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Normal hives reaction?
Hello, I have been working in China (Taiyuan) for 7 weeks. No problems until last week. I had a moderate...More
Posted by jacobin24
Hives and joint pain
Hi all, I recently moved to Charleston, SC and about a month ago I started getting small red hives and...More
Posted by An_262877
SEVERE April+ Skin Allergy NY to NC transplant- I ...
We moved to Charlotte NC from Rochester NY(lived in Rochester all my life) about two years ago. Last...More
Posted by bottomlineguy
Alert if reaction to Jelly Fish sting
I received a sting to my eyebrow from a jellyfish this morning and now my eye has swollen shut with the...More
Posted by thanku4help
Melatonin on Plane
I suffer from anxiety on planes, but I've been making progress, e.g. meditation and diaphragm breathing. I also...More
Posted by nbnwv
Unknown problem - maybe allergy
Starting in November last year I developed very severe phlegm in the back of my throat, trouble...More
Posted by mr_flintstone
Itchy Spot With No Rash
I have an itchy spot on my belly with no rash unless I scratch it excessively. Then there is a rash from the...More
Posted by boobearhug
lymph node under chin
Hi. About a week ago, the lymph node under the left side of my chin felt slightly swollen and I also felt as...More
Posted by willipri
Lip Fungus
I have had the problem for many years of having a certain area of my lips swelling and getting to be a...More
Posted by jeannineml
support group
Hi everyone! Facebook seems to be the easiest way for many people to communicate. I have a food allergy support...More
Posted by cb100
I am looking to see what research has happened or is on gong for these symptom. That on eating foods that are...More
Posted by blossom62
interesting reaction
Dr. Web MD, I have just recently noticed I have been experiencing a violent reaction to yogurt, but not other...More
Posted by dagp54
Allergic to NSAIDs and pain meds
So how can I have my arthritis pain relieved when I am allergic to pain meds like tramadol, and asprin based...More
Posted by An_262079
Unrelentness itching
About 10 years ago, my problem seemed to begin on the left outer thigh with severe itching. I thought at...More
Posted by An_261991
I'm itching all over my body for over 3months and ...
I have being experiencing itching all over my body and scarp internally for over 3 months now,but I've got no...More
Posted by An_261915

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root beer allergy
I am fighting a lot of allergies to food the past 4 months and am wondering if rootbeer could cause a bad...More
Posted by An_261898
Relentless itching......GLUTEN!
Hoping this helps someone. warning this is a long post. About 6 months ago I started getting very itchy all...More
Posted by shogun33
chronic inhalant allergies, anaphylaxis ,angioedem...
For over 3 years my symptoms have been changing. I went from basic allergies with allergy shots 3 times a week. ...More
Posted by acob76
Red itchy hot rash on hands after consuming certai...
I have been to a gastroenterologist regarding this and was told it is probably a neurological thing and that...More
Posted by An_261568
propylene glycol allergy
I was just diagnosed with a propylene glycol allergy (also a thimerosal allergy). My allergist gave me a list...More
Posted by natloy21
Intolerance to greens
I am intolerant towards green vegetables, egg and milk. Not that I never eat these products. However, often I...More
Posted by indy_in
Allergic to Dairy
I have had a dairy allergy since I was little. I cannot drink milk or eat ice cream. I can eat Mozzarella...More
Posted by ellebell3027
Asthma tight chest and shortness of breath/ Physyc...
Hi. I have been having a tight chest and shortness of breath from asthma for no reason. I have a lot of...More
Posted by ellebell3027

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asthma bottled water
Through elimination, just discovered that drinking bottled water has been causing persistent asthma symptoms....More
Posted by timmc

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Eczema CareExpert
Emerging research has shown that skin barrier dysfunction plays a central role in atopic dermatitis. Both the involved skin and even the ... More
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