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I'm itching all over my body for over 3months and ...
I have being experiencing itching all over my body and scarp internally for over 3 months now,but I've got no...More
Posted by An_261915

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root beer allergy
I am fighting a lot of allergies to food the past 4 months and am wondering if rootbeer could cause a bad...More
Posted by An_261898
Relentless itching......GLUTEN!
Hoping this helps someone. warning this is a long post. About 6 months ago I started getting very itchy all...More
Posted by shogun33
chronic inhalant allergies, anaphylaxis ,angioedem...
For over 3 years my symptoms have been changing. I went from basic allergies with allergy shots 3 times a week. ...More
Posted by acob76
Red itchy hot rash on hands after consuming certai...
I have been to a gastroenterologist regarding this and was told it is probably a neurological thing and that...More
Posted by An_261568
propylene glycol allergy
I was just diagnosed with a propylene glycol allergy (also a thimerosal allergy). My allergist gave me a list...More
Posted by natloy21
Intolerance to greens
I am intolerant towards green vegetables, egg and milk. Not that I never eat these products. However, often I...More
Posted by indy_in
Allergic to Dairy
I have had a dairy allergy since I was little. I cannot drink milk or eat ice cream. I can eat Mozzarella...More
Posted by ellebell3027
Asthma tight chest and shortness of breath/ Physyc...
Hi. I have been having a tight chest and shortness of breath from asthma for no reason. I have a lot of...More
Posted by ellebell3027

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What is your #1 asthma symptom?
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asthma bottled water
Through elimination, just discovered that drinking bottled water has been causing persistent asthma symptoms....More
Posted by timmc
Advice On How To Stop Allergy Shots
I would like to know if anyone has had any experience on stopping your allergy shots cold turkey. I tried...More
Posted by kea7721
CT Contrast Reaction
I had a CT scan with dye three weeks ago. Two hours after the test I started with a skin burning sensation,...More
Posted by An_261457
topical antibiotics are not my friends...
Last year I took an allergy test. I had three large patches on my back with various things one them,...More
Posted by rainbowpromise
Hypersensitivity to Mold Spores?
Hello. This might stump all of you. My situation is very strange. But I hope something here makes sense to...More
Posted by An_261385
Allergic to soap/cleaners
Hi, I am new to this board and need help desperately. In an attempt to switch from chemical cleaners to...More
Posted by An_261364
Apartment Mold?
Hello, In August 2013, my boyfriend moved into a new apartment. In December 2013, he started experiencing...More
Posted by An_261362
UNBEARABLE itching w/ NO rash; tried everything! D...
I have been trying for over a year to get to the bottom of what is causing my severe itching. It started on my...More
Posted by cul8rbi
The Itch That Won't Go Away
I'm hoping someone can help me here. I've seen other discussions about topics like this but none of the...More
Posted by jersie
Interview help please :)
Hello everyone. My name is Shaleen. I am currently in my 2nd semester of college and for my English class we...More
Posted by shayl32
Excessive phlegm.
I had this problem. I now take digestive enzymes with my meals, avoid anything white...pasta, rice, potatoes,...More
Posted by An_261152
Throat Blocked in Morning
I woke up today with mucus blocking my throat. I could barely breathe. I have had a bad cough for two weeks...More
Posted by beth1942
Unknown *Possible* Allergy
Hi, my name is Nicole, and I've been sick with herpes virus 5 (Cytomegalovirus) and 6 (Chronic Fatigue)...More
Posted by livestock_rock
Sore, itch, watery eyes
Wondering what others have found most useful for eye allergies? Eye drops or antihistamine pills?
Posted by karenrb53
Share Allergy and Health Background
Would anyone be interested in sharing their allergy and health background in order to help each other...More
Posted by nathantech2005

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Itching all over after diarrhea, acid reflux
Hi, I'm a 44-year old man. Three months ago, I suffered a bad bout of diarrhea, which I rarely get. The final...More
Posted by kd2121
Baker's Yeast Allergy??
Help! My 10 year old daughter was just diagnosed with an allergy to baker's yeast. Does anyone have...More
Posted by jessie_fuzesy
Asthma Poll
Posted by ellebell3027

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What quick acting medication do you use for asthma?
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Eczema CareExpert
Emerging research has shown that skin barrier dysfunction plays a central role in atopic dermatitis. Both the involved skin and even the ... More
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