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Medicine Allergy
I was given Levofloxacin 500mg (Levaquin 500mg) for 10 days. I became allergic to and have what the hospital...More
Posted by carlhlopez
4 Year Old Allergies & Flu
Hi, my 4 year old suffers from nasal allergies, we not sure exactly what to yet as they will only test her when...More
Posted by ashdk
For the past 18 years, I have been suffering off and on with hives. I have periods where I will break out...More
Posted by An_256100
Am I worrying too much?
Hello all,[br>[br>I am a 24 year old male. Since about the end of December I have had nasal congestion...More
Posted by cdonald1
Doctor Prescribed my SO Amoxicillin AND Doxycyclin...
I admit it, I'm worried. HIS CONDITION (so the reader may reply with this in mind): My significant...More
Posted by riverwanderer
Itchy bumps everywhere!
I woke up the other day with my back, chest, stomach and cheeks completely covered in raised, red, itchy...More
Posted by An_256005
Mucous tastes like pollen?
I realize that there is high pollen in my area right now. So, this seems like an easy answer… but I can't...More
Posted by Anon_122499
Chronic Hives
I have been breaking out for more than 30 years, new Allergist is suggesting Zolair. Has anyone tried this?...More
Posted by An_255936
Supplement Allergies?
I have been dealing with chronic congestion and coughing for a year and a half. Has anyone ever discovered an...More
Posted by skodaddy
Help! I have horrible chronic thick phlegm
Does anyone else SUFFER with horrible thick phlegm? I do have many autoimmuine disorders that may play a...More
Posted by beejusbeenme
Side effects of giving up smoking
I have been smoking for 30 years joints and bongs mixing with tobacco I have given up now I felt numb while...More
Posted by gaveitup17
Glyphosate and allergies
Have you been reading about what glyphosate is doing to our health? It is used in Round Up and is sprayed on...More
Posted by strongtam
Sinus Drainage Causing Acid Reflux
I'm a 23 year old male with no history of allergies,sinus problems, or any other health issues. About a month ago...More
Posted by vypyr
Need info how truly accurate allergy tests are
A couple weeks ago I had a full blown anaphylactic reaction to eating almonds. The almonds were pure, raw,...More
Posted by roxalot619
having a hard time with allergies - multiple sourc...
I have struggled for a long time with allergies, having allergies to foods as well as substances in the air and...More
Posted by amatu30
any people healed....please share
Posted by faithblossom5
Am I allergic to my period?
Hi. I'm a 19 year old female, will be turning 20 soon. I'm relatively healthy and I have my menstrual cycle...More
Posted by An_255474
will I be allergic ?
I have a major allergy to Benzoine ,Tea tree Oil ,and Balsam of Peru ,and I've been interested in buying...More
Posted by thechronic
Rubber Allergy (allergic to carba mix) - Why no ra...
My father was recently diagnosed as having a type of rubber allergy, more specifically a contact allergy to...More
Posted by kb13kb13
HELP- post nasal drip?
Up until last fall on average I got sick about every 2 months, as I have always had a weak immune system. But...More
Posted by nmberman
Avocado allergy with secondary trigger?
Trying to be brief: I've eaten avocados all my life and have never been allergic to latex. 4-5 years ago, I...More
Posted by An_255393
My youngest daughter has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal allergy to mammal meats. We have gone...More
Posted by lonelymom13

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Constant Hives
I've been reading all of the posts and I think its time to post my hives story. About a month and a half ago...More
Posted by gstarr74
Non Allergic Rhinitis
I have non allergic rhinitis and am receiving cluster shots to start a de-sensitizing program. The issue is...More
Posted by 1vabear
Tropical Fruit Alergy or Intolerance?
About 10 years ago, I started reacting poorly to bananas, pineapples and mango. A half of a banana...More
Tropical Fruit Alergy or Intolerance?
About 10 years ago, I started reacting poorly to bananas, pineapples and mango. A half of a banana...More
Cat Allergy
I am extremely allergic to cats and end up with vertigo when I get exposed. I have been told that most people...More
Posted by An_255174
Allergy to Rice
Having a hard time knowing what else has Rice or Rice Bran Oil. Do eczema medicines I've been using on his...More
Posted by sariahmom
advice om my 8 month olds rash
my 8 month old infant seems to have a rash of some sort on the back of her arms and a small patch in the...More
Posted by purpleladybug

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Relief for urticaria
I had suffered from hives for six years until one doctor (an allergist) finally discovered that it was chronic urticaria. I am allergic to ... More
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