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ABPA diagnosis without CF or asthma looking for ot...
I was recently diagnosed with ABPA after 2 hospital stays in 8 months. It took many months and tests to get...More
Posted by alexoftroy

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Have you been diagnosed with ABPA but don't have asthma or CF?
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PG allergy
I have been recently diagnosed with propylene glycol allergy,since i had severe contact dermatitis over my...More
Posted by ransang

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having very tough time
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Frying and dairy allergies
I'm wondering should I be concerned that residual dairy may be left in the frying oil? Can I use the same...More
Posted by An_263402
Odd milk and cheese intolerance? Allergy?
I'm asking on behalf of my father, so I'll try to explain as best as I can. When my father was young, he found...More
Posted by aaronlt
after you wash with soap!!!
Hello everyone I'm not alone!!!! Been dealing with this for awhile now!!! It seems like the more I would wash...More
Posted by An_263333

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Hello everyone I'm not alone!!! I've been dealing with this for awhile now!!! But maybe this will help it help me. I use soap the first two washing and then I take a clean wash cloth and wash myself with nothing but water two more times. Please try it and let me know if it works.
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phlem sucks
I went to my doctor in october of 2014 with severe congestion and nasal dranage it sounded to me like it was in...More
Posted by tickle1
Mystery neck lump
Hi Over the past three years I've had this random lump appear on my neck near my lower jaw. It's the size of...More
Posted by ouchyv
Hives and bulimia nervosa?
Hello everyone, I've had bulimia nervosa for almost five years and I'm still struggling with it now. A few...More
Posted by wilmavoll
Who can help determine a chemical/preservative all...
My son is nineteen and has always had indoor/outdoor allergies and eczema. Normal stuff like pollen and mold....More
Posted by trophymom
Similar problem?
I have the same problem as my lips become swollen about once a week. This has been happening for about a...More
Posted by aliciakwan
Chinese Pistache Tree: Pistachio Allergies
My son is allergic to pistachios. Will he have a reaction to the Chinese Pistache Tree? If so, what parts of...More
Posted by hollyhk
Puzzling Salt Water Reaction
I have had four incidents that are puzzling that make me think I have a reaction to salt water; but clothing...More
Posted by jones0806
Saccrin allergy
I have an allergy to saccrin and other artiifcial sweeteners. Is stevia ok to use?
Posted by morissette
Allergy reaction over and over
I been having sinus issues for weeks i do have blovkage because of scar tissue. finally went to allergist who...More
Posted by An_263025
medication allergies
I have severe reactions to blood pressure medications. I have requested to my doctor to refer me for a DNA...More
Posted by An_263022
Can a headache trigger an allergic reaction?
Hi, During the last 6-8 months I've had three allergic reactions in which my hands and feet get itchy and my...More
Posted by ccrouse
hand allergy
I have a itchy reaction if I touch a raw potato or carrot not washed is worse then if the veg. is washed! and...More
Posted by judec19
Help with unknown allergy
I ate 2 different burritos twice at Chipotle, and at an asian restaurant I had Phad Thai and Noodle Soup...More
Posted by jeepcacher1
Possible allergy to Jasmine Tea?
I'm trying to figure out if I'm allergic to Jasmine tea. After moving to Southern Ca, I starting dealing with...More
Posted by nbnwv
What is a good remedy for polyp that are in your nose due to allergies and mucus.
Posted by royhernandez
Normal hives reaction?
Hello, I have been working in China (Taiyuan) for 7 weeks. No problems until last week. I had a moderate...More
Posted by jacobin24
Hives and joint pain
Hi all, I recently moved to Charleston, SC and about a month ago I started getting small red hives and...More
Posted by An_262877
SEVERE April+ Skin Allergy NY to NC transplant- I ...
We moved to Charlotte NC from Rochester NY(lived in Rochester all my life) about two years ago. Last...More
Posted by bottomlineguy
Alert if reaction to Jelly Fish sting
I received a sting to my eyebrow from a jellyfish this morning and now my eye has swollen shut with the...More
Posted by thanku4help
Melatonin on Plane
I suffer from anxiety on planes, but I've been making progress, e.g. meditation and diaphragm breathing. I also...More
Posted by nbnwv
Unknown problem - maybe allergy
Starting in November last year I developed very severe phlegm in the back of my throat, trouble...More
Posted by mr_flintstone
Itchy Spot With No Rash
I have an itchy spot on my belly with no rash unless I scratch it excessively. Then there is a rash from the...More
Posted by boobearhug
lymph node under chin
Hi. About a week ago, the lymph node under the left side of my chin felt slightly swollen and I also felt as...More
Posted by willipri

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