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Allergic reaction.
I had a prostate surgery on March 17th. Since then I have been going through a severe allergic reaction...More
Posted by An_256800
My husband has experienced constant drainage, coughing, and coughing up clear mucus for months. An allergist...More
Posted by An_256796
Milk gives me asthma, but dairy products do not!?
Recently I've been trying to get to the bottom of my athsma problems. I have had mild asthma all of my life....More
Posted by lilburgs
Allergic Reaction to Doxycycline will not go away!...
So I had a UTI and went to my doctor and she prescribed me a 10 day regimen of Doxycycline. About 5 days in I...More
Posted by ik1994
Propelyne Glycol
I've read many of the posts on here regarding allergic reactions to propelyne glycol and most of them say a...More
Posted by neumann21
Facial swelling from seasonal allergies??
For the past two years I have had to make at least two trips each spring to emergency for severe facial...More
Posted by lfcampb
Allergies and related symptoms
When my allergies are really bad I notice that I am also more aware of stiff joints and general aches and...More
Posted by calform
Hives concerns
I've been getting what I think are hives for a little over a week, and they seem to appear
Posted by An_256700
Can a person have only a sore throat, no stuffy nose, runny eyes, cough due to an allergy? I have what seems...More
Posted by lisa71971
blood pressure and pollen
wow ... soooo glad I thought about searching for this problem. I have been experiencing jumps in my blood...More
Posted by An_256629
I grew into all of my allergies in 7th grade. The basic allergy test of around 34 allergens showed up...More
Posted by tonifloback
Dander Allergies
Hello Everyone, my name is Cliff and I have a few questions about Dander and my daughter. We recently found...More
Posted by cliffj03
Allergy Shots, What Should I Do?
I grew into all of my allergies in 7th grade. The basic allergy test of around 34 allergens showed up...More
Posted by tonifloback
2 yo child allergic to ice cream??
My daughter was admitted to hospital 4 months ago after taking a seizure. We never got to find out why she had...More
Posted by kkeetley
Uncommon Food Allergies
Hi, I have severe allergic reactions (hives) to everyday foods such as onions, carrots, grapes, oats and...More
Posted by alexreed
Cant have Whey, want to try Casein
Hi im an avid exerciser and need additional protein, ive tried whey protein and I cannot digest it I become...More
Posted by bjaxx2
Help! Severe seasonal allergy attack!
Just in the last few days, I have had extreme allergy symptoms. Runny nose, drainage, itchy throat, near...More
Posted by lizjo55
Hey everyone. My gf went to doctor for breathing problems. Doctor said its probably anxiety and gave her...More
Posted by An_256445
Posted by dms723
Swollen lip area?
Hi, this all started out with an itchy lip. Then when I itch it, it became inflamed, swollen and small...More
Posted by pamperdamper
Food Allergy Deilema
My son, who is 23 years old, has developed allergies. We have narrowed it down to certain tree nuts and...More
Posted by lford123
Individualized Allergy
I have developed an allergic reaction in the outer corners of my eyelids. It came on recently, but I have no...More
Posted by lady1001
I'm 26 - Just developed same symptons
Hi - Read your post looking for some clarity on my symptoms and they are very similar! I hope your symptoms have...More
Posted by bobbyf
Allergy to chili peppers
Is anyone allergic to chili peppers or capsaicin??
Posted by makamooks
Nightly allergies
Almost every night for the past 10 days, I've woken up with allergic attacks. Muscles twitch, skin itches,...More
Posted by An_256324
Food Allergies Adult
I am a 58 year old white female and I have been fighting these food allergies since 2009. Its not just...More
Posted by bufferjet1
Allergies & blurred vision
Can allergies with sinus infection cause blurred, cloudy vision?
Posted by cicinorman

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