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Scented Allergen
Whenever I'm near a smoker, scented candle, someone with any sort of body spray, or air freshener, I can't...More
Posted by An_255141
Random itchy places
For the last three days I´ve been experiencing random itchy areas.left thigh´ then right foot ankle...More
Posted by scratchyitchy
My entire family can't eat anything in the alium family (onions, garlic, leeks, chives, scallions), whether...More
Posted by bossypants
My entire family can't eat anything in the alium family (onions, garlic, leeks, chives, scallions), whether...More
Posted by bossypants
Help! I am contestd all the time!
I am a 48 year old healthy female. Several years ago I developed seasonal allergies living in Seattle....More
Posted by erincolleen
Chronic congestion
I also have the mucus problems. Mine is mostly sinus congestion but I do cough up a lot of mucus in a day's...More
Posted by baileyw3
Pea Protein Allergy
Is it possible to be allergic to pea protein but not allergic to peanuts? If so what other foods should...More
Posted by lizybufr
propylene glycol allergy testing
I believe I have an allergy to propylene glycol. Yet for the last three months of hell, I have been unable...More
Posted by crosshatchaz
chronic ear/nasal congestion
Hi there. I'm a 26 y/o male and since I was a kid I've had issues with ear infections and had ear tubes put in...More
Posted by will_t
Vaccine reactions
I received TDAP vaccine 1month ago. Small raised area at site remained. Now it is red and ittchy. Looks a bit...More
Posted by donagoch
No relief from mucus and phlegm since the past 4 m...
Hello, I have been suffering from excessive secretion of mucus and phlegm since the past 4 months. Have...More
Posted by smoosabhai
allergy to band-aids and medical tape
This allergy has become a real nuisance and hinders wound healing. It is terribly itchy and raw. What can I...More
Posted by laurielu11
Allergy Non-Stop
I have had allergy issues since 1997. It depends on where I live, the severity and length. I have had more...More
Posted by cpappalardo3
Frequently Wake Up with Sore Throat
Frequently, I wake up with a very dry scratchy throat. A few times a year it develops into a sinus infection....More
Posted by An_254929
Lip Swelling
Hello. I am having almost the same problem. I'm a 20 year old female and occasionally, when I am loving on...More
Posted by tmerab1101
newly diagnosed and scared
I am 26, female, and generally healthy. I have never had any allergies in my life. Recently, I had a sudden...More
Posted by elise_rose
Very Bad Ezcema Flare Up.. HELP!!!!
My name is laura and im 20 years old. Ive suffered with ezcema since I was little. Ive had a really bad...More
Posted by laurasophie
A Metalic oral taste...
hello. What can cause a constant metallic taste and sensation in the mouth? some people have said it is like...More
Posted by An_254516

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Can the blood tests be missing something?
Husband is PhD Medicinal Chem
Hi guys, You are describing a problem that my husband has developed this year. He is a biochemist, organic...More
Posted by whalenk
Advanced Allergy Therapeutics
I began having treatments a year ago but stopped before completing the full course of sensitivity testing. ...More
Posted by kathyspring
Severe allergies cause a systemic response.
Two years ago I went into anaphylaxis shock and put into the hospital. I have been in treatments ever since....More
Posted by An_254557
Sinus pressure leads to upset stomach
Does anyone experience an upset stomach to the point of nausea. No appetite, and back pressure between shoulder...More
Posted by beverly
Boils on the Feet
My mom, 47, got boils on her feet due to the application of some Unani oil. She applied the oil because he...More
Posted by An_254489
Airbourne Seafood/Shellfish/Fish allergies
Hello, I have had an allergy to Fish and Shellfish for as long has I can remember, but 6 years ago I began...More
Posted by rschramm
Hypo Allergenic Dogs
Can anyone point me to a credible site for information on hypo allergenic dogs? We are looking at getting a...More
Posted by oter124
Severe Allergies getting progressively worse
Hi. I am a 31 y/o male. For the past 2 years I have been tealing with a progressive issue with blocked ears...More
Posted by Anon_53145
Drug allergies
I have drug allergies to many common medications. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my doctor is...More
Posted by An_254350
treatments for latex comdom
Posted by An_254301
Candidia/Phlegm post nasal drip
Hello, Alan is my name I just found this thread I to have problems I am a singer here is my story in a...More
Posted by alvis1
Head cold / chronic cough
My mom has had a cough for several years, she now resides in the Caribbean, she has seen doctors in the United...More
Posted by luvmom05

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