply: Allergy with all foods
At the age of 28, I became allergic to various food groups. The culprit? I went to Africa for work, but...More
Posted by undefined

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regain you taste and smell
I lost my sense of taste and smell 4 years ago and have had multiple operations as well as daily flushed my nose with Pulmacort . My doctor ... More
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