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Interview help please :)
Hello everyone. My name is Shaleen. I am currently in my 2nd semester of college and for my English class we...More
Posted by shayl32
Excessive phlegm.
I had this problem. I now take digestive enzymes with my meals, avoid anything white...pasta, rice, potatoes,...More
Posted by An_261152
Throat Blocked in Morning
I woke up today with mucus blocking my throat. I could barely breathe. I have had a bad cough for two weeks...More
Posted by beth1942
Unknown *Possible* Allergy
Hi, my name is Nicole, and I've been sick with herpes virus 5 (Cytomegalovirus) and 6 (Chronic Fatigue)...More
Posted by livestock_rock
Sore, itch, watery eyes
Wondering what others have found most useful for eye allergies? Eye drops or antihistamine pills?
Posted by karenrb53
Share Allergy and Health Background
Would anyone be interested in sharing their allergy and health background in order to help each other...More
Posted by nathantech2005

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Itching all over after diarrhea, acid reflux
Hi, I'm a 44-year old man. Three months ago, I suffered a bad bout of diarrhea, which I rarely get. The final...More
Posted by kd2121
Baker's Yeast Allergy??
Help! My 10 year old daughter was just diagnosed with an allergy to baker's yeast. Does anyone have...More
Posted by jessie_fuzesy
Asthma Poll
Posted by ellebell3027

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What quick acting medication do you use for asthma?
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  • Proair HFA
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Asthma: What to do when medication only helps a li...
I have had asthma ever since i was 5 years old. I was wheezing and huffing and puffing. It was dormant for a...More
Posted by An_260856
bad reaction after allergy testing
Had an extensive allergy test including injections, scratch tests, inhalants. The doctor said I had no...More
Posted by kak1982
What do you do when you have too many allergies?
I recently got several hundred allergens tested as a part of a group of blood tests. After vials and...More
Posted by rcampbelllaos
Itching all over
Hi, I too itch all over. It is not a constant thing. It happens mostly when I get in bed at night. I have no...More
Posted by debbiemo
Pet allergies
I grew up around cats and dogs, but was forced to leave my pets with my grandparents for a few years...More
Posted by rachaelnicolle

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Those of you who use OTC oral medication to control regular pet allergies, what have you found works best?
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I have serious allergy issues when visiting Reno a...
I would like to be able to visit Nevada without feeling miserable. Here is what happens, within 12 hours...More
Posted by strickalator
The Beginning
"Mommy, I can't breathe." I will never forget saying those four words. Those four words I said before my...More
Posted by ambershergill
water allergies
I was diagnose with being allergic to tap water, and I can not drink any type of bottle water. I have a sever...More
Posted by yevetta20
Itchy leg and foot
am having itchy legs and foot ..very badly.. i have even wounded the skin with my nails. How can I find what...More
Posted by An_260297
I can eat all dairy products except icecream, whic...
I have tried yoghurt, milk, various cheeses and butter all with no ill effect but when I eat icecream my...More
Posted by An_260296
Weird Rash
So I was gardening today, ripping out weeds in my backyard and a little while later I got this rash. It doesn't...More
Posted by saritin
Food allergy smart phone app
I came across the ShopSmart App. It could be helpful for those of us with food allergies. It's not available...More
Posted by joseph839
Frustrated and about to lose hope!!!
Hello anyone reading this that deals with Chronic hives. I've used WebMD and health boards for years...More
Posted by shellnevabemc30
Reoccurring itching without a rash
Ive had this reoccurring itchiness without any form of rash since August 2012. Just after I recovered from...More
Posted by kalesheav
Possible to stop becoming allergic to different me...
I became allergic to Lyrica, Naproxen, Quetiapine, Tramadol, and Gabapentin within 3 months. I was only...More
Posted by little_ezzy
Swollem lips
Regarding the swollen lip discussion,I have read the posts with great interest as I sit here trying to...More
Posted by An_253564
What is causing Chronic Uticaria and constant Anal...
I'm posting this out of sheer desperation; I'm middle aged; been very healthy; and about 2 months ago I...More
Posted by An_260166
Tree Nut Allergy Question
I have a son who has a severe allergy to tree nuts. I am used to dealing with reactions when he eats a food...More
Posted by An_260164
Would Putting Bedding in Cold Garage Kill Dust Mit...
I've noticed I've been getting worse and worse nasal issues while sleeping as it's been a while since I dry...More
Posted by lumithecat
If you could combine the advantages of a Neti-Pot ...
ClearNasal is a combo device (the neti-pot for its gravitational sinus rinse and a positive pressure bottle)...More
Posted by clearnasal
Carba Mix Allergy
Ive been diagnosed as having a contact allergy to Carba Mix,specifically Diphenylquanidine. So I'm supposed...More
Posted by dcwhite_99

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