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Is it possible to have allergies that don't show u...
I have had allergy problems all my life and they continue to get worse. But they are not skin allergies. It...More
Posted by onrykitten

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Allergy-Related Pink Eye & Loss of Voice
Hello, all. I recently moved from the moist, humid environment of Florida to the dry, arid community of...More
Posted by themoffittman
Birth Control made me Gluten Intolerant?
I started birth control for the first time on Microgestin F20. The second month on it I started to get extreme...More
Posted by ari4613
Are there exercises for increasing one's ability t...
My mother has excess saliva production. But I'm not sure whether that has to do with her benign meningioma, her...More
Posted by tdpwrs
my allergy IgE test value is 815ku/l,
my allergy value is 815 ku/l which has manifested to sinus, i have breathing problems what should i do, im...More
Posted by pawanshukla
I am about 45.My uterus and both ovaries were removed due to the tumor a month ago . From the last day of...More
Posted by An_257358
Dried, Hardened Mucus Blocking Tear Drainage?
I'm going to apologize in advance for the TMI/grossness below. Does anyone else have this? It starts with one...More
Posted by konekko
The mucus
think its a reflux acid coming back from your stomach cause a thick white mucus phlegm stuck into your...More
Posted by shahy5000
Allergy to stents?
Ever since I had 2 stents put in during angioplasty, I have been waking up in pain, ran low grade fevers, need...More
Posted by kazzie55
Mold Allergy Questions
I have questions for experts or anyone who may have similar experiences to mine. My first serious allergic...More
Posted by An_257268
food preservative allergies
I also have an intolerance to food additives and preservatives but not sure if I can call it an allergy. I get...More
Posted by mloftiss
Do Shrimp Allergies Subside Over Time?
I used to eat shrimp all the time but suddenly developed an allergy to it when I turned 24. I went to an...More
Posted by An_257215
Allergy Meds
I've been taking the generic brand of Benadryl for my allergies the last couple of years,and i've noticed...More
Posted by dwood316
Allergic to Vinegar
On Friday I washed my CPAP supplies such as the water reservoir for the humidifier and the mouth seal and...More
Posted by twagaman55
Swollen lips
Over the past two days I too have experienced swollen lips. First time ever. Day one I woke up to...More
Posted by millcreekmountain
Allergies and indoor pollution
I've been told by an allergist (20 years ago) that I am actually allergic to perfume. My problem today is...More
Posted by annstephenson
Severe itching without rash
I have had the same problem with itching all over my body without rash. I had spine surgery about 7 months...More
Posted by chall4419
Daughter Open Sores After Food Allergy (We think)
My 16 year old daughter was eating carrots from a veggie tray and her mouth and throat started inching. She'd...More
Posted by warrior10
Propylene Glycol Allergy - NEED HEARTBURN OTC OR P...
I need a remmendation of a heartburn medicine that does NOT contain Propylene Glycol, please.
Posted by An_256975
Allergy Issue
I have severe reactions to Bell peppers, even if I'm just in the room when they are cut up. My throat starts...More
Posted by An_256947
Allergies & the beach
Both of my children (boy 6 and girl 4) have seasonal allergies. My daughter's are much worse than my son's....More
Posted by An_256926
gadolinium allergy premedication protocol
Hi. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, so if it's not please point me in the right...More
Posted by An_256925

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