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For years now,i've been taking the generic brand of Benadryl,the little pink pills. And I've started noticing...More
Posted by dwood316
Home Allergy / Puffy Face
Hi, For the past couple of years I have had a lot of water retention in my face. I have seen specialists at...More
Posted by okina
Nighttime Torture
For the past week and a half, I've been zapped from sleep deprivation. Why? Because the moment I lie down...More
Posted by msvenusdoll77
Hi my son for the last three months has been on and off hospital for tonsils and flu and colds. Of late the...More
Posted by An_259095
Allergy Medication
My husband suffers from a chronic cough. He has been taking Zyrtek for awhile and it helps some but not enough....More
Posted by bubba57
generic Advair?
Does anyone know if there will be Advair available in a generic form? Also, if so, do you think there should...More
Posted by xyz292929
Uticaria / Hives & Miscarriage
I gave birth to my first child a year ago. After 6 months I discovered I had a rather large ovarian cyst...More
Posted by becksglenn
Uticaria / Hives and.
I gave birth to my first child a year ago. After 6 months I discovered I had a rather large ovarian cyst...More
Posted by becksglenn
Red Eyes and Stuffy Nose when waking up. HELP
On and off for about a year now I have been waking up with severely blood shot, itchy, watery eyes and a...More
Posted by chrissy6684
Swollen Lips
I started experiencing swollen lips about 5 months ago and it's been an ongoing thing. Not only does it look...More
Posted by An_258795
how to clear this skin allergy and get back my sof...
I got skin allergy near chest and neck a week back i went to doctor and she said it is a bacteria infection....More
Posted by help_me_
Always itchy
New to this allergy and to this site. I'm realizing in the last 2 weeks that one person cannot do this alone....More
Posted by budpal
Alternative to Penicillin
Hi, I was given Azithromycin as an antibiotic but was warned to stay away from all cillins or cins by some...More
Posted by sgjohn
same reaction here
this is so frustrating! I am having same reaction too! I wish I knew if it is the sun or sun screen! My...More
Posted by An_258591
bloody phelgm
I am 80 yrs old and also have back of the throat phlegm but it is mostly at night and when I lay down, But...More
Posted by An_258570

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Dose any else have bloody phlegm , like blood clots in the back of their throat. I can spit them out. It is mostly a build up at night or when I lay down.
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My son has been diagnosed with a milk allergy
My son has been diagnosed with a milk allergy. He breaks out in hives, throws up and his eczema flares up...More
Posted by pkrhodes5
Why does my son cough after playing in the river?
My parents live in Rhode Island on the Palmer River. The water is brackish and subject to the tides. My son...More
Posted by raybeam
Allergic to saliva
Hello everyone, I know these posts are years old, but I would like to also share my story. I'm also allergic...More
Posted by zzhoran13
Ficus pumila allergy
I have had a severe reaction to contact with the roots of a creeping fig ( Ficus pumila). This plant is...More
Posted by An_258481
Chronic runny nose
Hello, I am new to this group. I have a runny nose every day no matter what I take an antihistamine or...More
Posted by meaningfulc1952
Allergies to yellor, orange and Blue dyes in them
I am trying to find out about support groups for people with my problem. Also other than avoiding any food...More
Posted by An_258348
Chronic Urticaria
I started getting Hives/Chronic Urticaria (chronic at this point). Its been nearly 3 months. I started getting...More
Posted by xxsophie
Nail polish allergy
I use a hypoallergenic nail polish (Zoya) and my eyelids have become swollen, crusty and sometimes painful. ...More
Posted by An_258308
swollen lips!
Over four years ago, I received juvaderm xl, was not my first time!! Post 30 minutes of injection, my lips...More
Posted by mommy_o_two
Half of my lip is swollen?
Simple question don't know why. had a nice night with the family, someone suggests we get Sonic and I agree....More
Posted by An_258221
Horrible Post-Nasal Drip Cough due to Drug Use
Hi guys I hope this post isn't too graphic or offensive to anyone. It is just the truth and I felt as though...More
Posted by joefer531

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regain you taste and smell
I lost my sense of taste and smell 4 years ago and have had multiple operations as well as daily flushed my nose with Pulmacort . My doctor ... More
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